September 30, 2002
Houston, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. DARK MATCH: Johnny Stamboli b Little Guido

    • Jacqueline b Molly Holly..
    • Spike Dudley b Justin Credible..
    • Steven Richards b Hurricane..
    • Raven b D-Lo Brown..

  3. KICKOFF: Eric Bischoff & Lita..
    • Bischoff says that there will be 3 title on the line tonight, Womans, Intercontinental & World..
    • Bischoff says the World Champion will take on the IC Champion at No Mercy with both titles on the line..
    • Bischoff then turns his attention to Lita, who is in the ring with him..
    • Bischoff said that Lita told WWE.COM that Smackdown! was better than RAW..
    • Bischoff calls Lita a 'little bitch'!
    • Bischoff says that Lita is worthless since she broke her neck in 'Hollywood'..
    • Lita says that if Bischoff had a little respect for his talent, that they might have some respect for him..
    • Bischoff said he doesn't care what Lita thinks!
    • Bischoff says that Lita has about 'three minutes'..
    • Rosey, Jamal & Rico run in and corner Lita..
    • Jeff Hardy runs in to make the attempted save but Rosey & Jamal throw him out of the ring..
    • Booker T & Goldust run down to save Lita from the beating..
    • Bischoff says orders that the Rosey/Jamal vs Booker/Goldust match start immediately..

  4. TAG MATCH: Rosey & Jamal w/Rico vs Booker T & Goldust..
    • Rosey & Jamal pin Booker T after the big splash from the top rope!

  5. INTERVIEW: Coach & Rosey/Jamal/Rico..
    • Coach asks what the trio's goal is here on RAW..
    • Rico says his goal is to lead the most dominent team in the WWE to tag team gold..
    • Jamal says that if anybody gets in their way, they will give them the 'three minute warning'..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Christian & Lance Storm + Test + William Regal..
    • Christian & Lance Storm are arguing who's fault it was that they lost the titles last week..
    • Test walks in and tells them to stop acting like a bunch of whiny Americans..
    • Regal enters and tells Christian to let Lance prepare for his match against Randy Orton..

  7. INTERVIEW: Terri & Chris Jericho + Gregory Helms + Kane..
    • Terri asks Y2J if he's worried about facing Kane tonight..
    • Y2J says that he will beat Kane and go straight to the main event at No Mercy..
    • Y2J says that Kane's chances of winning are about as real as Terri's chest..
    • Gregory Helms (Ace Reporter) steps in and asks Jericho how he thinks he can beat Kane?
    • Y2J says that "Freaks" are NOT COOL.. "Freaks" are losers!
    • Y2J says that HE is cool.. HE is a champion.. HE is a rock star!
    • Kane steps in and chases Y2J off..
    • Terri gives Kane big kiss because Kane kissed her last week..
    • Terri walks away and Kane tells Helms that "Chicks dig the mask!"

  8. MATCH: Lance Storm vs Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton gets the surprise quick pinfall..
    • Christian comes out to the stage and takes Jim Ross' at and address's Lance Storm in the ring..
    • Christian yells at Lance Storm for losing the match again..
    • Christian makes his way to the ring..
    • Christian tells Storm to stand outside the ring and watch him defeat Randy Orton!

  9. MATCH: Christian vs Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton defeats Christian also in easy time and returns JRs hat to its rightful head..
    • Lance Storm gets in the ring to confront Christian..
    • Lance says that Christian dropped the ball too..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Jeff Hardy + Ric Flair..
    • Eric tells Jeff not to stick his nose in his business again!
    • Eric tells Jeff that he's fighting the Big Show again tonight..
    • Eric tells Jeff that he's beginning to feel like he got the "bad Hardy" on RAW..
    • Ric Flair walks in and Bischoff asks what he wants..
    • Ric says he wants to make sure Eric isn't going to make him wrestle RVD tonight..
    • Ric says that he is working on bringing in some Ex-Smackdown! talent..

  11. MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs Big Show (Jacky as referee)..
    • Late in the match, Jeff dropkicks Big Show over the guard rail outside the ring..
    • Jacky starts the count and Jeff makes it in at NINE giving him the win!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & Chris Jericho..
    • Booker confronts Jericho about calling him a loser..
    • Jericho runs down his resume and demands Booker show him some respect..
    • Booker tells Jericho that he's going to get his ass kicked by a 5-time World champion here in H-town!
    • Jericho tells Booker that he is lucky that he's already got a match tonight..

  13. IN THE RING: Bubba Dudley..
    • Bubba comes to the ring and sets up a table in the corner..
    • Bubba tells the crowd that this table is reserved for somebody..
    • Bubba spray paints HHH on the table..
    • Bubba runs down HHH for being handed the World title on a silver platter and not earning it..
    • Bubba says that tonight is about HIM, and earning the right to be called "World Champion"..
    • Editor's Note: Bubba is awesome! He's trying to restore honor to that piece of metel HHH carrys around!

  14. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Triple H w/Ric Flair vs Bubba Dudley..
    • Late in the match, Ric Flair tries to interfer..
    • Bubba has Triple H covered but referee Charles Robinson is distracted by Ric Flair!
    • Bubba knocks Flair off the apron and then goes after Triple H..
    • Triple H ends up hitting Bubba with the pedigree to pick up the victory!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Trish Stratus + Victoria..
    • Trish is preparing for her match (touching up her make-up in front of a mirror, eh)..
    • Victoria attacks Trish from behind and beats the hell out of her..
    • Victoria tells Trish that she wants the Womans title!

  16. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Victoria..
    • Victoria comes to the ring first and Trish drops the title on the stage and runs down to tackle Victoria!
    • Victoria and Trish fight back and forth for several minutes..
    • Victoria smashes a chair over Trish's head causing a disqualification..
    • The officials restrain Victoria and force her to the backstage area..

  17. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff vs Stacy Keibler..
    • Stacy tells Bischoff that she is facing Trish in the semi-finals of the internet babe-of-the year..
    • Stacy complains that Trish is getting a lot of exposure since she is Womans Champion..
    • Stacy asks Bischoff for some exposure on RAW..
    • Bischoff shows Stacy his 'spin the wheel - make a match' game..
    • Bischoff says that every match next week will have a special stipulation decided by the wheel..
    • Bischoff says that Stacy will take on Trish next week with a special stipulation..
    • Stacy thinks for a moment and decides that this is a great idea..

  18. INTERVIEW: Coach & Ric Flair + Triple H + Chris Jericho..
    • Coash said he is looking for an interview with Triple H..
    • Coach enters HHH's lockerroom and is met by a few women and Ric Flair..
    • Triple H comes out from the shower all smiles..
    • Two women pop their heads out of the shower telling Triple H to hurry back..
    • Jericho comes in and talks to Triple H about tonight..
    • Triple H tells Coach to 'hit the bricks'..
    • Triple H goes to finish his shower and Chris Jericho takes a seat next to Flair..
    • Editor's Note: "Hey wasn't I fueding with you 2 weeks ago?"

  19. TAG MATCH: Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer vs William Regal & Test..
    • RVD superkicks Test and Dreamer rolls him up for the win!
    • Lance Storm & Christian run down and the UnAmericans start to brawl with eachother..
    • Storm & Regal pair off against Test & Christian..
    • Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer clear the ring..

  20. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Kane..
    • A few minutes into the match, Ric Flair makes his way to ringside to distract Kane..
    • Flair interfers just once, and Kane leaves the ring to chase Flair around..
    • Flair lures Kane back into the ring where Jericho goes on the offensive..
    • Kane throws Jericho over the top rope and Flair tries to help Jericho up..
    • Referee Earl Hebner goes out and ejects Flair from ringside!
    • Late in the match, Triple H runs down with intentions of interference..
    • Kane knocks Triple H off the apron..
    • Jericho gets an advantage on Kane, and tries to put the Walls of Jericho on him..
    • Kane reverses it and bounces off the ropes, but Triple H pulls the ropes down, sending Kane to the floor!
    • Kane makes it back in the ring and Jericho gets Kane into the Walls of Jericho..
    • Kane crawls to the ropes causing Jericho to break the hold..
    • Jericho grabs a chair and runs at Kane trying to get himself disqualified..
    • Kane lifts up his foot and kicks Jericho in the face!
    • Kane follows up with a chokeslam and pins Jericho to become the new INTERCONTINENTAL champion!

  21. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..

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