October 7, 2002 (RAW ROULETTE)
Las Vegas, Nevada
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Local radio show did a 'spinerooni' contest and the 3 contestants were booed out of the ring!
    • Solo defeated Horseshoe..

    • Molly Holly insults woman in audience (plant) who jumps the rail and attacks her..
    • Mark Jindrak defeated Justin Credible.
    • Raven says he's tired of being held back, he'll be more aggressive in the future..
    • Lance Storm defeated Johnny Stamboli..

  3. RAW KICKOFF: Snazzy Las Vegas Raw Roulette video package + Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff welcomes everyone to RAW Roulette..
    • Bischoff explains that every match will have a stipulation determined by the roulette wheel..
    • Bischoff spins the wheel and a "Steel Cage Match" comes up!

  4. STEEL CAGE MATCH: Booker T vs Big Show (escape rules)..
    • Late in the match, Big Show has an opportunity to leave the cage but decides to punish Booker more..
    • Booker T fights back and nearly gets the upper hand, but Big Show chopped him down to size..
    • A few minutes later, Booker T hits a scissors kick off the top rope!
    • Booker tries to climb out of the cage, but Big Show pulls him back in..
    • Big Show and Booker stand pirched on the top rope, and Booker kicks Big Show down to the mat!
    • Booker climbs over the top and to the floor to secure the victory!!
    • After the match, Booker T was beaten and bloodied by Chris Jericho!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff + Kane & Hurricane..
    • Bischoff tells Kane & Hurricane that he hopes they don't end up like Booker T..
    • Kane tells Bischoff that he will take the World title from Triple H at No Mercy..
    • Bischoff spins the wheel and sets up a "TLC" match for the Tag Team titles against a team of his choosing!

  6. INTERVIEW: Terri & Chris Jericho..
    • Terri asks Jericho why he attacked Booker T for no reason!
    • Jericho says he is sick of not getting any respect around here..
    • Jericho says that he is not going to take any crap from anybody from now on..
    • Jericho says that he is not a sucker, and never will be!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Eric Bischoff + Ric Flair + Regal/Goldust..
    • Bischoff spins the wheel and gives Triple H a "Blindfold" match..
    • Triple H complains about having to compete in a dangerous Blindfold match..
    • Flair steps in and introduces two women for Bischoff later..
    • Regal & Goldust enter in and Regal asks Bischoff to make his match a respectable wrestling match..
    • Bischoff spins the wheel and sets up a "Las Vegas Showgirl" match!
    • Regal & Goldust will dress like showgirls during their match!

  8. NON TITLE BLINDFOLD MATCH: Triple H w/Ric Flair vs D'Lo Brown..
    • Ric Flair distracts the referee so Triple H can take his blindfold off and pedigree DLo for the win!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff + Bubba Dudley & Jeff Hardy & Christian + Goldust..
    • Bischoff tells Dudley/Hardy/Christian that they will be in the TLC match tonight..
    • The trio refused to participate but Bischoff says they will or they'll be fired!
    • Bischoff says that they can pick their own partners..
    • Goldust jumps in and yells "Viva Las Vagas, Eric!"

  10. LAS VEGAS SHOWGIRL MATCH: Goldust vs William Regal..
    • Regal is forced onto the stage by security with showgirl music wearing a flamingo showgirl uniform!
    • Lance Storm comes to the ring and distracts Goldust long enough for Regal to get out the brass knucks!
    • William Regal winds up and whacks Goldust with the Power of the Punch for the win!

  11. INTERVIEW: Terri & Christian + Chris Jericho..
    • Terri asks who Christian has picked to be his partner..
    • Christian says that he won't pick any of the UnAmericans because he wants to win!
    • Christian says he's only ever lost one TLC match and that was to.....
    • Chris Jericho enters and says he and Chris Benoit won the 'best' TLC match..
    • Chris Jericho offers his services as Christian's tag team partner..
    • Christian accepts..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Trish Stratus & Stacy Keibler..
    • Bischoff makes a "Paddle on a Poll Bra & Panties" match for the Womans title (Bisch cheated on the wheel)..
    • On her way to the ring, Stacy stops to tie her shoe and give a crew member a nice view of her booty!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Bubba Dudley & Tommy Dreamer & Spike Dudley..
    • Bubba asks Tommy Dreamer if he would be his partner tonight for TLC..
    • Dreamer gladly accepts, but Spike's feelings are hurt because Bubba didn't ask him..
    • Spike says he watched his big brothers in TLC matches in the past and wished it would be him some day..
    • Dreamer gracefully bows out and Bubba & Spike unite!

  14. BRA&PANTIES PADDLE ON A POLL WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler..
    • Stacy rips Trish's top off first, but Trish follows up by returning the favour..
    • Stacy almost gets Trish's pants off, but Trish reverses it and tears off Stacy's shorts for the win!
    • Stacy gets up and kicks Trish in the head!
    • Stacy climbs up and retrieves the paddle..
    • Trish wrestles the paddle away from Stacy and spanks her repeatedly with it!
    • Victoria comes down to ringside and attacks Trish!
    • Victoria bodyslams and moonsaults Trish in the center of the ring!
    • Victoria continues to assult Trish tossing her into the steel ring steps!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Coach & Jeff Hardy + Rob Van Dam..
    • Coach asks who Jeff's partner will be tonight..
    • Jeff yells into the dressing room for his partner to come out..
    • Rob Van Dam comes out and says that he is ready for TABLES, LADDERS & CHAIRS!

  16. INTERVIEW: Coach & Victoria..
    • Coach asks why Victoria has been brutally attacking Trish over the weeks..
    • Victoria says she's doing it to expose Trish for who she really is..
    • Victoria claims that Trish has a past history of hurting people!
    • Victoria says that Trish would deny it but she (Vic) knows because Trish hurt her!

  17. LAS VEGAS STREET FIGHT: Al Snow vs Test..
    • Bischoff welcomes Al Snow to RAW and spins the wheel, landing on "LAS VEGAS STREET FIGHT"!
    • Bischoff says that all their available weapons can be found under the ring!
    • Al & Test scatter outside the ring to get some weapons to use on eachother..
    • Al finds a bowling ball under the ring sets up for his famous 7/10 Split!
    • Test gets up and spoils that idea.. but trips on a trash can lid..
    • Al Snow nails Test in the head with the bowling ball and pins him to win the match!

  18. LEGAL IN NEVADA MATCH: Jerry Lawler vs Steven Richards..
    • Bischoff spins the roulette wheel and picks a "LEGAL IN NEVADA" match..
    • Jerry Lawler & Steven Richards wonder what "legal in nevada" means..
    • Cue the pimp music and out comes the Godfather with a dozen or so of his finest hos!
    • Lawler wins the match and celebrates as if he won a billion dollars!
    • Lawler wins an evening with the Godfather's finest hos..

  19. INTERVIEW: Terri & Kane + Coach + Flair/HHH..
    • Terri asks Kane if he will be at a disadvantage going into a World title match after a TLC match..
    • Kane says that for the first time in his life, he is happy..
    • Kane says that at No Mercy, he has a chance to hold the World, IC & Tag titles at the same time!
    • Coach shows up and informs Kane that HHH/Flair are beating up Hurricane..
    • Kane runs to rescue his tag team partner!
    • Before Kane arrives, HHH & Flair are pushed away by WWE officials..

  20. TLC 4WAY TAG TITLE MATCH: Kane vs Christian/Jericho vs JHardy/RVD vs Bubba/Spike..
    • Kane comes out alone to defend the WWF Tag Team titles..
    • Christian & Jericho try to climb the ladder early but everybody pulls them down!
    • All seven men brawl for several minutes to open the match..
    • Bubba picks up the ladder and spins it around knocking everybody to the mat..
    • Spike is rammed chest firts into the end of the ladder..
    • Christian hold Bubba for Jericho to hit him but Jericho hits Christian instead!
    • Bubba uses the ladder as a weapon on Kane..
    • Bubba sets up the ladder and starts to climb..
    • Kane pulls him off and choke slams him!
    • Spike comes in and gets slammed by Kane, and then thrown over the top rope!
    • Jericho rams the butt end of a ladder into the face of Kane!
    • Jericho & Christian set Kane up on a table outside of the ring..
    • Jericho & Christian try to use a ladder against Kane, but RVD springboards it up into their faces!
    • Jeff Hardy goes to work setting up the tall ladders...
    • Jeff climbs to the second rung from the top, and jumps off with a leg drop on Kane!
    • Inside the ring, Bubba climbs the ladder, but is powerbombed by Christian off the ladder..
    • Jericho gives Bubba a facebuster off the ladder!
    • Christian gives Rob Van Dam a facebuster off the ladders too!
    • Two ladders set up in the middle of the ring, Christian begins to climb..
    • Kane gets back up and pushes the ladder over, causing Christian to straddle the ropes!
    • Jeff Hardy jumps off the top rope at Kane, who catches him and slams him to the mat!
    • Kane sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and starts to climb..
    • Spike grabs Kane's leg and pulls him down..
    • Spike bouces off the ropes and Kane smacks him with the ladder!
    • Kane rams Spike with the end of the ladder..
    • Kane goes after Jericho with the ladder, but Jericho slams a steel chair into Kane!
    • Jericho hits Bubba with the steel chair..
    • Rob Van Dam hits a spinning heel kick on Jericho..
    • Jeff hits the poetry in motion on Kane..
    • Rob Van Dam hits a crazy Van Terminator on Kane with Jeff Hardy's help!
    • Jericho tries to suplex Jeff, who reverses it, dropping Jericho's lower back over the ladder!
    • Christian goes to the top rope, but Jeff grabs him and throws him accross the ring landing stiff on the ladder!
    • Jeff sets up a ladder in the ring and begins to climb..
    • Bubba climbs up the other side and punches away at Jeff's body..
    • Bubba superplexes Jeff over the ladder to the mat on the other side!
    • Rob Van Dam sets up a ladder and struggles to climb upwards..
    • Bubba scrambles up the other side and punches RVD, causing him to fall backwards off the ladder..
    • Jericho climbs to the top of the ladder and gets a hand on the belts, making them swing!
    • Spike Dudley comes over and pushes the ladder over, sending Jericho crashing to the outside floor!
    • Spike climbs the ladder next and gets a hand on the belt before Christian pulls Spike sown..
    • Spike goes for the Dudley Dog on Christian, who reverses and throws Spike through a table outside the ring!
    • Christian starts to climb up once again..
    • Bubba sets up a second ladder, climbs up, and Bubba Bombs Christian off of the ladders!
    • Rob Van Dam nails a five-star-frog splash on Christian!
    • Jeff Hardy misses a swanton on Bubba when he moves out of the way..
    • Jeff charges Bubba and gets backdropped over the top rope and through a table!
    • Rob Van Dam hits a VanDaminator on Bubba Dudley..
    • RVD climbs the ladder and touches the gold with his hand before Jericho brings him down with a chair!
    • Jericho climbs the ladder and puts the walls of Jericho on RVD on top of the ladder!
    • Rob Van Dam falls off the top of the ladder, and Jericho climbs higher..
    • Kane returns and climbs up the other side, and choke slams Jericho from the top of the ladder!
    • Kane sits up and climbs the ladder and retrives both TAG TITLE BELTS to retain the titles by himself!

  21. POST MATCH CRAP: Triple H & Ric Flair..
    • HHH says that he warned Kane that his life wouldn't be the same after tonight..
    • HHH says that Kane is happier than he's ever been..
    • HHH asks how happy Katie Vick is?
    • HHH says he know that Kane killed her 10 ten years ago..
    • HHH accuses Kane of being a murderer..

  22. RAW goes OFF THE AIR..
    • Lots of tiny injuries stemming from the TLC match, the most serious being a concussion on Bubba Dudley..


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