October 21, 2002
Nashville, Tennessee
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. KICKOFF: Triple H & Ric Flair + Hurricane..
    • Triple H says he's got a messege for everyone who said he didn't deserve to be awarded the World title..
    • .... Screw you!
    • Triple H says that he ended 23 years of Intercontinental History..
    • Triple H says that he does what he wants and when he wants and nobody can do a thing about it..
    • Triple H says that he just might be the greatest World champion of all time..
    • Triple H says that beating Kane was like one more nail in Katie Vick's coffin..
    • Triple H says Kane isn't here yet..
    • Triple H says he hopes Kane didn't get in a car accident and kill somebody..
    • Triple H says that maybe Kane didn't show up because of the video tape he has..
    • Triple H says he has video that proves that Kane is a murderer and rapist..
    • Suddenly Hurricane comes running out out of nowhere and attacks Triple H and Ric Flair..
    • Hurricane grabs the video tape and tries to escape but Flair/HHH catches him and beats him up!
    • They get the tape back and tell Hurricane it doesn't matter what he does, he's gonna show the tape!
    • Triple H says that when he does, this issue will be just like Katie Vick.. DEAD!
    • Editor's Note: Gosh I thought we were past this bullsh*t..

  2. MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs Chris Nowinski..
    • Jeff throws Nowinski out of the ring..
    • Jeff leaps over the referee and lands on Nowinski outside the ring!
    • Al Snow runs down for the second week in a road and helps Nowinski defeat Hardy!
    • WINNER: Chris Nowinski.

  3. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff + Stacy Keibler + Big Show..
    • Bischoff watching video of Big Show assulting him last night..
    • Stacy comes in and asks if she can referee a match tonight..
    • Bischoff says she can pick any match she wants, just not the main event..
    • Big Show comes in to meet with Bischoff..
    • Bischoff tries to apologize to Big Show and says that it is water under the bridge..
    • Bischoff tells Big Show that he will face Rico, Rosey & Jamal in a handicap match tonight..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Al Snow & Tommy Dreamer..
    • Tommy confronts Al Snow about interfering in his match last week..
    • Al says it wasn't his intention to cost Tommy the match..
    • Tommy says that he and Al Snow will have a Singapore Cane match tonight..
    • Tommy exits and Nowinski enters..
    • Nowinski says "Thanks but No thanks" to Al Snow..
    • Nowinski comments that he didn't need Al to get to the WWE, he certainly doesn't need him now..

  5. IN THE RING: Lance Storm & William Regal..
    • Storm says that the UnAmericans are finished, but he and Regal are very much together..
    • Storm says that he and Regal share eachothers views..
    • Regal comments on how much of a sesepool this country has become..
    • Regal asks how long it will take for Americans to believe what they've been talking about all along..

  6. TAG MATCH: Lance Storm & William Regal vs Bubba & Spike Dudley..
    • Spike and Bubba defeat Regal & Storm to win a tag team title shot at Jericho & Christian..
    • Storm & Regal attack the Dudleyz with the brass knuckles after the match..
    • WINNER: Bubba & Spike Dudley..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Trish & Photographer + Jericho/Christian..
    • Trish finishing up a photoshoot with the WWE Women's title..
    • The photographer asks what was up with Victoria attacking her last night..
    • Trish says that Victoria is obviously a psychopath!
    • Jericho & Christian come in and asks Trish to tell Booker & Goldust that they are NOT suckas!
    • Jericho & Christian say some other garbage that doesn't really matter..

  8. ON STAGE: Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff says that Big Show is gonna find out when you lay your hands on Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff says that at Survivor Series, fans will bare witness to the "Elimination Chamber"..
    • Bischoff gets an intense sadistic look on his face..

  9. VIGNETTE: Batista..
    • The Genetic REvolution has begun!

  10. MATCH: Test vs DLo Brown (Stacy Keibler as referee)..
    • Test is wearing his new attire, gray shorts..
    • Stacy helps Test by holding the ropes open as he enters the ring..
    • Stacy even slaps DLo before the match starts!
    • A few minutes into the match, DLo hits his finishing move but Stacy pretends to tie her shoe!
    • Test fights back and wins the match when Stacy gives a fast count!
    • Stacy jumps on Test after the match with a big hug!
    • Stacy & Test leave hand-in-hand..
    • WINNER: Test..

  11. INTERVIEW: Terri & Victoria + Goldust & Booker T..
    • Terri says that Trish has denied that she has slept her way to the top..
    • Victoria asks Terri if she's calling her a liar?
    • Victoria says that Trish is the liar!
    • Goldust walks up behind Victoria and 'huuuuuuuuses' at her..
    • Booker comes in saying something about their six person tag match later that I didn't understand..

  12. INTERGENDER MATCH: Booker/Goldust/Trish vs Christian/Jericho/Victoria..
    • Late in the match, Trish hits a crossbody on Jericho off the top rope scoring a nearfall!
    • Goldust sets Jericho for the Shattered Dreams but Victoria breaks it up..
    • Goldust gives Victoria a big kiss and throws her into Jericho..
    • Trish goes after Jericho but he gives her a brutal clothesline!
    • Jericho locks Trish in the Walls of Jericho and she is forced to taps out..
    • Jericho refuses to break the hold until Booker T chases him off..
    • WINNER: Christian/Jericho/Victoria..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Terri.
    • Terri standing outside of Kane's lockerroom hoping to talk to Kane after Triple H's video plays

  14. INTERVIEW: Coach & Triple H..
    • Coach asks Triple H why he is doing this..
    • Triple H says he is doing it to show the world what kind of man Kane really is..
    • Triple H warns everybody that this video is not for the squimish..
    • The footage rolls..
    • ~~~We're in a funeral home, presumably at the wake of Katie Vick..
    • ~~~Triple H (wearing a Kane mask) enters the empty room and approaches the casket..
    • ~~~Triple H (Kane) tells the corpse that she looks better dead than alive..
    • ~~~Triple H (Kane) goes on about how Katie didn't love him cause he was a 'burnt up freak'.
    • ~~~Triple H (Kane) pretends that the corpse is talking back to him and asking him to be with her..
    • At this point, TSN cuts to commercial editing out the scene..
    • Editor's Note: What the hell was this that was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in Wrestling..
    • Editor's Note: Again I am left being ashamed to be a wrestling fan..
    • Not that it matters but the scene ended wth Triple H (Kane) getting into the casket with Katie Vick..

  15. SINGAPORE CANE MATCH: Al Snow vs Tommy Dreamer..
    • The two start off with taking turns whacking eachother with the canes..
    • Nowinski comes out with a cane of his own and takes a swing at Tommy Dreamer but hits Al Snow!
    • Dreamer pins Al and stands over him showing his concern..
    • WINNER: Tommy Dreamer..

  16. HANDICAP MATCH: Big Show vs Rico, Rosey & Jamal..
    • Big Show is triple teamed for a while before getting mad and fight back..
    • Big Show wins after chokeslamming one of the big guys..
    • WINNER: Big Show..

  17. INTERVIEW: Coach & Big Show + Eric Bischoff..
    • Coach asks Big Show about his big win tonight..
    • Bischoff steps and says that Big Show has been traded and must leave the building!
    • Bischoff walks away and tells Big Show that he'll be hearing from his attorneys..
    • Coach tells Big Show that he is sorry..
    • Big Show says not to be sorry for him, that Coach still has to work for that a$$hole!

  18. LIVE AT THE WORLD: Shawn Michaels in a wheel chair..
    • Shawn tells JR that he is feeling better than the last time they talked..
    • Shawn says that the rehab is going very slow as the fans chant HBK! HBK! HBK!
    • Shawn says he realizes everything he does in his life and in the WWE is a testiment to God and his wife..
    • Shawn says that giving up is not an option..
    • Shawn says that his thoughts always go back to Triple H..
    • Shawn says that he wants to proove how far he has come..
    • Shawn gently takes one foot at a time out of the wheel chair..
    • Shawn suddenly leaps to his feet!
    • Shawn says that HBK is UP and he is MOBILE!
    • Shawn says that HBK is back and somewhere down the line, he is gonna get Triple H!

  19. MAIN EVENT: Ric Flair & Triple H vs Kane & Rob Van Dam..
    • Mid-way through the match, Kane & Triple H brawl outside the ring while RVD & Flair battle inside..
    • A few minutes later, RVD goes for the frog splash on HHH but Flair pushes him off the top to the outside!
    • Late in the match, Kane & Triple H brawl to the backstage area..
    • Inside the ring RVD kicks Flair in the face from the top rope!
    • RVD follows up with the rolling thunder, and then a five-star-frog splash!
    • RVD pins Flair to win the match!
    • WINNERS: Rob Van Dam & Kane..

  20. BACKSTAGE: Kane vs Triple H..
    • Kane & Triple H brawling backstage...
    • Kane reverses the pedigree into a slingshot onto the hood of a car!
    • Kane then chokeslams Triple H on the hod of the car!
    • Kane picks Triple H up and drops him in the trunk of the car..
    • Hurricane slams the trunk door closed locking Triple H inside..
    • Kane suggests Hurricane get out of here..
    • Kane bangs on the trunk door to get Triple H's attention..
    • Kane tells Triple H that now he is going to screw HIM!
    • Kane questions weather he will do it while he's still alive or when he's DEAD!
    • Triple H bangs on the trunk door as Kane drives off..
    • ~~~Which would have been cool if the trunk didn't accidentally open and Triple H tried to cover it up..

    • Worst RAW ever..
    • The most controversial RAW ever..
    • Followed by backlash from the Networks that air the program as well as fans everywhere..
    • Fans contact TNN about getting the show they watch religously yanked off the air..

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