October 28, 2002
Detroit, Michigan - Joe Louis Arena
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Ernest the Cat Miller b Johnny Stamboli..
    • Raven & Redd Dogg b Tyson Dux & Larry Destiny..

    • Mark Jindrak b Justin Credible..
    • Rosey & Jamal b ?..
    • D-Lo Brown b Steven Richards..

  3. KICKOFF: Triple H + Hurricane + Kane + Bischoff..
    • We see an ominous casket down at the ringside area..
    • Triple H comes out in what looks like one of Vince McMahon's old suits..
    • Triple H brings a steel chair into the ring and sets it up in the middle of the ring..
    • Triple H explains that he got out of the trunk last week by using the child-proof anti-lock cord..
    • Triple H says that lots of people said they would never watch wrestling again after that..
    • Triple H says the only person's opinion that matters, is Katie Vick's..
    • Triple H says he's invited Katie Vick to appear tonight..
    • Triple H introduces Katie Vick to the crowd, and goes outside the ring and opens the casket..
    • Triple H talks to the maniquin inside and lifts her out of the casket and puts her in the ring..
    • Triple H makes several lewd sexual comments about the manniquin..
    • Triple H sits down on the chair and puts the manniquin on his lap..
    • Triple H proceeds to carry on a ridiculous conversation with the damn thing..
    • Katie (voice of HHH) says that Kane had a 'burnt little wiener'..
    • Triple H says that a lot of people were seriously offended last week and he seriously doesn't give a damn..
    • Triple H says that he will do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it!
    • Suddenly, the Hurricane comes out to the stage to confront Triple H..
    • Hurricane says HHH is in a pretty good mood this week, but he wasn't laughing last week..
    • Triple H says that nothing happened last week because he pulled the safety latch and got out..
    • Hurricane asks HHH to explain the following footage..
    • They show footage of somone with a HHH mask on getting an enema..
    • ~~~The doctors pull out a sledge hammer from Triple H's butt!
    • ~~~The doctors pull out a string of hankys tied together..
    • ~~~The doctors next pull out a HAND and then a SQURRIL!
    • ~~~The doctors then pull out a gear shift from a car!
    • ~~~this is getting ridiculous..
    • ~~~The doctors then pull out a steering wheel!
    • ~~~The doctors then pulled out a wax figured head of Triple H's head!
    • ~~~HHH (fake) looks up and says "You pulled my ass out of my head?"
    • Back in the ring, Triple H has a fit and starts beating up the manniquin..
    • Kane eventually comes out and attacks Triple H..
    • A crew of security guards come out but Kane throws them out of the ring too!
    • Triple H jumps back on Kane and they brawl around the ring..
    • Eric Bischoff, Sgt Slaughter, TERRY TAYLOR, and a bunch of referees come out to break them up..
    • Johnny The Bull, DLo Brown, Randy Orton & Justin Credible also run out to help..
    • Eric Bischoff gets on the microphone and announces a CASKET MATCH for the main event tonight!

  4. F-VIEW: Trish Stratus.
    • We see hidden camera footage of Trish Stratus on the phone talking to her mom..
    • Trish gradually undresses anware of the camera focused on her..

  5. TAG MATCH: William Regal & Lance Storm vs Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer..
    • Storm & Regal win in a surprisingly quick match..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Rosey/Jamal & Rico..
    • Eric compaining to his troops about Big Show getting a title shot on Smackdown! already!
    • Eric says that two weeks ago Spike looked him in the eyes and said "Bite me!"
    • Eric tells the trio not to forget who made them stars!
    • Eric tells the trio to go out there and make some impact or their three minutes are up!

  7. HOTEL LOUNGE: Test & Stacy..
    • Stacy & Test talk backstage about Stacy's "ideas"..
    • Stacy says that Kane has his Kaninites and Hulk has his Hulkamaniacs..
    • Stacy says that Test should have Testicles!!
    • Stacy says that, as his marketing agent, Test's Testicles will be HUGE!
    • Test laughs..

  8. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho & Christain vs Bubba & Spike Dudley..
    • The Dudleyz come out first but are brutally attacked by Rosey, Jamal & Rico!
    • Rosey & Jamal give Spike a brutal double samoan drop..
    • The tag team champions do not appear and our title match has been scratched..

  9. MATCH: Goldust vs Test w/Stacy..
    • Test comes out and says he just wants to say hi to all his TESTICLES!!
    • Goldust jumps him and the match is on..
    • Goldust sets Test up for the shattered dreams but Stacy comes in and tries to slap Goldust..
    • Goldust sets Stacy up for the shattered dreams in the opposite corner..
    • Goldust asks the crowd who he should kick?!
    • Goldust goes towards Stacy but the referee blocks him..
    • Goldust turns around and ducks a clotheline from Test..
    • Stacy gets loose and hits Goldust with a weak low blow!
    • Test pins Goldust to pick up the win!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Bubba Dudley..
    • Bubba yelling at Bischoff asking him why he sent Rosey/Jamal/Rico out there to beat he and Spike up!
    • Bubba complains about losing his title shot because Spike cannot compete..
    • Bischoff tells Bubba that he still has his title shot and can pick any partner he wants..

  11. RNN BREAKING NEWS: Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton breaks in to talk about not being mentioned on last weeks RAW..
    • Randy says that he will be giving updates on how his rehabilitation is going..
    • Randy plugs his [email protected] email address..

  12. INTERVIEW: Coach & Kane..
    • Coach tells Kane that their Casket Match will not be for the World title tonight..
    • Kane says it isn't about the World title, it's about locking Triple H in an air-tight casket!

  13. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho & Christain vs Bubba Dudley & Jeff Hardy..
    • Jeff Hardy replaces Spike Dudley who was beaten up earlier..
    • Late in the match, Bubba ducks the conchairto..
    • Jeff Hardy leaps off of Bubba over the top rope onto Jericho & Christian!
    • Rosey & Jamal runs down but Bubba & Hardy knock them down..
    • Bubba jumps off the top rope onto Jamal/Rosey & Jericho outside the ring!!
    • The referee ejects Rosey & Jamal from ringside..
    • Late in the match, Rosey, Jamal & Rico come out to the stage hanging Spike by his ankles!
    • Bubba runs up to try to help his little brother..
    • Jeff Hardy goes at it alone for a bit and almost wins but Christian pulls the referee out of the ring!
    • Jericho nails Hardy with the title belt and pins him for the win!

  14. INTERVIEW: Coach & Triple H..
    • Triple H admits that he's scared of Kane tonight..
    • Coach asks Triple H about Shawn Michaels' threats last week..
    • Triple H says there is no way on earth that HBK can convince him that he's 100%..
    • Triple H's cell phone rings and he ends the interview and goes into his locker room..

  15. F-VIEW: Triple H.
    • Hidden camera inside HHH's locker room and he's talking to someone on the phone..
    • Triple H tells the person to hurry up and get here as fast as he/she can!

  16. BACKSTAGE: Chris Nowinski & Al Snow..
    • Snow says that all through Tough Enough I he stayed loyal to Chris..
    • Snow says that he is proud that Chris made it to the WWE anyway but he's not proud of his attitude..
    • Snow says that he stands by his decision to pick Maven to win Touch Enough I..
    • Snow says that Nowinski is a pompus ass!
    • Nowinski tells Snow that he would be a superstar in the WWE right now with or without Tough Enough..
    • Nowinski says he wants Al Snow to be at ringside during him match tonight..
    • Nowinski says that Al Snow can even pick his opponent..

  17. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff..
    • Eric Bischoff announces the Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner is coming to the WWE..
    • Eric says that he is going to try his hardest to bring Steiner to RAW!
    • Eric says that he got a few superstars in the trade for Big Show and they will show up soon..
    • Eric says that RAW is live and they're flying without a net!
    • Eric says that he is behind the F-VIEW segments that we've seen tonight..
    • Eric reminds everybody that he'll debut the elimination chamber..
    • Eric says it will involve SIX RAW SUPERSTARS..
    • Eric says that it will combine eliments of Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and War Games..
    • Eric says that Triple H, Jericho, Booker, Rob Van Dam, Kane & Shawn Michaels will be in the match!
    • Suddenly Booker T's music hits and Booker T comes out to the ring!
    • Booker tells Eric to get to the back.. jack!
    • Booker calls out Chris Nowinski for their match!

  18. MATCH: Chris Nowinski vs Booker T..
    • Al Snow watches the match from outside the ring..
    • Nowinski keeps disrespecting Al Snow throughout the match..
    • Al Snow eventually jumps in the ring and attacks Chris Nowinski causing a DQ..
    • Nowinski's arm is raised and he laughs at Al..
    • Booker T knocks Snow out of the ring and beats up Nowinski some more..
    • Booker does the spinerooni for the fans!

  19. WOMANS TRIPLE THREAT TITLE MATCH: Trish Status vs Jacky Moore vs Molly Holly..
    • Jacky & Molly lock Trish in a double sharpshooter but Jacky elbows Molly..
    • Trish eventually wins the match to retain the Women's title..

  20. NON-TITLE CASKET MATCH: Triple H vs Kane..
    • Late in the match, Shawn Michaels pops out of the casket and attacks Triple H!
    • Michaels delivers the sweet chin music to Triple H!
    • Kane hits a chokeslam and puts HHH in the casket to win the match!
    • Shawn Michaels dances on the casket after the match..


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