November 25, 2002
North Charleston, South Carolina
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler


    • Video package covering Survivor Series and last weeks RAW of events leading to HBK vs RVD tonight..

  3. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Chris Jericho & Christian vs Bubba & DVon Dudley..
    • Jericho pins DVon, but Jericho's shoulders were pinned too..
    • The referee awards the match to Chris Jericho & Christian..
    • Eric Bischoff & Val Venis (who is appearantly now going by 'Sean Morely') come out..
    • Sean says that he has signed on as a member of Eric Bischof's "administration"..
    • Sean says that Bischoff has asigned him the new "chief of staff"..
    • Sean says he saw that both Jericho's and DVon's shoulders were on the mat..
    • Sean says his first official ruling will be that this match will continue!
    • The match is restarted..

  4. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH (RESTART): Chris Jericho & Christian vs Bubba & DVon Dudley..
    • The Dudleyz rebound and defeat Jericho & Christian to win the World Tag Team titles!!
    • Sean Morely comes out again and says to cut the music!
    • Sean says that he has been send out to rectify a blantant violation of the rules..
    • Sean says that Bubba was the illegal man in the ring!
    • Sean restarts the match again!!

  5. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH (RESTART): Chris Jericho & Christian vs Bubba & DVon Dudley..
    • The Dudley Boyz hit their wussap drop on Chris Jericho..
    • Bubba gets that 'look' on his face and tells DVon to "Get the tables!!!"
    • Christian baseball slides the table into DVon's face!
    • Jericho & Christian get the pinfall finally and leave with their titles..

  6. RAW RETRO RECAP: Vince McMahon in the hospital..
    • Mankind entertains Vince with the debut of Mr. Socko..
    • Steve Austin, disguised as a doctor, brutally attacks Vince!

  7. INJURY RECAP: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler..
    • JR & King recap Triple H's bruised trakea..
    • JR says that they aren't sure if Triple H will make it to the show tonight..
    • Heaven forbid we get an episode of RAW without mentioning Triple H!

  8. INTERVIEW: Terri & Shawn Michaels..
    • Terri asks Shawn about defending the title for the first time in five years..
    • Shawn reminds Terri that it is his first TV match in five years..
    • Shawn says that Rob Van Dam deserves the title shot more than any one..
    • Shawn says he is going to tell something to RVD..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Christian.
    • Jericho & Christian celebrate their successful title defense..
    • Jericho talks about Steiner costing him a title shot last week..
    • Jericho says that he has prooved to the world that he is NOT a sucka!

  10. BACKSTAGE: Bubba & DVon Dudley..
    • Bubba & DVon express their frustration with the outcome of their match..
    • Bubba says that you don't go into a battle without a gameplan..
    • Bubba informs his brother that HE HAS A PLAN!

  11. MATCH: Test w/Stacy vs Steven Richards..
    • Test wins the match with his "roll the dice" finishing move..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Christian + DVon & Bubba Dudley..
    • Jericho & Christian come out of the shower feeling good..
    • Jericho & Christian realize their bags are missing..
    • Jericho interogates DLo & Hurricane where they are..
    • DVon pops his head in and shows them their bags, and then runs!
    • Jericho & Christian chase DVon out into the halls but cannot keep up..
    • Jericho & Christian realize they are locked out of the dressing room now..
    • Bubba pops his head out and gives them a "wussaaaaaap!"

  13. BACKSTAGE: Test & Stacy Keibler + Victoria..
    • Stacy Congratulates Test on his victory..
    • Test proclaims that he loooooves his testicles!
    • Stacy says that she loves his Testicles too!
    • Stacy says she loves the taste of victory!
    • Test goes into his locker room to shower..
    • Stacy is grabbed from behind by Victoia!
    • Victoria covers Stacy's mouth and bullies her..
    • Victoria says that she is not through with Stacy..
    • Victoria says that she loves Stacy because she loves the 'taste of fear'!

  14. MATCH: Chris Nowinski vs Maven..
    • Chris claims that Maven won Tough Enough because of politics..
    • Chris says that Maven played the 'sympathy' card by telling everyone about his sick mother..
    • Maven dives through the ropes and attacks Chris..
    • Chris fights back and nails Maven with a dictionary knocking him out cold!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Christian + Rico / Rosey / Jamal..
    • Jericho & Christian walk around backstage, wearing towels, looking for their bags..
    • Jericho & Christian walk into a dressing room looking for clothes..
    • Jericho & Christian rummage through what is obviously clothing belonging to Rico, Jamal & Rosey..
    • Rico, Jamal & Rosey enter the room and tell Jericho & Christian to BEAT IT!

  16. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Victoria vs Trish Stratus..
    • Victoria wins after a hard-fought and surprisingly long match!
    • After the match, Steven Richards comes out to the stage..
    • Victoria licks up Richards' neck and bites on his ear as he gets a look of pleasure on his face..

  17. BACKSTAGE: Shawn Michaels & Rob Van Dam..
    • Shawn finds RVD backstage and greets him..
    • Shawn says that RVD reminds him of a 'younger' Shawn Michaels..
    • Shawn says that RVD is missing just ONE thing..
    • Rob gleefully requests to be enlightened..
    • Shawn slaps RVD accross the face, and RVD returns the favor in a heartbeat!
    • Shawn says "now you're speakin' my language, kid" as they go nose-to-nose..

  18. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Christian..
    • Jericho & Christian walk around still looking for their bags..
    • Christian cries that he's worried about his little general "shrinking"!
    • Jericho & Christian find a monitor and see that the Dudleyz are in the ring with their bags!
    • Jericho & Christian head towards the ring..

  19. IN THE RING: Bubba & DVon Dudley + Jericho & Christian + Spike Dudley..
    • Bubba & DVon begin to throw clothing out to the audience..
    • Jericho & Christian come to the stage wearing their towels..
    • Bubba reaches into the bag and brings out a jar of "ass cream"!
    • Bubba asks Jericho what he's doing with a jar of ASS CREAM??
    • DVon says that if they want their stuff back they have to come down and get it..
    • Jericho & Christian start to go towards the ring but change their minds..
    • Bubba & DVon throw the bags out into the crowd!!
    • Bubba says that if Jericho & Christian want to steal their tag titles, then they'll steal their dignity!
    • Suddenly, Spike Dudley sneaks up behind Jericho & Christian and rips their towels off!
    • Jericho & Christian are buck naked on the stage as the cameras go wide!!
    • Spike runs into the ring and Jericho & Christian scurry backstage!

  20. TAG MATCH: Jeff Hardy & The Hurricane vs William Regal & Lance Storm..
    • Lance Storm makes Hurricane submits to the Sharpshooter!
    • Jeff Hardy goes after Regal & Storm after the match but he gets beat up too!

  21. IN THE RING: Kane + Ric Flair + Batista..
    • Kane is scheduled to take on Dave Batista..
    • As Batista is announced, Ric Flair's music hits and Flair comes out to the stage..
    • Flair mocks Kane, suggesting he's dissappointed to see the Nature Boy..
    • Flair says that he is a sixteen time World champion..
    • Flair continues to talk but Kane gets out of the ring and charges Flair!
    • Suddenly Batista attacks Kane from behind and throws him into the ring to start the match..

  22. MATCH: Kane vs Dave Bastista w/Ric Flair..
    • Midway through the match, the referee is knocked down and out..
    • Ric Flair whacks Kane in the head with a steel chair!
    • Batista nails Kane with a sit-down-powerbomb!
    • The referee awakens and counts the 1-2-3 giving Batista the victory!

  23. BACKSTAGE: Sean Morely & Eric Bischoff..
    • Sean says the trade is official.. Big Show for Ivory, DVon, Al Snow & Morely himself..
    • Bischoff says that he was upset to see Scott Steiner on Smackdown!
    • Sean says that he can guarantee Scott Steiner's appearance on next week's RAW..

  24. RNN BREAKING NEWS: Randy Orton..
    • Randy says that even though he's hurt, he still has a lot to be thankful for..
    • Randy lists everything he is thankful for and again plugs his [email protected] email..

  25. MATCH: Goldust vs Rico..
    • Goldust defeats Rico to pick up the victory..

  26. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Shawn Michaels vs Rob Van Dam..
    • Late in the match, RVD ducks the sweet chin music and kicks Michaels in the head!
    • RVD follows up with the rolling thunder..
    • Michaels rebounds and hits a DDT on RVD..
    • Michaels goes to the top rope, and hits an elbow drop on RVD!
    • Michaels favours his back..
    • RVD gets up and gives Michaels a BRUTAL back breaker..
    • RVD climbs the to the top rope and hits a frog-splash on Michaels!
    • RVD covers Michaels.. ONE.... TWO.......
    • Triple H appears and pulls the referee out of the ring!!!!
    • Triple H gives RVD the pedigree outside of the ring..
    • Triple H gets a steel chair and sets it up inside the ring..
    • Triple H helps Michaels to his feet and Michaels fights back punching away at Triple H!
    • Triple H finishes by dropping Michaels onto the steel chair with a back-breaker!

  27. RAW goes off the air...

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