January 6, 2003
Phoenix, Arizona
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Tommy Dreamer defeats Aaron Aguilera..

  2. RAW KICKS OFF: Video Package..
    • Just a reminder of the Triple H/Scott Steiner fued before the new year..

  3. ON STAGE: Eric Bischoff & Sean Morely..
    • The Dudley Boyz are announced and go to the ring, but Bischoff & Morely come to the stage..
    • Bischoff says that since it is a new year, that there is going to be some changes..
    • Bischoff says that there will be a change in attitude!
    • ~~~Footage is shown of the Dudleyz helping Jim Ross win his match last week..
    • Bischoff says that he won't tolarate the Dudleyz behavior any more..
    • Bischoff says that 2003 will go down as the year of Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff say that everyone is going to show him the respect he deserves..
    • Bischoff sets up a no DQ handicap match against Three Minute Warning, Rico & Batista!

  4. NO DQ 4-on-2 MATCH: The Dudley Boyz vs Three Minute Warning, Rico & Batista w/Flair..
    • Bischoff, Morely & Flair are also at ringside making it a 7-on-2 match..
    • Batista covers DVon, but the referee refuses to count..
    • BHischoff gets in the ring and orders the referee to count him down!
    • Batista pulls DVon up anyway!
    • Flair gets in the ring and figure-fours Bubba, who is splashed by Rosey at the same time..
    • Batista covers DVon again and Bischoff forces the ref to count 1-2-3..
    • All 7 men beat the Dudleyz gang-style after the match..
    • Bischoff slaps DVon hard accross the face!

  5. ON STAGE: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler + Lance Storm & William Regal..
    • The Dudleyz are still laid out in the ring trying to get up..
    • Regal/Storm come out and bully JR/King at the announce table..
    • Regal says he is humiliated that Jim Ross pinned him last week..
    • Regal/Storm go to the ring..
    • Regal punches Regal in the head with the brass knux!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Ric Flair + Scott Steiner..
    • Triple H is looking at himself in the mirror and Flair enters the room..
    • Triple H talks blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah..
    • Steiner shows up and says he already kicked HHH's ass in arm wrestling..
    • Steiner says he's going to kick HHH's ass in the pose-down tonight AND at Royal Rumble..

  7. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Trish Stratus & Jacqueline vs Molly Holly & Victoria w/Steven Richards..
    • Victoria pins Trish after Richards interfered and Victoria pulls Trish's tights!

  8. INTERVIEW: Terri & Booker T / Goldust..
    • Booker talks about 2003 and makes fun of Bischoff's comments earlier..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Sean Morely..
    • Bischoff gets mad saying THAT IS EXACTLY the disrespect he will not put up with!
    • Bischoff says that he will punish Booker for this..

  10. IN THE RING: Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels..
    • Jericho says that every since Wrestlemania last year he's dreamed of regaining his World title..
    • Jericho says that he is entered into the 2003 Royal Rumble and will win!!
    • Suddenly Shawn Michaels' music hits and out comes the Heartbreak Kid..
    • Michaels says that Jericho only wants everyone to recognise that he is the best..
    • Michaels says that to do that, you gotta volunteer to be the #1 entrant in the Rumble..
    • Jericho says he knows what Michaels is trying to do, and not to patronize him..
    • Jericho says that Shawn Michaels is the only man to enter #1 and win the Rumble..
    • Jericho says Michaels is trying to insinuate that, to be great, Jericho has to do it too..
    • Jericho says he beat two men that Michaels has never beat (on the same night) to win the World title..
    • Michaels tells Jericho to proove that he is great, and volunteer to be #1 for the Rumble..
    • Michaels says that if Jericho doesn't, then HE will!
    • Michaels says that if Jericho wants to proove that he is the best, he's gotta go through HIM!
    • Jericho suggests he go through Michaels right here tonight..

  11. RNN BEAKING NEWS: Randy Orton + Jericho/Michaels + Christian + Kane/RVD..
    • Randy Orton interrupts Jericho/Michaels and comes down to the ring..
    • Randy Orton says that the BIG NEWS is that Randy Orton's shoulder is up to 93% mobility!
    • Randy says that Michaels is jealous cause his come back story is better than his..
    • Randy says that all the girls will agree that there is a new "Sexy Boy" in town..
    • Randy says that Michaels doesn't wanna be anywhere near him when he's 100%..
    • Michaels suddenly punches Randy Orton, who falls to the mat..
    • Jericho goes after Michaels, and Christian runs down and joins in..
    • Rob Van Dam & Kane run down and chase Jericho/Christian away from the ring..

  12. TAG TITLE MATCH: Booker T & Goldust vs William Regal & Lance Storm..
    • Goldust was about to win, but Regal came in and kicked the referee in the neck!
    • After a commercial break, Sean Morely comes down to act as referee..
    • Eventually Morely gets knocks out of the ring by a Booker side-kick..
    • Booker covers Storm, but no referee to count..
    • A third referee runs down to make a 2-count!!
    • Booker T eventually gets Storm down for the pin, but Morely pulls the referee out of the ring!
    • Regal runs in and whacks Booker AND Goldust with the brass knuckles!!
    • Storm rolls over and covers Booker as Morely counts the 1-2-3!!
    • William Regal & Lance Storm are the NEW World Tag Team champions!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Bischoff/Morely & Storm/Regal..
    • Regal/Storm tell Bischoff that it will be an honor to represent him as Tag Team champions..

  14. MATCH: Test w/Stacy vs Chris Nowinski w/DLo..
    • TAPED: Nowinski asks DLo to be in his corner tonight because he in an intelligent man..
    • Test defeats Nowinski, and is attacked by DLo after the match..

  15. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Christian + Randy Orton..
    • Christian tells Jericho that HE is in the Royal Rumble too!
    • Jericho says that that is great, Christian can help him!
    • Christian says that it's every man for themselves and he wants to win the World title..
    • Christian & Jericho bicker back-and-forth about who is better..
    • Randy Orton comes in and says not to worry, that he will be in their corner tonight..

  16. POSE DOWN: Scott Steiner vs Triple H w/Ric Flair..
    • Triple H comes out and says that the entire crowd is not fit to judge a posedown..
    • Triple H says he'll pick six fans from the crowd to judge the competition..
    • Triple H picks out six dudes (obvious plants) in the front row..
      • The judges are actually wrestlers from local Impact Zone Wrestling..
      • Navajo Warrior, Ghostwalker, Hollywood, "Outlaw" Mike Knox, Derrick Nightkirk & Keiji Sakoda..
    • Triple H explains the rules to the judges..
    • Scott Steiner then comes out to the ring..
    • The first pose is the "Font DOuble Bicep" ---
    • The second pose is the "Side Chest" ---
    • Next is the "Most Muscular"..
    • All six judges vote unanimously for Triple H..
    • Scott Steiner grabs the mic and yells at the judges..
    • Scott Steiner accuses HHH of knowing the six guys..
    • Scott Steiner says he's going to let all his freaks in fix decide who the real winner is!
    • The crowd cheers as Steiner flexes on the ropes..
    • Scott tells HHH to go to the corner and see what people think..
    • Triple H says he doesn't need a bunch of idiots to tell him something he already knows..
    • Triple H says the panel voted for him and that is fair..
    • The crowd chants "You Suck!" towards Triple H..
    • Triple H says that Steiner is embarassed because it was a clean slate..
    • Triple H suggest they have a push-up contest..
    • Steiner is vidably kicking HHH's ass in push-ups when the 6 dudes get up and attack Steiner!!
    • Steiner fights back and beats up all six guys as Triple H & Flair escape..

  17. MAIN EVENT: Chris Jericho & Christian w/Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam & Kane w/Shawn Michaels..
    • Kane & Rob Van Dam win the match with Orton & Michaels getting involved..

  18. BACKSTAE: Eric Bischoff / Sean Morely & Lance Storm / William Regal..
    • Bischoff says that he finally feels like he's in charge of RAW!
    • Bischoff gets a phone call and has a worried look on his face..
    • Bischoff hangs up and tells his boys that it was Vince McMahon!
    • Bischoff says that Vince will be HERE next week on RAW!

  19. RAW goes off the air...

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