February 24, 2003
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Tyson Duxx & Mark Bartalucci d. Larry Brun & Original Sinn..
    • Victoria d. Molly to retain the Womans Belt..
    • Maven d. Rico..
    • Al Snow d. Bobby Rude (BCW)..
    • Rob Van Damn d. Steven Richards..

  2. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff comes out to the ring in a cast, swollen face, and a major limp..
    • Bischoff dispites what Steve Austin tried to do to him last night, he's still standing!!
    • Bischoff announces that he has banned Steve Austin from the building tonight!!
    • Bischoff announces a 20-man over-the-top-rope battle royal for a Wrestlemania World title shot..
    • Bischoff says that if Austin shows up, that he'll be met with Bischoff's "personal welcoming committee"..
    • Bischoff says that the biggest star in the industry will be on RAW tonight..

  3. IN THE RING: The Rock..
    • Suddenly some freaky new music hits and THE ROCK comes out to the ring..
    • Rock says that last night he did Vince McMahon a favour and whoops that 'red and yellow' Candy Ass..
    • Rock says that Vince McMahon told him he could go wherever he wanted as a reward..
    • Rock says that he decided to show up here on RAW live from Toronto!
    • Rock says that it was in Toronto that it all started..
    • Rock says that it was the people in Toronto who originally turned on the Rock (at Wrestlemania)..
    • Rock calls the fans a bunch of "Mother Canuckers" <---- hilarious!
    • Rock says that what he didn't like, was that he wasn't voted Superstar of the Decade, and Steve Austin was..
    • Rock says that he's the biggest thing to hit Canada because the Toronto Maple Leafs SUCK!
    • This totttttaallly pisses off the crowd, as the Rock gets booed baaaaadd!!
    • Suddenly the fans begin a "You Sold Out!" chant (Gotta love those smart Canadian fans)..
    • Rock says he's gonna win the Battle Royal tonight and win the World title at Wrestlemania..

  4. MATCH: Jacqueline vs Jazz..
    • Victoria & Steven Richards join Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler at the announce position..
    • Victoria claims that Jazz might be a bitch, but she's a PSYCHO BITCH..
    • Jazz makes Jacqueline tape out to the Clover Leaf submission..
    • Jazz gets the mic and stats that "the Bitch is Back!"..
    • Suddenly Trish Stratus makes an appearance in her hometown..
    • Trish jumps on Jazz and lays the punches on her..
    • Victoria runs down to the ring and Trish kicks her in the head!
    • The officials pull Jazz & Trish apart..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Test + Maven + Stacy Keibler + Chief Morely..
    • Footage of Test in Gainsville for "Girls Gone Wild" picking the finalists..
    • Test is bragging to Maven how fun it was to do the Girls Gone Wild gig..
    • Stacy comes in and complains about Test going to far with the GGW stuff..
    • Chief Morely comes in and says that Test & Stacy will be facing Jericho & Christian tonight..
    • This is a punishment for laughing at Bischoff last week after Austin beat him..

  6. INTERVIEW: Jim Ross & Goldust..
    • Jim Ross asks Goldust how he is after his electricution..
    • Goldust says that with this injury, you either die or live..
    • Jim Ross says that there could be a lot of neurological issues with this injury..
    • Goldust gives his "I'm coming back" speech with some twitchy studdering moments..
    • Goldust says that he hopes it will have the opportunity to work itself out..
    • Goldust addresses Randy Orton & Batista saying that they will never forget the name, Goldust..

  7. MATCH: Kane w/RVD vs Lance Storm w/William Regal..
    • Kane defeats Lance Storm..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Batista & Randy Orton + Ric Flair..
    • Orton & Batista talk about Steve Austin's return not being such a big deal..
    • Orton says that the real big deal is that he's making his in-ring return tonight..
    • Ric Flair comes in and says that Orton & Batista have to show the world what the Evolution is made of..

  9. TAG MATCH: Scott Steiner & Booker T vs Batista & Randy Orton w/Ric Flair..
    • Ric Flair interfers immediately and Scott Steiner chases him up the ramp, but Flair comes back..
    • Booker takes the punishment most of the match until Steiner comes in illegally and cleans house..
    • Steiner pulls Flair into the ring and puts the Steiner Recliner on him, Batista knocks Steiner out of the ring..
    • Orton goes for the crossbody but Booker rolls through and gets the surprise pinfall!!

  10. TAG MATCH: Test & Stacy Keibler vs Chris Jericho & Christian..
    • Stacy comes out wearing a very cute tailored Toronto Maple Leafs jersey..
    • Jericho pulls Stacy off the apron, banging her head on the edge of the ring..
    • Jericho & Christian double-team Test with a steal chair, resulting in a DQ..
    • Test & Stacy win by Disqualification..
    • Jericho & Christian handcuff Test to the middle rope..
    • Jericho tosses Stacy into the ring where he and Christian bully her while Test watches helplessly..
    • Jericho locks Stacy into the Walls of Jericho while Stacy screams in pain!!
    • Jeff Hardy runs down but he gets knocked down by Christian..
    • Jericho wrenches down on Stacy as she screams louder..
    • Shawn Michaels runs down and makes the ultimate save!!

  11. MATCH: Christopher Nowinksi vs Jeff Hardy..
    • Chris Nowinski comes out and joins Jeff Hardy, who was left in the ring..
    • Chris tries to talk on the mic, but the sound guy forgot to turn it on..
    • They fix the problem and Nowinski calls Jeff Hardy a failure..
    • Jeff attacks and hits the twist of fate, followed by a swanton bomb for the victory!
    • Jeff snaps and wails away on Nowinski like a mad man..
    • The referee reverses the decision in Nowinski's favor..
    • Jeff chases Nowinski around the ring and up the ramp!

  12. BACKSTAGE: Kane & Rob Van Dam..
    • Kane talks about his displeasure of Rock just walking back in like he owns RAW..
    • Kane says that he's gonna personally eliminate the Rock from the battle royal..
    • Kane says that he's gonna go on to win the World title at Wrestlemania too!
    • RVD says that he agrees with all that except he'll be the World Champion at Wrestlemania..

  13. BACKSTAGE: The Rock + Hurricane..
    • Rock on the phone running his mouth to some mystery woman..
    • Rock hangs up and mutters about not being worried about Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • Rock picks up a guitar and sings a song, er, promo on the Canadians..
    • Hurricane comes in and says that Rock used to be loved by millions, and millions..
    • Hurricane states that tonight the Rock trashed the people, what's up wit dat?
    • Rock asks, who in the green hell he is..
    • Rock says he thinks that he is the Hamburler..
    • Rock says that he knows who he is, he's the resident super-hero..
    • Rock says that Hurricane ain't nothin'..
    • Rock says that Superman and Batman can whoop that ass any day..
    • Hurricane says that he knows he can beat the Scorpion King!
    • Rock gets upset at Hurricane..
    • Hurricane says that Brandan Frasier beat the Scorpion King's ass!
    • Rock gets on the defensive and says that was a special effect for the movie!!!
    • Hurricane says that he'll throw Rock over the top rope in the battle royal!!

  14. NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH: Jerry "the King" Lawler vs Chief Morely..
    • Val eventually hits the money shot on the King, but refuses to cover him..
    • Val goes out and gets a chair, but the referee kicks it out of the ring!
    • The Dudleyz come out of the crowd and lays out Val with a 3D!
    • Lawler jumps on Val off the second rope and pins Val to pick up the royal victory!!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair, Batista & Randy Orton..
    • Ric Flair gives a pep talk to his boys, telling them to make the Champ proud..
    • Randy Orton says that he wants Booker T to himself..

    • Chris Jericho, Christian, Test, Rosey, Jamal, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Maven..
    • Jeff Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, Steven Richards, Hurricane, Al Snow, Rodney Mack..
    • Lance Storm, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Batista, Randy Orton, The Rock..
    • Jericho eliminates Test, then Jericho eliminates himself as Test chases him through the crowd!
    • Jim Ross states that the last battle royal on RAW was in 1995, won by the late Owen Hart..
    • Hurricane managed to get his hands on the Rock, but Rock ended up eliminating the superhero..
    • ROck & Booker T begin to brawl and fall through the ropes to the outside..
    • Rock walks up the ramp and gets a headset from the announce table..
    • Rock says that he's too smart for this..
    • Wrestlers start getting eliminated left and right..
    • Lance Storm, Booker T, Kane, Christian & Rosey are left in the ring..
    • Rock continues to share commentary with JR & The King..
    • Kane eliminates Rosey..
    • Kane eliminates Lance Storm..
    • Kane gives Booker T a choke slam!
    • Rock runs back down to ringside to pick his spot..
    • Rock jumps in the ring and eliminates Kane & Christian at the same time..
    • Rock & Booker T are left in the ring..
    • Booker slaps and chops away at the Rock's chest..
    • Booker gets the best of Rock and aggressively throws Rock over the top rope!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Booker will face Triple H at Wrestlemania 19 for the Heavywieght title of the World!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. And that's a wrap folks...

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