April 14, 2003
Richmond, Virginia
Announcers: The Coach & Jerry Lawler

    • The Navajo Warrior beat Dean Baldwinwith (Dark Match)..
    • Joey Matthews & Christian York defeated Phil Brown & Pat Cusick (Dark Match)..
    • Jacqueline defeated Molly Holly..
    • Three Minute Warning defeated Al Snow & Maven..
    • Rodney Mack beat Mike Hunter..
    • Rico defeated Spike Dudley..

  2. IN THE RING: Kevin Nash + Triple H + Shawn Michaels..
    • Nash says 9 months is a long time to be gone, but he's glad to be back!
    • Nash says that in a way, he's not so glad to be back..
    • Nash says that after his surgery, Shawn Michaels & Triple H both called him every day..
    • Nash says he'd watch RAW every week and watch Shawn & Triple H try to kill eachother..
    • Nash says he worked hard to come back so he can hang with his buddies..
    • Nash says that he comes back and Shawn & Triple H are going at it again!
    • Nash says he doesn't give a damn about Eric Bischoff, and says his friends stick together!
    • Suddenly, Triple H's music hits and out comes the World Champion and HUGS Kevin Nash!
    • Triple H says that it's good to see Kevin Nash back..
    • Triple H says he understand where Kevin Nash is coming from, but his issues with HBK will continue..
    • Triple H says he can't stand Shawn Michaels..
    • Suddenly, Shawn Michaels' music hits and out comes the Heartbreak Kid..
    • Michaels immediately gets in the face of Triple H..
    • Nash holds the two apart..
    • Michaels says that Triple H is the reason for everything bad in this business..
    • Nash asks if they can't all just get along?!?!
    • Triple H says, no, they can't get along, and tells Kevin Nash to make a choice, HBK or HHH..
    • Triple H says that if Nash comes with him, he will stand one step behind him..
    • Triple H says that no matter what anybody says, HE IS THE MAN around here and calls the shots..
    • Triple H says that at least he'll shoot straight with Nash, as opposed to Shawn Michaels..
    • Triple H says that Shawn Michaels will constantly try to steal Kevin Nash's spotlight..
    • Triple H says that if Nash sides with him, they'll dominate the business..
    • Triple H says that if Nash sides with HBK, he will be a part of the World HHH is against..
    • Triple H says that the most success he and Nash ever had, was when they walked away from Shawn Michaels..

  3. BACKSTAGE: Stacy Keibler + Test..
    • Stacy goes through Test's bag and finds a big bottle of hand lotion, wet naps, a dirty towel and a Playboy!
    • Test barges in and asks what she's going through his bags for!
    • Stacy asks what Test is doing with a Torrie Wilson Playboy!!

  4. MATCH: Test w/Stacy vs Chris Jericho..
    • During the match, Stacy ignores the match, and signs autographs for fans in the front row..
    • A few minutes later, Stacy proves how much of a slut she is by showing her ass to the front row..
    • Eventually, Test sees what Stacy is doing, and gets distracted, allowing Jericho to win the match!
    • Test got out of the ring and and beat the hell out of the fan who got an autograph from Stacy..
    • ~~~The fan was a local Virginia wrestler Preston Quinn, who is the current NWA-Virginia Champion..

  5. TAPED: Eric Bischoff..
    • Bischoff says that since he's fired Steve Austin, he's gotten tons of feedback from Stone Cold fans..
    • Bischoff says that he has decided to do the right thing, and give the Stone Cold fans what they want..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Test & Stacy..
    • Test and Stacy are argueing about what Stacy did..
    • Test says that YES Torrie Wilson is hot, but so is Stacy, and Stacy is so much better!
    • Test says that they airbrushed Torrie in Playboy to make her look good..
    • Test says that Stacy's legs are SO MUCH better than Torrie's..
    • Test, for some odd reason, points out that Torrie's breasts are bigger than Stacy's..
    • Stacy walks off..

  7. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Trish Stratus & Ivory vs Jazz & Victoria w/Steven Richards & Teddy Long..
    • Jazz pins Trish to pick up the win for her team..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Bill Goldberg + Goldust..
    • Goldust enters Goldberg's dressing room and welcomes Bill Goldberg to the company..
    • Goldust says he has a gift for Goldberg, and gives him a blonde wig (like his)..
    • Goldust places the wig over Goldberg's head..
    • Goldberg says he appreciated the gesture, but it looks better on Goldust than on him..
    • Goldberg politely asks Goldust to never put that wig on his head again..

  9. ON STAGE: Eric Bischoff + Booker T..
    • Bischoff once again comes out to Stone Cold's music, just to tease the audience..
    • Bischoff says he has a merchandise offer for fans who want to remember Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • Bischoff offers the opportunity to own their very own "Alcohol Fueled" & "Bullet Proof" T-Shirts..
    • Bischoff plugs, where the offer is available..
    • Bischoff also goes on about a special offer for JR's BBQ sauce..
    • ~~~A big fight broke out in the crowd to the side of the camera view that was not seen on tv..
    • Editor's Note: How lame is it that they use storylines to sell their crap now..
    • Booker T comes out and stops the insanity..
    • Booker T says he's got a damn good deal for Bischoff..
    • Booker T says he wants Booker T vs Triple H in a Wrestlemania rematch tonight in Richmond!

  10. NO DQ TAG TITLE MATCH: Kane & Rob Van Dam vs Chief Morely & Lance Storm..
    • Late in the match, Bubba Dudley runs down and gives Rob Van Dam the BubbaBomb..
    • DVon runs down and gets in the face of Bubba for doing that!
    • Sean Morely gets in the ring and swings a chair at DVon, but Bubba grabs the chair away..
    • Rob Van Dam gives Morely the VanDaminator!
    • Kane hits Storm with a chokeslam!
    • Kane helps Rob Van Dam nail a Van Termintor on Lance Storm!
    • Kane pins Storm to retain the World Tag Team titles..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Triple H/Ric Flair + Hurricane..
    • Triple H is trying to weasel his way out of his match with Booker T..
    • Hurricane comes in and points out that Booker T pinned Triple H last week in the tag match..
    • Hurricane also points out that Booker T would have won the title at Mania if it wasn't for Ric Flair..
    • Triple H insults Hurricane's maturity level and tells him to take a hike..
    • Hurricane suggests Booker T faces Ric Flair tonight, and if he wins, he gets a World title match..
    • Bischoff sets up Booker/Hurricane vs HHH/Ric Flair, and if H/B win, Booker gets a title shot..

  12. SEGMENT: Bradshaw & Ron Simmons..
    • Bradshaw & Ron Simmons visit some US Soldiers as well as the Pentagon..

    • The Rock says he is geniunely sad that he couldn't be in Richmond tonight..
    • The Rock said that he had to go out and get a brand new People's Guitar..
    • The Rock says that Elvis ate pie on this Guitar..
    • The Rock says that he'll give another "Rock" concert next week in Atlanta..
    • Coach asks The Rock why he declined Goldberg's challenge last week..
    • The Rock says that he declined because he has done it all and has nothing to proove..
    • The Rock says that he's not afraid of Bill Goldberg, or anybody else for that matter..
    • The Rock changes his mind and says that if Goldberg wants The Rock at Backlash, then they'll get it..
    • BY THE WAY: This segment was taped last week so Rock didn't have to work the show live..

  14. BACKSTAGE: Christian..
    • Christian calls Rock on his cell phone..
    • Christian says he can't wait for the "Rock" concert next week..
    • Christian says that he is going to take the Rock's advice right now in his match..
    • Christian tells the Rock that the spear didn't really hurt..
    • Christian says that he hurt his ribs from laughing so hard cause he couldn't believe it didn't hurt..

  15. MATCH: Goldust vs Christian..
    • Goldust wins the match but DQ after Christian low-blowed Goldust with a steel chair..
    • Christian gets the mic and says that is what he calls "Owning the Room"..
    • Christian says that he's on a roll now, so he's gonna call out Bill Goldberg!!
    • Goldberg comes out without music or pyro and brutally spears Christian in the middle of the ring!
    • Goldberg finishes Christian off with a Jackhammer!

  16. THE GREAT DEBATE: Scott Steiner vs Chris Nowinski..
    • Jerry Lawler narrarates and says the topic is "Operation Iraqi Freedom"..
    • Chris thanks Scott Steiner for accepting this Gentlemans debate, but he brought his mask anyway..
    • Chris gives his side of the debate, blah blah blah blah blah..
    • Scott Steiner says that opinions are like Assholes, everybody's got one..
    • Scott gives a patriotic speech about terrorists and Iraq's harbouring them, blah blah blah..
    • Chris Nowinski says that Scott Steiner's 3 minutes are up..
    • Three Minute Warning comes out and demolishes Scott Steiner..

  17. ANNOUNCEMENT: The Coach & Jerry Lawler..
    • Lawler says he was planning on showing the footage of what happened to Jim Ross..
    • Lawler says that Bischoff has ordered that the footage not be shown!

  18. MAIN EVENT: Triple H & Ric Flair vs Booker T & Hurricane..
    • We see Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash watching separate monitors backstage..
    • Late in the match, Shawn Michaels comes out and superkicks Ric Flair!
    • Hurricane covers Flair for the pinfall to get the win for his team..
    • Shawn Michaels goes after Triple H..
    • Chris Jericho runs down and gives Shawn Michaels the backbreaker!!
    • Triple H gets the sledgehammer and teases to smash Shawn Michaels' face!
    • Kevin Nash slowly walks down to the ring and goes face-to-face with Triple H..
    • Kevin Nash & Triple H grin at eachother..
    • Kevin Nash snatches the sledgehammer away from Triple H...
    • Triple H backs down and out of the ring..
    • Kevin Nash accidentally whacks Booker T with the sledgehammer!
    • Booker T gets up and knocks Shawn Michaels off his feet!

  19. And that's a wrap folks...

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