June 9, 2003
Miami, Florida - American Airlines Arena
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin & Triple H..
    • Triple H asks who the special referee will be at Bad Blood in the Hell in a Cell..
    • Steve Austin says that Triple H will know when everybody else finds out..
    • Steve Austin says that Triple H has a big night ahead of him, so settle down..
    • Steve Austin ends by telling Triple H to "Have a Nice Day!"..

  2. MATCH: Bill Goldberg vs Rosey..
    • Chris Jericho comes out to the stage with a chair to observe the match up close..
    • Chris Jericho runs down later and gets kicked in the stomach and runs backstage..
    • Bill Goldberg wins after nailing a big Jackhammer and a pinfall..

  3. MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Rene Dupre..
    • Rob Van Dam misses the frog splash but rebounds and pins Rene Dupre with a leg rollup..
    • Sylvain Grenier ran down and attacked RVD, and they double-teamed him for a bit..
    • Kane was said to be in the building but didn't show up to save his partner..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Steve Austin..
    • Eric Bischoff shows Steve Austin a wheel containing all their ideas for their Redneck Triathalon..
    • Eric Bischoff says they will just spin the wheel and choose their events at the Pay per view..
    • Eric Bischoff spins the wheel and it lands on "Pie Eating Contest"..
    • Steve Austin says that it has to be "Puntang" pie..
    • Eric Bischoff asks Steve Austin who the referee is at Bad Blood, but Steve Austin doesn't budge..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Rob Van Dam & Kane..
    • Rob Van Dam finds Kane and gets on his case about not coming to help him against La Resistance..
    • Rob Van Dam suggests Kane is afraid that what Steve Austin said about him last week is true!

  6. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Trish Stratus & Ivory vs Jazz & Victoria w/Teddy Long..
    • Jazz gets the mic and claims that Ivory pinning her last week was a fluke!
    • Late in the match, Ivory manages to pull of an upset pinfall victory over Women's champion Jazz!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Christian & Chris Jericho..
    • Christian says he challenged Booker T to a spinerooni contest!
    • Chris Jericho says he knows Goldberg is around so he's got to get out of the building..
    • Chris Jericho says he knows Goldberg will make a mistake eventually and he's gonna capitolize!

  8. MATCH: Scott Steiner w/Test vs Lance Storm..
    • Test comes out and joins Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler on commentary..
    • A few minutes later, Test runs down and tries to drag Stacy up the ramp..
    • Scott Steiner comes out and they have a tug-of-war with Stacy's arms..
    • Scott Steiner pins Lance Storm to win the match..
    • Test enters and smashes Scott Steiner repeatedly with a chair until Stacy throws herself on Steiner..
    • Test corners Stacy asks intimidates her and then starts to apoligize..
    • Test says that Stacy doesn't have to be his girlfriend any more, cause on Sunday's she'll be his WHORE!
    • Test forces himself on Stacy and grabs her by the arm and twists!

  9. IN THE CELL: Steve Austin + Mick Foley! + Triple H..
    • The CELL lowers from the cieling and General Manager Steve Austin comes out to the stage..
    • Steve Austin introduces the only man "crazy enough to referee hell in a cell", Mick Foley!
    • Mick Foley comes out and enters the Cell and says that he's back in a WWE ring!
    • Mick Foley talks about people remembering his legendary Hell in a Cell matches..
    • Triple H then comes out and says that this is none of Mick Foley's business because he is not a wrestler!
    • Triple H says that Mick Foley lives a regular life, with a regular wife, etc etc..
    • Triple H says that Mick Foley is a "regular" guy because he retired Mick in February 2000..
    • Triple H says that Mick Foley has to reconsider his decision to referee the Hell in a Cell match..
    • Triple H says that Mick Foley has an hour to make a decision, or he'll make the decision for him!

  10. MATCH: Randy Orton w/Ric Flair vs The Hurricane w/Shawn Michaels..
    • Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels brawl outside the ring and Ric Flair gets busted open!
    • Randy Orton pins Hurricane inside the ring to pick up the victory!
    • More brawling after the match with Shawn Michaels getting the upper hand..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Mick Foley & Spike Dudley..
    • Spike Dudley says that Mick has nothing to proove with refereeing the Hell in a Cell..
    • Mick Foley says he appreciates Spike's concern and will take his comments under consideration..

  12. SPINEROONI CONTEST: Jerry Lawler MC - Christian vs Booker T..
    • Booker T gets the mic and says the fans want to see a King-a-rooni first!
    • Jerry Lawler does a humorous version of the Spinerooni..
    • Christian then does his version, calling it the Peep-a-rooni..
    • Booker T gives his one-and-only original Spin-a-rooni..
    • Christian attacks but Booker T sidekicks him in the head!
    • Christian retreats and Booker does his spin-a-rooni for the crowd..
    • Booker T makes his way up the ramp celebrating, but gets attacked from behind by Christian!!

  13. MATCH: DVon Dudley w/Bubba Dudley vs Rodney Mack w/Teddy Long & Chris Nowinksi..
    • Chris Nowinksi tried to interfer but got a 3D for his trouble..
    • That gave Rodney Mack an opportunity to hit the "Blackout" on DVon for the win..

  14. INTERVIEW: Terri & Bill Goldberg + Chris Jericho..
    • Bill Goldberg explains that this Sunday at Bad Blood, Jericho is "Next"..
    • Chris Jericho comes up behind Goldberg and whacks him in the back with a steel chair!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin + Mick Foley..
    • Steve Austin is walking around backstage looking for Mick Foley..
    • Steve Austin asks why Mick Foley looked intimidated by Triple H, are you afraid?
    • Steve Austin says that the Mick Foley he knows took him to hell and back every time..
    • Steve Austin says he expects more from Mick Foley..

  16. IN THE CELL: Triple H & Mick Foley..
    • Triple H calls out Mick Foley to hear what decision he has made..
    • Mick Foley comes out and says he'll return to the normal ordinary little life the day AFTER the PPV..
    • Mick Foley says he's gonna take his asskicking right here in Miami Florida!!
    • Mick Foley enters the Cell and brawls around with Triple H..
    • Mick Foley takes several vicious bumps throughout the cell and a brutal chairshot from Triple H!
    • Triple H leaves the ring, but Mick Foley wakes up and COUNT.. 1...2.....3!
    • Triple H comes back and gives Mick Foley the pedigree on the steel chair..
    • Triple H leaves the ring again, but Mick Foley once again resurfaces and counts 1....2.....3!
    • Triple H comes back, along with Ric Flair & Randy Orton to triple-team Mick Foley..
    • Kevin Nash & Shawn Michaels come down to even the odds..
    • Kevin Nash jacknife powerbombs Triple H in the center of the ring and covers him..
    • Mick Foley rolls over and count... 1..... 2.......3!!!!!!!!

  17. And that's a wrap folks...

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