June 16, 2003
Dallas, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Paul London & Jimmy Yang defeated local jobbers (dark)..
    • Mark Jindrak defeated Tommy Dreamer (dark)..
    • Molly defeated Trish Stratus..
    • Hurricane defeated ???..
    • Val Venis defeated Rosey with Jacky as special guest referee..
    • Steven Richards defeated Goldust..

  2. IN THE RING: Mick Foley + The Evolution + Al Snow & Maven..
    • Mick Foley comes out and plugs his new book Teitum Brown which he'll be promoting in the coming months..
    • Mick Foley said it felt really good to be in a WWE ring again at Bad Blood last night..
    • Mick Foley said he was a man of his word, and counted 1-2-3 for Triple H..
    • Mick Foley talks about tasting the blood on the tip of his toung from being busted open in the cell..
    • Suddenly, the Evolution (with brand new entrance music and video) make their way to the ring..
    • Randy Orton talks about Triple H retiring Mick Foley 3 years ago and being a "loser"..
    • Randy Orton says that the Evolution will add a member to the Evolution tonight..
    • Mick Foley sarcastically says he has always wanted to be a IV Horsemen wannabe..
    • Mick Foley says that Randy Orton has a lot of testosteron, but doesn't know what to do with it..
    • Mick Foley says that Triple H is the best today, and Ric Flair is the greatest of all time..
    • Mick Foley says all Randy Orton has done is sit at home with an injured arm..
    • Mick Foley talks about driving up and down the road busting his ass for 15 years and earning his place !!
    • Mick Foley says that Randy Orton will never be a Super Star until he wins WWE Gold!
    • Randy Orton claims that all the fans paid money to see him, not Mick Foley!
    • Randy Orton says that he didn't have to mulilate his body to make a name for himself..
    • Randy Orton takes off his shirt and poses for the homosexual demographic..
    • Randy Orton says that guys like Mick Foley are extinct..
    • Randy Orton says he wishes Triple H didn't retire Mick Foley, so he could beat his ass!
    • Mick Foley challenges Randy Orton to "bring it on"..
    • The Evolution surrounds Mick Foley and attacks him, but Mick Foley fights back valiantly!
    • Randy Orton gives Mick Foley a brutal clothesline and the triple-teaming begins..
    • Al Snow & Maven (of all people) run down and make the much needed save for Foley!
    • Editor's Note: I can't beleive Triple H didn't say a word the whole time!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Mae Young / Fabulous Moolah..
    • Eric Bischoff is yelling at Mae & Moolah about what happened last night (Pie Eating Contest)..
    • Eric Bischoff says that Mae Young will get into the ring and wrestle somebody tonight!

  4. 6PERSON TAG MATCH: The Dudley Boyz & Ivory vs Rodney Mack/Chris Nowinski/Jazz..
    • Ivory hits Rodney Mack with the wassup drop to the crotch!
    • The Dudley Boyz then nailed Christopher Nowinski with the Dudley Death Drop..
    • Ivory pinned Jazz (for the third time in recent weeks) to win the match!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Kane & Rob Van Dam..
    • Rob Van Dam says he wants to stratagize for their rematch tonight because they messed up last night..
    • Kane says that he didn't mess up last night, RVD was the one who messed up..
    • Rob Van Dam says that Kane is hiding something, besides his face under that mask..
    • Kane says proposes that if they don't win the tag titles tonight, they go separate ways..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Mick Foley & Al Snow + Maven..
    • Maven comes in and says that he just got a match with Randy Orton 1-on-1 tonight!
    • Mick Foley says that when the Evolution is involved, it's never 1-on-1..
    • Mick Foley says he's going out with Maven tonight!

  7. BACKSTAGE: The Evolution..
    • The Evolution is watching the monitor to scout for someone to recruit into the group..

  8. MATCH: Lance Storm vs Garrison Cade (aka Lance Cade from OVW)..
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out before the match and chants BOORRINNNGG BOOOORRRINNGGG!
    • Stone Cold says he hasn't slept in a few days, and hopes Lance Storm will put him to sleep..
    • Stone Cold says that Lance Storm's matches are boring and mocks him as the match begins..
    • Stone Cold continues to mock the match all the way through, which only pisses Lance Storm off..
    • Stone Cold says that Lance Storm is the most boring son of a bitch ever!
    • Garrison Cade snuck up behind Lance Storm and rolled him up for the pinfall victory!
    • Editor's Note: As a major mark for WORKRATE IN WRESTLING, I am completely offended!

  9. MATCH: Chris Jericho & Christian vs Booker T & Bill Goldberg..
    • Bill Goldberg clears house immediately and foolishly busts Chris Jericho open hardway..
    • Bill Goldberg missed a spear on Chris Jericho mid-way through the match..
    • Bill Goldberg eventually nailed a spear on Chris Jericho!
    • Booker T ended up pinning Christian to win the match!

  10. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff + Mae Young/Fabulous Moolah..
    • Footage of the disgusting "pie-eating contest" from Bad Blood is shown..
    • Eric Bischoff storms out to the ring all pissed off and people laughing at him..
    • Eric Bischoff introduces Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young out to the ring..
    • Eric Bischoff introduces Mae Young's opponent for the night, Test!

  11. MATCH: Test vs Mae Young w/Fabulous Moolah..
    • Stone Cold comes up on the big screen and announces the special guest referee, Scott Steiner!
    • Scott Steiner & Stacy Keibler comes down, but Test jumps Mae Young and nails a pump handle slam on her!
    • Test bolts from the ring as Stacy Keibler, Moolah and several EMTs jump in the ring and check on Mae..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Miss Jackie (Gayda) & Rico..
    • Jackie Gayda (looking very VERY good) is helping Rico complete his transformation..
    • Rico's new gimmick is supposed to be loosely based on the old Adrian Street character..

  13. MATCH: Rico w/Jackie Gayda vs Spike Dudley..
    • Rico's new character isn't getting over with the fans, chants of "boring" could be heard..
    • Rico eventually won with a spinning kick to the head!

  14. OFFICE: Steve Austin & Rob Van Dam / Kane..
    • Steve Austin calls Kane & RVD into his office for a little pep talk before their match..
    • Steve Austin orders the team to put all the trash behind them and patch things up..

  15. MATCH: Randy Orton w/Ric Flair vs Maven w/Mick Foley..
    • Late in the match, Mick Foley brought out Mr. Socko to take care of Ric Flair!
    • Randy Orton won the match, but Mick Foley stuck Mr. Socko down his throat too!

  16. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: La Resistance vs Kane & Rob Van Dam..
    • Kane snaps and knocks out the referee..
    • Kane choke slamed Rene Dupre and chased Sylvain Grenier into the crowd!
    • Kane throws a chair into the ring brutally smashes it over Sylvain Grenier's head!!
    • Kane then picks Sylvain Grenier up and choke slams him!

  17. IN THE RING: Kane & Triple H + Steve Austin + Eric Bischoff..
    • Suddenly, Triple H's music hits and Triple H comes out to the ring and Congratulates Kane!
    • Triple H says that he respects Kane, and says he can help Kane evolve..
    • Triple H says all Kane has to do is join the Evolution, and be the monster that he truely is!
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin then hits the ring and has something to say about it..
    • Stone Cold says Triple H hates Kane's guts and wants Kane only cause he's a threat to his title!
    • Triple H says that if Kane was in evolution, not even Steve Austin can do anything about it!
    • Stone Cold offers Kane a World title shot next week against Triple H at Madison Square Garden..
    • Eric Bischoff then comes out to put in his two cents..
    • Eric Bischoff says if Kane takes the World title match, and loses, then he'll be forced to UNMASK!
    • Kane grabs both Stone Cold & Triple H by the throats..
    • Kane picks up Stone Cold for a moment, but sets him down and then chokeslams Triple H!!!!

  18. And that's a wrap folks...

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