July 21, 2003
Los Angeles, California - Staples Center
Announcers: Jonathan Coachman & Jerry Lawler

    • Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeated Sean Evans & Keiji Sakoda (dark)..
    • La Resistance defeated the Dudley Boyz via disqualification (dark)..
    • Goldust defeated Steven Richards..
    • Christian defeated Skulu..
    • Rodney Mack defeated Maven by submission..

  2. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff + Linda McMahon + Steve Austin..
    • Eric Bischoff comes out and tries to give a speech, but is interrupted by Linda McMahon..
    • Linda McMahon says that Steve Austin isn't responsible for Kane's actions -- Kane is responsible!
    • Linda McMahon says that JR hasn't pressed charges, but Kane is under house arrest..
    • Linda McMahon says house arrest doesn't prevent Kane from earning a living or going to work!
    • Linda McMahon says that Kane is here to face Rob Van Dam tonight!
    • Eric Bischoff agrees with that and then asks about firing Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • On que, the Rattlesnake Steve Austin's music hits and out comes Stone Cold to the ring..
    • Steve Austin says he doesn't apologize for anything and stands behind every decision he has made..
    • Steve Austin says that he'll handle Kane himself, by whipping his ass TONIGHT!
    • Eric Bischoff says that that is the exact attitude that is gonna get Steve Austin fired!
    • Linda McMahon says she never said she was coming to RAW to fire Steve Austin..
    • Linda McMahon says she came to RAW to address a problem in the General Manager's office..
    • Linda McMahon compliments Steve Austin on his work as GM, but says he can't go around beating up WWE Superstars..
    • Linda McMahon says that Steve Austin has to stop if he wants to continue being GM of RAW..
    • Steve Austin says he's got a lot to think about and starts to walk out of the ring..
    • Linda McMahon says that if Steve Austin relinguishes his GM duties, Eric Bischoff will be 100% in charge!
    • Linda McMahon says she'll give Steve Austin a week to "think" and gives him the rest of the night off!
    • Eric Bischoff gets a big smile on his face and sing "Nah nah nah nah, hey hey, good bye!" to Steve Austin..
    • Linda McMahon tells Eric Bischoff to take the night off too!!!!
    • Steve Austin then starts to sing "Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good bye!"..
    • Steve Austin gets some beers and gives one to Linda McMahon in case its his "last night" as GM..

  3. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Trish Stratus & Gail Kim vs Molly Holly & Victoria w/Steven Richards..
    • Late in the match, Victoria rips off Gail Kim's top off, leaving her in her bra..
    • Trish Stratus accidentally chick-kicks Gail Kim in the face, leading to Molly pinning Gail for the win!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Terri & Chris Jericho..
    • Terri is in the parking lot waiting for Kane to arrive..
    • Terri says that Kane will be escorted by a team of police officers from his home to the show..
    • Chris Jericho enters and says they should be talking about his match with Shawn Michaels tonight..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin & Eric Bischoff..
    • Steve Austin bumps into Eric Bischoff and they bicker for a while about who's fault it is they're "off" for the night..
    • Steve Austin mocks Eric Bischoff going out of business with World Championship Wrestling..

  6. IN THE RING: Randy Orton w/Ric Flair & Triple H..
    • Randy Orton makes fun of the time he tossed Mick Foley down a set of stairs..
    • Randy Orton gloats that he pinned all three Dudley Boyz last week in the elimination match..
    • Randy Orton says he's always been a "Lady Killer" but now he can be called a "Legend Killer"..

  7. MATCH: Randy Orton w/Ric Flair & Triple H vs Val Venis..
    • Triple H joins the announce team while Ric Flair stay at ringside to support Randy Orton..
    • Triple H talked throughout the whole match, taking focus off the action in the ring..
    • Randy Orton won after Val Venis missed the Money Shot..

  8. IN THE RING: Triple H, Ric Flair & Randy Orton + + + + Bill Goldberg!
    • Triple H tells Randy Orton to put a shirt on before the chicks run in the ring and "maul" him..
    • Triple H gives his "best the business has to offer today" speech saying nobody can stop them!
    • Que Billy Goldberg's music..
    • Bill Goldberg marches to the ring and presses foreheads with Triple H..
    • Bill Goldberg says Triple H claims to be the best, and then let's Triple H know that HE'S NEXT!
    • The Evolution circles Bill Goldberg, but Triple H calls them off, saying that it will only happen on HIS terms..
    • Editor's Note: With all apologies to the WNL guys, this storyline sucks already..

  9. BACKSTAGE: The Evolution..
    • Randy Orton complains about Bill Goldberg stealing the spotlight from him!
    • Ric Flair says that people around here will work on THEIR time, and dance to the beat of THEIR drum..
    • Triple H says that he's gonna make sure when the fans leave tonight, they'll all be thinking of Randy Orton..

  10. WRESTLEMANIA REMATCH: Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels..
    • Late in the match, Ric Flair runs down but Shawn Michaels slips out of the ring and knocks him down!
    • Chris Jericho gets Shawn Michaels in the Walls of Jericho right in the center of the ring!!
    • Shawn Michaels somehow gets out of it (We wouldn't know cause they went to commercial)..
    • Shawn Michaels got flipped over the top rope, where Ric Flair once again took several cheap shots at him!
    • The Coach (on commentary) repeatedly questions what business Ric Flair has at ringside..
    • Chris Jericho brought a chair into the ring, but Shawn Michaels superkicks it into Y2J's face!
    • The referee gets out of the ring and argues with Ric Flair, while Randy Orton runs in and TKO's Shawn Michaels!
    • The referee ejects Ric Flair from ringside and Chris Jericho only gets a 2-count in the ring!!
    • Chris Jericho then reapplies the Walls of Jericho on Shawn Michaels, who puts up a fight but eventually taps out!

  11. IN THE RING: Lance Storm..
    • Lance Storm comes out and says WWE fans do not appreciate his natural talant and charisma..
    • Lance Storm says he has a prepared statement towards all the talant agents in attendance..
    • Lance Storm then points out Hollywood Movie Director Rob Riener in the front row..
    • Midway through his speech they cut away to backstage..

  12. BACKSTAGE: Terri & Kane..
    • Terri says that Kane is about to arrive with his police escorts..
    • Kane walks through the arena doors with chains around his wrists and ankles..

  13. IC TITLE MATCH: Booker T vs Test..
    • Christian is shown backstage watching on a monitor..
    • Late in the match, Scott Steiner comes out to the stage and sits on a chair while Stacy gives him a lap dance..
    • This distracts Test enough for Booker T to hit the Bookend and win the match to retain..
    • Editor's Note: What an F'n prostitute Stacy Keibler is!

  14. BACKSTAGE: The Hurricane, Rosey & Spike Dudley + Goldust..
    • Rosey is hanging out in the "babyface" lockroom now I see..
    • Hurricane says he used to be tag team champions with Kane, but Kane isn't the superhero he once thought he was..
    • Hurricane looks at Rosey and says that he sees a Super-Hero-in-training..
    • Goldust enters and says it is a great honor to be a S.H.i.T. (Super-Hero-in-Training)!
    • Rosey looks crookedly at Hurricane..

  15. MAIN EVENT: Kane w/Police Escorts vs Rob Van Dam..
    • Kane comes down with his chains and handcuffs and allows the Police Escorts to release him..
    • A few minutes in, they battled up the ramp onto the stage, where Kane punched the referee out cold..
    • Kane sets up Rob Van Dam for a chokeslam off the stage, but WWE officials run out to try to stop him..
    • Rob Van Dam fights back with a few kicks but gets rammed head first into the screen, which shorts out!
    • Kane then harasses Linda McMahon and knocks out Johnny Ace, Arn Anderson and a few referees..
    • Jerry Lawler leaves the announce position to try to help but he gets knocked down too..
    • Kane picks up Linda McMahon and tombstones her on the stage!!!!!!!!

  16. RAW goes off the air...
    • Before the show, they filmed scenes for the Television show called "The Mullets" involving the Dudley Boyz..

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