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October 27, 2003
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Travis Tomko & Kevin Fertig (Travis Bain & Seven of OVW) beat Tommy Dreamer & Mikal Yamaha (dark)..
    • The Dudley Boyz defeated defeated Pat Cusick & Murray Happer (aka Otto Schawanz) (dark)..
    • Maven defeated Steven Richards w/Victoria..
    • Molly Holly defeated Ivory..
    • Val Venis defeated Brad Hunter..

  2. IN THE RING: Evolution (Ric Flair/Randy Orton/Batista) + Eric Bischoff + Steve Austin + Jindrak/Cade..
    • Ric Flair teases the crowd saying Bill Goldberg won't be here because Batista ELIMINATED him last week!
    • Batista wants Goldberg to think of this as an "honor" to have been taken out by a man as great as him..
    • Batista admits that it was him who attempted to run down Goldberg on RAW a few weeks ago..
    • Randy Orton says that since Goldberg got taken out, then the championship is up for grabs..
    • Randy Orton says that to be fair, the title should go back to the previous champion, Triple H!
    • Eric Bischoff comes out to the ring carrying a leather case and grabs a microphone..
    • Eric Bischoff says that Evolution has taken out his World Heavyweight champion!
    • Eric Bischoff changes his tune and says they've made him the happiest man on the planet!!
    • Eric Bischoff says that he tried to reach out to Bill Goldberg, but he just spit in his face..
    • Eric Bischoff says he found the World title belt when Goldberg left it at ringside last week..
    • Eric Bischoff unwraps the World title belt and says he's going to present it to a deserving person..
    • Steve Austin hits the ring next to interrupt the meeting of the minds..
    • Steve Austin says the bottom line is that Eric Bischoff cannot stripe Goldberg of the title..
    • Steve Austin says he talked to Goldberg, and he says he's coming back, and he wants revenge!
    • Steve Austin announces a World title match between Bill Goldberg & Triple H at Survivor Series..
    • Ric Flair puts up a fuss saying Goldberg's health is at stake..
    • Steve Austin points out that if Goldberg isn't 100%, then Triple H will win more easily..
    • Batista follows Steve Austin up the ramp and threatens to "physically provoke" the General Manager..
    • Steve Austin takes off his hat and gets in Batista's face..
    • In the ring, Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade attacked Randy Orton & Ric Flair!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Trish Stratus..
    • Trish Stratus says that she got a phone messege from Chris Jericho wishing her luck in her match tonight..
    • Lita says that Chris Jericho saved Trish last week, and Christian saved her (Lita) the week before..
    • Lita says she has known them for a while and suspects they are up to something, and is gonna find out..

  4. MATCH: Booker T vs Rico w/Miss Jackie..
    • Booker T wins after a few minutes, and then sets up to do a spinerooni for the crowd..
    • Chris Jericho interrupts and calls for an impromptu Highlight Reel with Booker T as his guest..

  5. HIGHLIGHT REEL: Chris Jericho & Booker T + Scott Steiner/Christian + Rob Van Dam..
    • Chris Jericho asks Booker T (calls him Mr. T) why he's aligned himself with Team Austin?
    • Scott Steiner & Christian come down to the ring and they triple team Booker T as a STEEL CAGE lowers..
    • Rob Van Dam runs down and slips into the ring before the cage covers the ring and runs Team Bischoff away..
    • Rob Van Dam takes the microphone and announces that he will be a part of Team Austin!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Chris Jericho..
    • Chris Jericho is complaining to Eric Bischoff about Rob Van Dam spoiling their plan..
    • Chris Jericho asks Eric Bischoff for an Intercontinental title match tonight against RVD..

  7. MATCH: Mark Henry w/Theodore Long vs Lance Storm..
    • Theodore Long says that Mark Henry is a little angry tonight because he didn't get his $100,000 last week..
    • Theodore Long issues a White Boy challenge for anybody in the back --- Lance Storm accepts!
    • A minute into the match, Shawn Michaels hit the ring and superkicked Mark Henry in front of the referee!
    • The bell rings and Lance Storm is disqualified and Shawn Michaels celebrates with servicemen at ringside..

  8. BACKSTAGE: John Heidenriech & The Hurricane + Rosey..
    • John Heidenreich says Steve Austin has granted him a tryout match and Hurricane is his partner..
    • The Hurricane comments that his son "Little Johnny" must be so proud of him..
    • John Heidenreich says that "Little Johnny" isn't his son, and whispers into Hurricane's ear..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Christian..
    • Lita finds Christian and asks him why he 'saved' her last week..
    • Christian says he was reading Lita's book and saw the picture of he and Lita holding hands..
    • Christian says that there's no reason to hide it any more..
    • Lita tells Christian that things have changed and tells him to forget about it..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Shane McMahon & The Coach..
    • The Coach says that he hopes for Shane's sake that his mystery opponent isn't Kane!
    • Shane McMahon says that he HOPES it IS Kane......

  11. TAG MATCH: La Resistance (Rene Dupre & Rob Conway) vs The Hurricane & John Heidenreich..
    • Instant heat with servicemen chanting USA USA at ringside as La Resistance make their entrance..
    • The Hurricane takes a beating then gets a hot take on John Heidenreich, who cleans house and wins!
    • La Resistance tries to wave the French flag, but John Heidenreich takes them down again!

  12. NO DQ MATCH: Shane McMahon vs Mystery Opponent (Test)..
    • Test, in street clothes, comes out on a crutch, with Stacy Keibler walking a few steps behind..
    • Test says Shane McMahon is probably in wondering what he's doing out there..
    • Test introduces Shane McMahon's mystery opponent, HIM, and attacks Shane McMahon..
    • Shane turns the tables quickly and throws Test out of the ring, and test uses Stacy Keibler as a sheild..
    • Stacy Keibler slaps Test, and Shane McMahon goes on the offensive yet again..
    • Test continually calls out for Kane to come down to the ring to get a piece of Shane McMahon..
    • Test throws a bunch of weapons into the ring, including trash cans, lids, chairs and a crutch..
    • Stacy Keibler pulls the crutch away from Test, and Shane McMahon takes it to Test..
    • Shane McMahon sets up Test for a Shane-terminator, but Kane's pyro hit and distracted Shane..
    • Test smashed the crutch over Shane's ribs and gets a two-count..
    • Shane McMahon reverses the pumphandle slam into a DDT onto a trash can!
    • Shane McMahon sets up Test AGAIN for the Shane-terminator (Test makes sure his feet are clear)..
    • Shane McMahon nails the Shane-terminator and pins Test for the victory..

  13. IN THE RING: Shane McMahon & Test + Kane..
    • Shane McMahon asks where Kane is and calls him out to the ring and waits several minutes..
    • Shane McMahon takes Test and puts his ankle on the ring steps and smashes a chair on his leg!!
    • Kane slowly walks out to the stage and stares down at Shane McMahon in the ring..
    • Shane McMahon says that he can see the fear in Kane's eyes over the fact that Shane is as sick and twisted as him!
    • Shane McMahon garantees that one of them will be going to the hospital after Survivor Series..
    • Shane McMahon challenges Kane to an "Ambulance Match" and Kane accepts..

  14. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Victoria vs Lita vs Gail Kim..
    • Molly Holly comes out to the stage to get a close look at the match..
    • Lita pins Victoria after a sweeping DDT and looks up at Molly standing at the top of the stage..

  15. TRIBUTE: Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand..

  16. ON STAGE: The Coach & Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • The Coach comes out to review Steve Austin's new book entitled "The Stone Cold Truth"..
    • The Coach says that the title is funny because there isn't a shred of truth in the book..
    • The Coach encourages everybody to pick up a copy because it will be a collector's item soon..
    • The Coach says that after Survivor Series, Stone Cold will be unemployed..
    • Steve Austin comes and interrupts The Coach's review and asks if the Coach has a problem with him..
    • The Coach says that if it wasn't for Steve Austin, he would be the lead announcer for RAW..
    • Steve Austin asks The Coach if he wants to take a free shot at him..
    • The Coach turns it around and asks if Steve Austin wants to take a free shot at HIM..
    • Steve Austin says that after Team Angle wins at Survivor Series, he wants the Coach to do the post-match interview..

  17. INTERVIEW: Terri & Mark Jindrak/Garrison Cade..
    • Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade get into eachother's faces about wanting to winning more often..
    • Shawn Michaels enters and says that they can either make friends or make an impact!

  18. INTERVIEW: Terri & Shawn Michaels + Theodore Long..
    • Theodore Long enters and challenges Shawn Michaels to a match next week against Mark Henry..
    • SHawn Michaels accepts..

  19. BACKSTAGE: Shawn Michaels & Eric Bischoff..
    • Eric Bischoff approaches with a set of security guards to escort Shawn Michaels from the building..
    • Shawn Michaels leaves under his own power..

  20. TAG MATCH: Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade w/Maven vs Ric Flair & Randy Orton w/Batista..
    • Late in the match, with the referee distracted, Maven got in the ring and clotheslined Ric Flair!
    • ~~~The only thing was that Maven's arm completely missed Ric Flair's head, but he still sold it..
    • Ric Flair was then pinned giving the victory to Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak..
    • Batista gave Maven a brutal clothesline outside the ring, and then demolished Cade & Jindrak in the ring!

  21. IC TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho..
    • A few minutes in, Chris Jericho put Rob Van Dam into the Walls of Jericho..
    • Eric Bischoff ran down and yelled at the referee..
    • Rob Van Dam crawled to the ropes, but the referee didn't see it, so Jericho didn't break the hold..
    • Chris Jericho pulled Rob Van Dam into the middle of the ring, where RVD tapped out and the referee saw!
    • Chris Jericho was declared the winner and given the Intercontinental title belt!
    • Steve Austin came out and said Chris Jericho's first title defense would be agaist RVD right now!
    • Steve Austin also banned everybody from ringside and ordered the steel cage to be lowered!!!!

  22. IC TITLE CAGE MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam..
    • Chris Jericho tried to climb out twice but Rob Van Dam pulled him back inside both times..
    • Rob Van Dam climbed out as Jericho was leaving through the door, and RVD kicked the door shut!
    • Rob Van Dam hit the floor to recapture the Intercontinental championship!

  23. CONCLUSION: Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam..
    • Christian & Scott Steiner ran down and threw RVD into the cage and they triple teamed him!
    • The Dudley Boyz ran through the crowd and entered the cage to even the odds..
    • Mark Henry entered the cage next, as Theodore Long padlocked the cage door!
    • Booker T ran down and scaled the cage and jumped off the top onto Mark Henry & Scott Steiner!!
    • Booker T is eventually overtaken and the heels dominate all of the faces in the brawl..

  24. RAW goes off the air...

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