November 10, 2003
Boston, Mass - Fleet Center
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Bryan Danielson (American Dragon) defeated Arch Kincaid..
    • Kevin Fertig & Travis Tomko defeated John Walters & Chad Wicks..
    • John Heidenreich defeated Tommy Dreamer..
    • Mark Jindark & Garrison Cade defeated Luis Ortiz & Jason Porcaro..
    • Steven Richards (came out to Crash Holly's music and climbed the turnbuckles like Crash used to do) defeated Rico..
    • Val Venis defeated Maven..

  2. IN THE RING: Lita + Evolution/Triple H + Steve Austin..
    • Lita says people tell her that what she's done in the past year has been a big accomplishment..
    • Editor's Note: I thought she didn't want to talk about that any more/!?
    • Lita says nothing would compare to accomplishing her goal of becoming Women's champion again..
    • Suddenly, Evolution's music hits and Triple H (miss me?), Batista & Randy Orton comes down..
    • ~~~Ric Flair is absent from RAW tonight because his mother passed away the night before..
    • Lita stands her ground and asks why they are out there..
    • Triple H grabs the microphone and says unless Lita plans on getting naked and dancing, to hit the road!
    • Editor's Note: Way to bury the Woman's division Paul..
    • Triple H Congratulates Batista on his very successful comeback from injury (wasn't Lita's injury 10 times worse?)
    • Triple H turns his attention to Goldberg, saying there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity..
    • Triple H gives his "I'm gonna kick Goldberg's ass this Sunday at Survivor Series" speech..
    • Steve Austin comes out to the ring to confront the three members of Evolution..
    • Steve Austin tells Triple H & Evolution to "take a hike"..
    • Steve Austin asks Triple H is he was planning on wrestling a match tonight on RAW?
    • Triple H says "no", so Steve Austin tells him to get his ass out of here..
    • Triple H asks what Steve Austin is gonna do about it?!
    • Batista says that Steve Austin won't do anything, because he's a COWARD..
    • Steve Austin says that in 6 days, he's going to deal with all three of their asses!
    • Steve Austin then calls security down to escort Triple H out of the building..
    • Triple H agrees to leave on his own and will sue anybody that lays their hand on him!

  3. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin + Eric Bischoff & Team Bischoff..
    • Eric Bischoff says that Team Bischoff is going to destroy Team Austin and Steve Austin will be gone..
    • Team Austin comes up behind Steve Austin to show their support for GM Steve Austin..

  4. INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Christian..
    • Christian tried to steal Lilian Garcia's chair and ended up shoving her down to the outside floor..
    • Rob Van Dam wins clean after the five star frog splash..

  5. RESTAURANT: Shane McMahon..
    • Shane McMahon enters a restaurant called "Kowloon" and asks for a table for TWO..

  6. IN THE RING: Jonathan Coachman..
    • Jonathan Coachman says that he and Eric Bischoff saw what Christian did to Lilian Garcia..
    • Jonathan Coachman says that for Lilian Garcia's safety, he's been sent out to replace her..

  7. TAG MATCH: La Resistance (Rene Dupre & Rob Conway) vs The Superheros (Hurricane & Rosey)..
    • La Resistance win the match after Rob Conway hit a swinging neckbreaker on The Hurricane..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Terri + Eric Bischoff..
    • Terri is whining to Lita about being forced into a tag match tonight against GaiL Kim & Molly Holly..
    • Eric Bischoff approaches and says everything will be fine, and orders find something else to wear..
    • Eric Bischoff sarcastically expresses his sympathy for how Triple H treated her earlier..
    • Eric Bischoff says 7 months ago he fired Lita, and Steve Austin hired her back..
    • Eric Bischoff says if he was Lita, he would learn how to "play ball" with Eric Bischoff..

  9. BACKSTAGE: Team Bischoff..
    • Chris Jericho gives the rest of Team Bischoff a pep talk about their match this Sunday at Survivor Series..
    • Randy Orton shows up late and Chris Jericho sarcastically thanks him for joining the meeting..
    • Randy Orton says no matter what they can rely on him to get the job done this Sunday..
    • Teddy Long comments that "That is one cocky crackah!"

  10. BACKSTAGE: Val Venis & Two Strippers + Lance Storm..
    • Val Venis brings two sluts into the locker room and calls out for Lance Storm..
    • Lance Storm comes out of the shower and the two sluts get excited at seeing Lance's canadian bacon..

  11. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Lita & Terri vs Molly Holly & Gail Kim..
    • Molly Holly pinned Lita holding the ropes, and then Molly & Gail stripped Terri down to her bra & panties..

  12. LEGEND VS LEGEND KILLER II: Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton..
    • Shawn Michaels won clean after hitting Randy Orton with a superkick to the chin..

  13. RESTAURANT: Shane McMahon & Kane..
    • Kane shows up at Kowloon and joined Shane McMahon at his table as they went to commercial..
    • Shane McMahon says that he wants Kane to think about it all week what is going to happen this Sunday..
    • Kane asks how Shane's mother is doing, and describes how it felt to tombtone her on the steel stage..
    • Kane says he electricuted Shane's crotch cause he wanted Shane and his wife not to be able to have kids..
    • Kane says for all of Shane McMahon GUTS, he still cannot stop EVIL..
    • Shane McMahon says Kane isn't evil, he's pathetic, and he knows that he's just afraid of living a normal life..
    • Editor's Note: I guess the new soap opera writers have settled into their cushy jobs..

  14. TAG MATCH: The Dudley Boyz vs Scott Steiner w/Stacy Keibler & Mark Henry w/Teddy Long..
    • Garrison Cade (called "Lance" by Jim Ross) & Mark Jindrak are shown watching on a monitor backstage..
    • Scott Steiner brought a steel chair into the ring and whacked Bubba Dudley, causing a Disqualification..
    • Scott Steiner continued to whack the hell out of the Dudleyz with the chair!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin & Eric Bischoff..
    • Eric Bischoff says that Steve Austin was one of the biggest factors in putting WCW out of business..
    • Eric Bischoff says he finds it ironic that he is going to be the one who puts Steve Austin out of business..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Chris Jericho & Trish Stratus..
    • Chris Jericho yells at a female stage hand for bringing his water warm and 15 minutes late..
    • Trish Stratus approaches and Chris Jericho changes his tune and apoligizes for his behavior..
    • Trish Stratus says that any time he wants to talk all he has to do is say so..
    • Chris Jericho builds up his nerve and asks Trish Stratus out on a date later tonight..
    • Editor's Note: I hope Chris Jericho's wife and newborn child aren't watching from their homw in Winnipeg!

  17. BACKSTAGE: Booker T & John Heidenreich..
    • John Heidenreich talk about the new UNSCRIPTED book that WWE recently released..
    • John Heidenreich finds a note at the door for Booker T that says "I STILL REMEMBER"

  18. MATCH: Booker T vs Chris Jericho..
    • Booker T pinned Chris Jericho with a botched/recovered sunsetflip rollup pinfall..
    • Christian, Scott Steiner, Mark Henry & Randy Orton ran down to beat down on Booker T after the match..
    • The Dudley Boyz, Rob Van Dam & Shawn Michaels run down to clean house on the heels..
    • Jonathan Coachman announces that in his opinin, the winner of the match is CHRIS JERICHO!!!
    • All five babyfaces surrounded Jonathan Coachman and dropped him with a 3D in the center of the ring!

    • The story of the night is that all Team Austin members beat Team Bischoff members tonight..

  19. NON TITLE MATCH: Bill Goldberg vs Batista..
    • JR Quote of the night: "Goldberg is a man's man, he can't sit at home and not do something about it!"
    • As predicted by my 7 year old nephew who never watches wrestling, Triple H interfered to cause a DQ..
    • Triple H got the sledgehammer from under the ring (wow that's original, never expected that)..
    • Triple H set up to shatter Goldberg's ankle, but Goldberg fought back and speared Triple H!
    • Goldberg picked up the sledge hammer and whacked Batista as Triple H escaped the ring..

  20. RAW goes off the air...

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