December 22, 2003
The Best of RAW 2003 Special
Announcers: The Coach & Jerry Lawler

  1. MATCH: Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho from Wrestlemania 19..

  2. CHICAGO STREET FIGHT: Victoria vs Trish Stratus from January 27..

  3. IC TITLE LADDER MATCH: Rob Van Dam vs Christian from September 29..

  4. HIGHLIGHTS: Bill Goldberg's Debut on March 31, followed by Bill Goldberg vs The Rock from Backlash..

  5. HIGHLIGHTS: Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus' blossoming love affair which has stunk up the show recently..

  6. HIGHLIGHTS: Vince McMahon giving Eric Bischoff 30 days to turn RAW around, so he brings back Steve Austin..

  7. HIGHLIGHTS: Steve Austin beating the stuffing out of Eric Bischoff at No Way Out..

  8. HIGHLIGHTS: Kane's unmasking, followed by his weekly rampages on the RAW roster..

  9. AMBULANCE MATCH: Kane vs Shane McMahon at Survivor Series..

  10. HIGHLIGHTS: The Rock and The Hurricane debate who's the better superhero..

  11. TRIBUTE: Stu Hart, Crash Holly, Elizabeth, Hawk, Mr. Perfect, Fred Blassie..

  12. HIGHLIGHTS: Ric Flair tells Triple H he ain't laying down for nobody!

  13. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Triple H vs Ric Flair from May 19..

  14. HIGHLIGHTS: The Rock Concert from March 24..

  15. REDNECK TRIATHALON: Steve Austin vs Eric Bischoff and the pie-eating contest..

  16. ELIMINATION MATCH: Team Austin vs Team Bischoff from Survivor Series..

  17. HIGHLIGHTS: Mick Foley returns to RAW and then walks out several weeks later..

  18. HYPE FOR NEXT WEEK: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels from San Antonio..
  19. RAW goes off the air...

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