April 5, 2004
Houston, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Chuck Palumbo defeated A-Train (dark match)..
    • Steven Richards defeated The Hurricane..
    • Garrison Cade defeated Val Venis..
    • Rosey defeated Slam Shady (local jobber)..

  2. IN THE RING: Triple H + Shelton Benjamin..
    • Triple H says that Shelton Benjamin makes for a great story, but in reality, it's nothing but a fluke!
    • Triple H says that it's impossible for Chris Benoit to beat HHH & HBK two in a row back to back..
    • Triple H says he knows Chris Benoit is starting to feel the pressure of having a target on his back..
    • Shelton Benjamin's new music hits and he comes out to the ring and interrupts Triple H..
    • Shelton Benjamin introduces himself as "the young punk kid from Smackdown! who beat you 1-2-3"..
    • Shelton Benjamin says he wants to challenge Triple H to a rematch to prove that his win wasn't a fluke..
    • Triple H says he'll do Shelton Benjamin a favour and decline the challenge..
    • Shelton Benjamin agrees with HHH, saying it would feel horrible to lose twice to a "young punk kid"..
    • Triple H changes his mind and accepts the challenge..
    • Shelton Benjamin says that after tonight, Triple H can refer to him as Mr. Benjamin..

  3. NON (WORLD) TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Rob Conway..
    • In a minor bonehead move by WWE management, Chris Benoit is now billed as "now residing in Altanta, Georgia"..
    • La Resistance are introduced at being from Quebec City, Quebec (I guess they moved from France)..
    • Special referee Johnny Nitro comes out to the old WCW Nitro theme song (nice touch)..
    • Johnny Nitro says Eric Bischoff ruled that if Benoit lays a finger on him, he'll be stripped of his title!
    • Late in the match, Johnny Nitro got accidentally knocked out of the ring..
    • La Resistance double-teamed Chris Benoit but a second referee came down and took over..
    • Chris Benoit quickly made Rob Conway tap out to the crippler crossface..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & William Regal...
    • William Regal returns to the WWE and says he's had more ups and downs than a whore's drawers..
    • Eric Bischoff says he has an assignment for William Regal, who says he's always up for anything (uhhuh)..
    • Eric Bischoff says he's hired his nephew "Eugene" and he's a very special talent, and wants Regal to manage him..
    • William Regal thanks Eric Bischoff for bringing him back and assures him that he'll make Eugene a star!

  5. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Matt Hardy..
    • Chris Jericho is announced as being from Manhatten, New York (whatsupitdat?)..
    • Chirstian & Trish Stratus came out to the stage and sat on a chair together, and watched the match..
    • Chris Jericho won the match after making Matt Hardy tap out to the Walls of Jericho..

  6. PROMO: Mick Foley..
    • Mick Foley gives an intense promo saying he vowed never to return to the hardcore style..
    • Mick Foley says that Hardcore means you had the attitude to give the fans the greatest show possible..
    • Mick Foley says he went to Japan to participate in barbaric matches in order to pay the bills at home..
    • Mick Foley pulls out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and says he'll bring it to Backlash!
    • Mick Foley stands up and smashes the set around him as the crew run for their lives..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Evolution (Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista)..
    • Randy Orton gets a little freaked out what he just saw on the monitor..
    • Ric Flair gives Randy Orton a speech and then wishes Triple H well in his match with Shelton Benjamin..

  8. REMATCH: Triple H vs Shelton Benjamin..
    • Eric Bischoff had ruled that anybody not part of the match gets involved, they will be fired..
    • Ric Flair is the guest ring announcer, Batista is the guest bell ringer, Randy Orton is guest Trainer..
    • Batista tossed Shelton Benjamin head first into the guard barrier and Benjamin landed on his neck hard!
    • Later on, the fight spilled outside the ring, and Benjamin got in just in time and HHH was counted out!
    • Evolution surrounded Shelton Benjamin and delivered a four-on-one assult, busting him open hardcore!
    • Chris Benoit, Mick Foley & Shawn Michaels eventually made the save...!
    • WINNER: Shelton Benjamin (bloodied & unconscious) by COUNT OUT..

  9. WOMANS BATTLE ROYAL: Lita beat Trish Stratus, Jazz, Molly Holly, Gail Kim, Stacy Keibler, Nidia..
    • All the divas were announced, then they went to commercial, when they came back all but 3 wrestlers remained!
    • Relays of five divas getting eliminated (including Gail Kim doing a face-plant on the outside)..
    • Lita eliminated Jazz, and that left Lita one-on-one with former gal-pal Trish Stratus..
    • Chris Jericho made his way down to ringside and distracted Trish long enough for Lita to toss her out!
    • Lita wins the battle royal and wins a title shot against Victoria at Backlash 2004!

  10. BACKSTAGE: William Regal & Eugene Dinsmore..
    • William Regal finds Eugene backstage and is appauled to learn that he is a handicapped man..
    • William Regal runs off to Eric Bischoff and protests being saddled with a "ninkinpoop"..
    • Eugene ends up disappearing and ends up out in the arena playing around with JR & The King..
    • William Regal goes and fetches him after he did a funny bushwhacker impression and licked the King..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Christian & Trish Stratus..
    • Trish Stratus whines about being screwed out of the battle royal by Chris Jericho..
    • Christian says it's okay, cause she has a match at Backlash - Christian & Trish vs Chris Jericho..

  12. MATCH: Tajiri vs Christian..
    • The Coach joins JR & The King at the announce position and complains about Tajiri misting him last week..
    • The Coach eventually made his way to ringside and caused Tajiri to get pinned by Christian..

  13. MATCH: Kane vs Rhyno..
    • A minute into the match Rhyno hit the ropes and the middle rope broke all around the ring..
    • Rhyno hit a Gore on Kane, but Kane kicked out and hit a chokeslam from hell for the victory!
    • Edge walked down to the ring (cast on his arm) and brawled with Kane and speared him!
    • Kane sat right up and give Edge a big kick to the face then tries to break Edge's other arm..
    • Edge whacked Kane with the cast, Kane sat up again but fell right back down to the mat..

  14. BACKSTAGE: Chris Benoit & Shawn Michaels + Mick Foley + Johnny Nitro..
    • Shawn Michaels says last week was awesome and that he'll have Benoits back whenever, but at Backlash, it's different..
    • Shawn Michaels agrees with Triple H that the chances of Benoit beating HHH & HBK twice in a row is slim..
    • Mick Foley shows up and says they should make sure tonight they're all on the same page..
    • Johnny Nitro shows up and confiscates Mick Foley's barbed wire baseball bat (Bischoff's orders)..

  15. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff & Chris Benoit & Mick Foley & Shawn Michaels..
    • Eric Bischoff announces that Benoit, Foley, Michaels & Benjamin will face Evolution next week..
    • Triple H comes down carrying a sledge hammer and the rest of Evolution attacks from behind!
    • Triple H knocked Shawn Michaels out with the sledgehammer, Randy Orton RKO'd Foley on the floor!
    • Triple H took Benoit down with a chairshot and a pedigree on the chair!

  16. RAW goes off the air...
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