April 26, 2004
Topeka, Kansas - Kansas Expocentre
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Carly Colon defeated local jobber (dark match)..
    • Garrison Cade beat Steven Richards..
    • Randy Orton defeated Val Venis to retain the IC TITLE..
    • The Hurricane & Rosey defeated two jobbers..

  2. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Lita & Victoria vs Molly Holly & Gail Kim..
    • Victoria pulled Molly Holly's wig off while Lita DDT'd Gail Kim for the victory..
    • Molly Holly took a fit after the match and attacked Lita..

  3. IN THE RING: Lita & Kane..
    • Kane's music hit and Kane came out and cornered Lita, then stroked her hair and grinned..
    • Kane was about to kiss Lita when she slipped under the ropes and ran into Matt Hardys arms backstage..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Matt Hardy + Kane..
    • Matt Hardy consoled Lita and promised he would get revenge on Kane later tonight..
    • Kane snuck up behind them, Lita screamed and ran away, while Kane destroyed Matt Hardy..

  5. IN THE RING: The Coach & Tajiri + Garrison Cade..
    • The Coach came out and insulted the crowd until Tajiri interrupted and entered the ring..
    • Tajiri made it clear that what he wanted was a rematch..
    • The Coach declinded, so Tajiri kicked him out of the ring..
    • Garrison Cade showed up to pull The Coach away from harm..

  6. IN THE RING: Tajiri & Triple H..
    • Triple H came down to the ring and gave Tajiri a low blow and kicked him out of the ring..
    • Triple H questioned why Shawn Michaels was getting a title shot next Monday night and not him..
    • Tajiri got back into the ring to confront Triple H by spewing green mist in his face!

  7. OFFICE OF THE GM: Eric Bischoff & Triple H..
    • Triple H began talking to a potted plant until he realized Eric Bischoff was on the other side of the room..
    • Triple H complained to Eric Bischoff about Tajiri's actions..
    • Eric Bischoff booker a match between Tajiri & Triple H for later on..

  8. MATCH: Rhyno vs Rob Conway w/Sylvain Grenier..
    • Eugene & William Regal joined Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler at the announce position for the match..
    • Eugene began to rattle off obscure statistics (like Rain Man)..
    • Eugene eventually got up and started messing around the control area for the pyrotechnics..
    • Suddenly some fireworks went off on the stage, distracting Rob Conway, leading to Rhyno scoring the pin!

  9. BACKSTAGE: La Resistance & Johnny Nitro..
    • La Resistance complained about Eugene's actions and demanded justice..
    • Johnny Nitro made a match between Rob Conway vs Eugene for two weeks from then..

  10. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Edge & Chris Benoit + Shawn Michaels..
    • Todd Grisham started interviewing Chris Benoit and Edge but Shawn Michaels barged in..
    • Shawn Michaels basically stole the spotlight and made the moment his (heel turn?)..

  11. MATCH: Christian w/Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko vs Grandmaster Sexay..
    • Christian wins after the Unprettier on GMS..
    • After the match, Tyston Tomko started beating on a fallen Grandmaster Sexay..
    • Chris Jericho's music hit and Tyson Tomko ran up the stage to meet him..
    • Chris Jericho instead ran in through the crowd and attacked Christian from behind!

  12. MATCH: Triple H (still had a green face) vs Tajiri..
    • Tajiri got a good amount of offense -- good to see HHH helping other talent for a change..
    • Tajiri hit a missile drop-kick that took out both Triple H and the referee..
    • Tajiri tried to spray the mist again, but Triple H was not the line of fire..
    • Triple H hit the pedigree on Tajiri to win the match..

  13. MATCH: Kane vs Matt Hardy..
    • Kane had Matt Hardy up for the tombstone piledriver when Lita slid into the ring and tried to stop him..
    • Kane corners Lita once again and this time planted a disturbed-looking kiss on her lips!
    • Lita wiped the slobber off her mouth and went to check on poor Matt Hardy..

  14. IN THE RING: Jerry "The King" Lawler + Stacy Keibler..
    • The King plugged the 2004 Diva Swimsuit issue..
    • Stacy Keibler came down and helped introduce the legendary Harley Race, sitting in the front row..

  15. RINGSIDE: Harley Race & Randy Orton + Shelton Benjamin..
    • Randy Orton came down with aspirations of squashing yet another legend..
    • Randy Orton said he was going to do what he did to Foley, and proceeded to spit in Harley Race's face!!!
    • Shelton Benjamin came out next and started brawling with Randy Orton..

  16. TAG TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit & Edge vs Ric Flair & Batista..
    • Chris Benoit is billed as "originally from Edmonton, Alberta, and now residing in Atlanta, Georgia"..
    • After a long battle, Edge speared Ric Flair and pinned him to retain the Tag Team titles..

    • Triple H showed up and starting beating on Chris Benoit along with Evolution..
    • Shawn Michaels pulled a chair away from Batista and accidentally whacked Chris Benoit with it!
    • Evolution retreated as Edge confronted Shawn Michaels about the chair shot to Benoit..
    • Edge & Shawn Michaels shook hands but Chris Benoit put Shawn Michaels in the sharpshooter!

  18. RAW goes off the air...
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