May 3, 2004 - The Showdown in the Desert
Phoenix, Arizona
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Rhyno defeated Val Venis..
    • Nidia defeated Jazz..
    • Garrison Cade defeated Grandmaster Sexay..

  2. SIX MAN TAG: Evolution (Triple H/Randy Orton/Batista) vs Shelton Benjamin & Tajiri & Edge..
    • Batista had Tajiri up for the demon bomb, but Tajiri spit green mist in Batista's face!
    • Randy Orton checked on Batista, but turned around and got speared and pinned by EDGE!

  3. BACKSTAGE: The Coach & Garrison Cade + Vince McMahon..
    • Garrison Cade says since the Arizona girls are so gross, he's flying in some women from the Midwest..
    • Vince McMahon shows up and says that he's here to see the World Heavyweight title match tonight..
    • Vince McMahon hypes the match, in a horrible unnatural manner (it would be funny if someone really talked like that)

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Evolution + Johnny Nitro..
    • Triple H says he's wasting his time out there when he should be fighting for the World title!
    • Batista complains about getting the green mist from Tajiri..
    • Johnny Nitro enters and whispers something in Bischoff's ear (probably that Vince McMahon is there)..
    • Eric Bischoff sets up Batista vs Tajiri, HHH vs Shelton Benjamin & Randy Orton vs Edge!

  5. MATCH: The Hurricane w/Rosey vs Rob Conway w/Sylvain Grenier..
    • Rob Conway easily wins the match..
    • After the match, Rob Conway says that was a preview of what's in store for Eugene next week..

  6. MATCH: Kane vs Steven Richards..
    • Kane squashed Steven Richards and literally ran from the ring to the backstage area..

  7. HIGHLIGHT REEL: Chris Jericho + Matt Hardy + Lita + Christian & Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko..
    • Chris Jericho says he's been called the Highlight of the Night, but tonight's Highlight is the main event!
    • Chris Jericho says that it's been way too long since Chris Jericho was in the title picture..
    • Chris Jericho introduces his guest for the evening -- Matt Hardy!
    • Matt Hardy says he's had his problems, and made his mistakes, and explains that he's only human..
    • Matt Hardy says that he's trying to rectify his mistakes by going 1-on-1 with the 7-foot Kane..
    • Matt Hardy says he really wants to talk about Lita, and calls her out to the ring to talk..
    • Lita comes up on the big screen and says she doesn't love him, and doesn't want anything to do with him..
    • Lita starts to break down and screams that she's in the basement somewhere near the boiler room!!
    • Kane grabs Lita by the hair as she screams and Kane looks demonically into the camera..
    • Matt Hardy leaves the ring and runs backstage to try to find Lita..
    • Christian, Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko came out to the stage to confront Chris Jericho..
    • Christian sends Tyson Tomko into the ring to attack Jericho, then joins in for the double team!
    • Tyson Tomko holds Jericho up while Trish Stratus kicks him between the legs!!!!!!!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy & Lita..
    • Matt Hardy finds Lita and unties her, she tells him that Kane has left the building..

  9. NON TITLE MATCH: Victoria vs Gail Kim w/Molly Holly..
    • Gail Kim made Victoria tap out to a leg lock submission move to score the upset victory!

  10. TRAINING SESSION: William Regal & Tom Prichard & Eugene Dinsmore..
    • Eugene plays around in the training ring as William Regal prepares to put him through a workout..
    • A video package followed with clips of Eugene getting the better of William Regal during training..

  11. ON STAGE: Eric Bischoff & Johnny Nitro..
    • Eric Bischoff books Christian vs Chris Jericho in a steel cage next week!

  12. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels..
    • After an extremely long and grueling match, Triple H interfered and pedigreed Chris Benoit!
    • Triple H then gave Shawn Michaels a pedigree as well, leading to Benoit rolling over for the pin!

  13. And that's a wrap folks...

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