May 31, 2004
Montreal, Quebec - Molson Center
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Carlito Colon defeated Ruffy Silverstein (Hart Dungeon graduate) -dark match-;
    • Rhyno defeated Rory McAllister (Ontario-based indy wrestler) -dark match-;
    • The Hurricane & Rosey defeated Jean Frederic Clement & Eric Mastrocola (Jacques Rougeau Jr's top students)..
    • Maven defeated Steven Richards..
    • Batista defeated Val Venis..

  2. TAG TITLE MATCH: Edge & Chris Benoit vs La Resistance (Rob Conway & Sylvain Grenier)..
    • The Montreal crowd gives La Resistance a rare babyface reception! Cheering "Let's Go Sylvain!"
    • La Resistance attempted to put their finisher on, but Chris Benoit reversed it into the Crippler Crossface!
    • Rob Conway was about to tap out but Sylvain Grenier broke it up causing the audience to erupt with enthusiasm!!!
    • Edge was booed loudly during a series of offensive moves against both members of La Resistance..
    • Edge accidentally speared Chris Benoit later on and La Resistance hit their finisher on Edge for the WIN!!!
    • La Resistance wins the World Tag Team titles in front of their HOME PROVINCE!!!
    • La Resistance took their newly won belts and their Quebec flags and celebrated with the fans!
    • Editor's Note: Jerry Lawler was in rare form, exposing many ignorances of American's towards Canada (hilarious)

  3. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton says he's upset that he has to face Shelton Benjamin, cause he's not in his league..
    • Todd Grisham points out that Shelton Benjamin beat him last week, and shows the video tape clips..
    • Randy Orton gets upset and says that it was a fluke, and that is all Shelton Benjamin is!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & William Regal + Eugene Dinsmore + The Coach..
    • Eric Bischoff says he made the Orton vs Benjamin match to take back control of his show..
    • Eric Bischoff says there won't be a repeat of last week's HHH/HBK antics..
    • Eugene Dinsmore enters the room and climbs all over the furniture..
    • Eric Bischoff thanks William Regal for making Eugene a popular part of the RAW show..
    • The Coach enters and Eric Bischoff orders him to apologize to Eugene for what he did to him..
    • The Coach sarcastically apologizes and Eric Bischoff demands a "sincere" apology given from the ring!

  5. IN THE RING: The Coach + Eugene Dinsmore + Kane..
    • The Coach goes to the ring and is bombarded with chants of "Asshole!" and calls Eugene out to the ring..
    • Eugene Dinsmore comes out next and waves to the crowd on each side of the ring..
    • The Coach says neither of them like eachother but Eugene has proven to everybody that he's the real deal..
    • The Coach says that Eugene is not a joke, but the actual joke was on The Coach..
    • The Coach extends his hand and says from the bottom of his heart, he is truly sorry..
    • Eugene shakes The Coach's hand..
    • The Coach says that Eugene DOES have friends; The Rock, Chris Benoit, and all of the fans are his friends..
    • The Coach says he ran into one of Eugene's friends earlier today, and he's also a fan of Eugene..
    • Kane's pyro hit and Kane walked down to the ring and stares at a scared Eugene..
    • The Coach says that Kane wants to be Eugene's friend..
    • Kane opens his arms and offers to hug Eugene in the middle of the ring..
    • Eugene cautiously walks over to Kane and gives him a pair of hugs..
    • The Coach says that Kane really is Eugene's friend, but HE'S NOT --- So The Coach hits Eugene from behind!
    • Kane looked like he was going to stick up Eugene but ends up knocking Eugene down to the mat!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & The Coach + William Regal..
    • Eric Bischoff & The Coach laugh about setting up Eugene to get embarassed in the ring..
    • William Regal bursts in and threatens to beat up Eric Bischoff for doing that to Eugene..
    • Eric Bischoff threatens to fire William Regal and says if he interferes in Eugene's match tonight he'll be fired!

  7. NON (WOMANS) TITLE MATCH: Victoria vs Jazz..
    • Victoria comes out for the second week in a row with her nerdy entrance music and extra nerdy dance..
    • Victoria rolled up Jazz for the win..

  8. NON (IC) TITLE MATCH: Randy Orton w/Batista vs Shelton Benjamin..
    • Randy Orton removed the turnbuckle pad early on, but both wrestlers butted heads and got knocked silly!
    • Batista got up on the apron and rammed Shelton Benjamin face-first into the exposed turnbuckle..
    • Randy Orton was busted open and bleeding from the forehead as a result of their heads butting.
    • Batista continued to interfere, and finally the referee saw it and ejected Batista from ringside!
    • Randy Orton later tried to walk out on the match, but Shelton Benjamin gave chase, but Orton sucker-punched him!
    • Shelton Benjamin scored the pin with a sudden powerslam for the victory!

  9. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Stacy Keibler (blah blah talks about the Quarter Million Dollar DivaSearch)..

  10. IN THE RING: Triple H..
    • Triple H says he wishes Shawn Michaels was in Montreal tonight so he could finish what he started last week..
    • Triple H says he will finish it once and for all at Bad Blood in the Hell in a Cell..
    • A video package plays featuring Triple H's dominence in past Hell in a Cell matches..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Johnny Nitro..
    • Eric Bischoff orders Johnny Nitro to go get Eugene and bring him to the office..
    • After the Hardy/Cade match:
    • Eric Bischoff asks Eugene if he's okay, then admits that he knew what was going to happen with Kane..
    • Eric Bischoff says he was just using tough love to protect Eugene from the business..
    • Eric Bischoff says if Eugene has the chance to go out there and proove him wrong..
    • Eric Bischoff asks for a hug, which Eugene reluctantly gives..

  12. MATCH: Matt Hardy w/Lita vs Garrison Cade..
    • Matt Hardy wins with help from Lita..

  13. HIGHLIGHT REEL: Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko + Chris Jericho..
    • Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko take over the Highlight Reel this week with Y2J out with injuries..
    • Trish Stratus coughs and says she has a frog in her throat, and they she's surrounded by 10,000 frogs!
    • Trish Stratus shows footage of last week's assult on Y2J when Tyson Tomko powerbombed him through the announce table!
    • Trish Stratus wanted to show the footage again but Jericho's music hit and he came out and surprised Trish!
    • Chris Jericho was about to put Trish in the Walls of Jericho, but Tyson Tomko kicked him in the face!
    • Tyson Tomko gorilla press slamed Jericho stomach-first onto a stool laid on the mat..

  14. MAIN EVENT: Kane vs Eugene Dinsmore..
    • The referee disqualified Kane just as Eugene nailed Kane with a DDT on a steel chair!
    • Kane got to his feet and gave Eugene a chokeslam from hell and then set up for a tombstone on the chair!
    • Chris Benoit hit the ring and struggled to get Kane locked in the Crippler Crossface..
    • Kane fought out of it and escaped the ring and retreated to the back!
    • Chris Benoit helped a dazed Eugene to his feet as the crowd cheered loudly!

  15. And that's a wrap folks...

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