June 28, 2004
Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Coliseum
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • The Hurricane defeated Carly Colon -dark match-..
    • Garrison Cade defeated Maven..
    • Victoria defeated Gail Kim (Stevie Richards, dressed as a woman, stopped Molly from interfering)..
    • Val Venis defeated Barry Heffer..
    • Tajiri defeated Chuck Palumbo..

  2. IN THE RING: Evolution (Triple H/Randy Orton/Batista/Ric Flair) + Eugene Dinsmore + William Regal + Eric Bischoff..
    • Triple H says that he will face the winner of Chris Benoit vs Kane for the World title at Vengeance..
    • Triple H then calls out Eugene to talk to him about what happened last week..
    • Triple H tells Eugene he was just trying to teach Eugene a lesson about what it's like in the WWE..
    • Triple H says if he wanted Eugene hurt, he wouldn't have even made it to RAW this week..
    • Triple H says he would never hurt Eugene, unlike Chris Benoit, who smashed him with a chair last week..
    • Eugene says that Chris Benoit had said he was sorry..
    • Triple H says Chris Benoit is a liar and really wants to hurt Eugene..
    • Triple H says that Chris Benoit is nothing but a.... nothing but a.... nothing but a BIG JERK!
    • Triple H says Eugene doesn't need Chris Benoit because he has Evolution now..
    • Triple H says he's honored to be Eugene's favorite wrestler in the whole wide world..
    • Triple H offers to make Eugene an Honorary member of Evolution..
    • Randy Orton, Batista & Ric Flair act as though they know about it and are not happy about it..
    • William Regal comes down and tries to explain to Eugene that Triple H was just setting him up..
    • Triple H says that William Regal was never Eugene's friend, because Regal was hired by Eric Bischoff..
    • Triple H says that William Regal only managed Eugene so that he could get his job back as an active wrestler..
    • Triple H says that William Regal disgusts him, as Eugene started to cry over hearing this news..
    • Triple H says that Eugene has to make a choice, go with William Regal, or go with Evolution..
    • Eric Bischoff comes out and says he won't let Triple H force Eugene like that..
    • Eric Bischoff sets up a match between Triple H & William Regal with Eugene as the special guest referee!

  3. TAG MATCH: Evolution (Randy Orton & Batista) vs Chris Jericho & Edge..
    • During the match, the fire alarm inadvertantly went off in the arena and was ignored by all..
    • Jerry Lawler made a comment about the fire alarm going off later on when Jim Ross interviews Kane..
    • When the fire alarm finally stopped there was a brief standing ovation from the fans..
    • Batista accidentally nailed Randy Orton with a lariat, followed by Edge spearing Batista!
    • Chris Jericho finished off Batista for the victory!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Ric Flair..
    • Ric Flair says that if Triple H brings Eugene into Evolution it will "kill their gimmick"..
    • Triple H says this is right out of Ric Flair's book, cause he's the dirtiest player in the game..
    • Triple H says that when Eugene has outdone his usefulness then he'll be taken out!

  5. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Stacy Keibler..
    • Lita says she messed up with Kane and that she's a horrible person..
    • Lita said Kane said he wouldn't stop hurting Matt unless she "did it"..
    • Lita says that she's made a big mistake and now she's pregnant!
    • Stacy Keibler asks Lita what she's going to do..
    • Lita says she doesn't know.... and doesn't even know who the father is!

  6. IN RING INTERVIEW: Jim Ross & Kane + Matt Hardy + Eric Bischoff..
    • They played up the fact that last time JR interviewed Kane, he was set on fire by Kane..
    • There was a team of security guards surrounding the ring to "insure Jim Ross' safety"..
    • Jim Ross asks Kane why he did what he did to Shawn Michaels..
    • Kane says he was robbed of the World title at Bad Blood and he was angry and Shawn Michaels got in his way!
    • Jim Ross asks Kane why he has put Lita through such tremendous anguish..
    • Kane says he always craved, but never had, a normal life -- but says there's one thing he CAN have, offspring..
    • Kane says he made an arrangement with Lita, and said he made sure that she would get pregnant..
    • Kane says he was to become World Heavyweight champion, and then eight months later he'd become a father..
    • Jim Ross says that there is a 50/50 chance that the child Lita is carrying belongs to Matt Hardy..
    • Kane aggressively backed Jim Ross into a corner, but Matt Hardy showed up and attacked Kane!
    • Eric Bischoff came out to the stage and ordered the security team to get Matt Hardy out of the ring!
    • The group of security guards dragged Matt Hardy out of the ring, to "protect" the main event..
    • Eric Bischoff says that Chris Benoit can only win tonight by tap out..
    • Eric Bischoff added that Kane can win the title by pinfall, disqualification, submission AND count out!

  7. MATCH: Triple H vs William Regal (Eugene as special guest referee)..
    • Ric Flair distracted Eugene as Triple H tried to use brass knuckles but William Regal ducked it..
    • William Regal knocked Triple H to the mat and picked the brass knuckles up and held them..
    • Eugene turned around and saw William Regal holding the brass knuckles and disqualified him!
    • Triple H knocked William Regal into Eugene, who thought Regal had attacked him..
    • Eugene started taking a fit and jumped on William Regal and punched away at his head!
    • Triple H & Ric Flair pulled Eugene off of William Regal and took him to the back..

  8. IN THE RING: La Resistance + Sgt Slaughter & Rhyno..
    • Rob Conway asks how Americans can celebrate Independance day when they opress people all over the world..
    • Sylvain Grenier does his stirring rendition of the Canadian National Anthem (in French)..
    • Sgt Slaughter & Rhyno interrupted and came to the ring to challenge La Resistance to a match..

  9. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: La Resistance vs Sgt Slaughter & Rhyno..
    • La Resistance hit their finisher (The Orevoir) on Sgt Slaughter and pinned him for the victory..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Eugene Dinsmore..
    • Triple H consoles Eugene and says it's okay to feel angrey..
    • Triple H continues to manipulate Eugene by reminding him of all the guys who have hurt him recently..
    • Triple H says Eugene is with Evolution now and Evolution will always take care of people who hurt their friends..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Ric Flair & Eric Bischoff + The Coach..
    • Ric Flair "thanks" Eric Bischoff for "everything" and leaves the room..
    • The Coach enters and says that he can count on the Coach to act as General Manager next week when Bishcoff is gone..
    • Eric Bischoff explains to The Coach that Eugene will be the interim General Manager of RAW!

  12. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Kane..
    • Chris Benoit MUST win by TAP OUT, whereas Kane can win by pin, submission, disqualification or count out..
    • Late in the match, Chris Benoit struggled to get the Crossface on, but Kane powered out of it!
    • Chris Benoit managed to make Kane tap out with a modified version of the Crippler Crossface to win the match!
    • Kane attacked Chris Benoit after the match and connected with a vicious chokeslam!

  13. IN THE RING: Kane & Lita..
    • Lita's music then hit and she came out to the ring with a smile on her face..
    • Lita picked up the World Heavyweight title belt and presented the it to Kane and raised his arm!
    • Kane turned around to go back after Chris Benoit, but Lita kicked him right between the legs!
    • Kane grabbed Lita by the throat and picked her up for the chokeslam but changed his mind because she's pregnant..
    • Chris Benoit got to his feet and knocked Kane out cold with a belt-shot to the head!

  14. And that's a wrap folks...

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