August 2, 2004
San Antonio, Texas
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Rodney Mack defeated ??? -dark match-..
    • Chuck Palumbo defeated The Hurricane (Hurricane suffered a broken nose during thie match)..
    • Victoria vs Jazz was a NO CONTEST when Stevie Richards (in drag) got involved..
    • Val Venis defeated Biohazard..

  2. IN THE RING: Triple H + William Regal..
    • Triple H interrupted the opening video package and walked to the ring to start the show early..
    • Triple H talking about scratching and clawing during the Iron Man match only to be screwed by Eugene..
    • Triple H then calls out Eugene to pay the price for what he did last week..
    • Instead, William Regal comes out to the stage gloating, and explained that Eugene isn't here this week..
    • William Regal admits that he advised Eugene to get into the building and get revenge on Triple H..
    • William Regal remembers (in WCW, but they didn't say that) when he was Triple H's mentor..
    • William Regal says it was foolish of Triple H to mess with a disadvantaged boy..
    • William Regal challenges Triple H to a match so he can "battle him with every once of venom in his viens!"

  3. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: La Resistance vs Tajiri & Rhyno..
    • Tajiri & Rhyno won it quickly and convincingly and should be in line for a title shot in the future..

    • Randy Orton says he thinks he lost the IC title to EDGE because he's destined to become the youngest World champion!
    • Randy Orton says he will have accomplished more in his career than anybody at the age of 24..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Stacy Keibler + Matt Hardy..
    • Matt Hardy says that he's decided that he wants to be with Lita and the baby more than anything in the world..
    • Matt Hardy nervously says that he wants to get married, in Vegas, here on RAW, whereever..
    • Lita says that there's nothing she wants more and he's made her the happiest........
    • Matt Hardy interupts her with a kiss..

  6. MATCH: Tyson Tomko w/Trish Stratus vs Rosey w/Stacy Keibler..
    • Tyson Tomko won with help from Trish Stratus and her cast..

  7. HIGHLIGHT REEL: Chris Jericho & Edge..
    • Chris Jericho introduces his guest for the evening --- Edge!
    • Chris Jericho announces that Edge will defend his IC title at Summerslam against Y2J himself!
    • Edge confronts Chris Jericho about eliminating him last week in the #1 Contenders battle royal..
    • Edge says that if they teamed up to eliminate Randy Orton, it could have been one of them with a title shot..
    • Chris Jericho says that he saw the chance and eliminated Edge and dumped him on his ass!
    • Edge says that he watched from the back as Randy Orton eliminated Chris Jericho for the win..
    • Edge says that he hasn't seen Chris Jericho dumped that bad since Trish Stratus!
    • Chris Jericho fires back and says that Edge will be made an assclown at Summerslam when he loses the IC title..
    • They have a brief staredown before they start punching eachother, concluding with Edge spearing Y2J!
    • Edge destroyed the Highlight Reel set, and then got a steel chair, but came to his senses and helped Y2J up..
    • Edge helped Chris Jericho to his feet, only to have Jericho knock Edge on his butt!

  8. MATCH: Triple H vs William Regal..
    • The brawl started on the stage, and they fought to the announcers table and made a big mess of it!
    • They finally made it into the ring, and the referee called for the bell to start the match..
    • A few seconds later, the referee caught Triple H with a set of brass knuckles..
    • Triple H punched out William Regal with the brass knuckles, busting Regal open and bloodied!!
    • Triple H left the ring and looked under the ring and pulled out ........ yes...... a sledgehammer!!!
    • William Regal picked up the brass knuckles, but got whacked in the head with the sledgehammer!
    • William Regal collapsed on the mat as blood flowed from his forehead causing a puddle!
    • Triple H continued the assult as William Regal continues to squirt blood..
    • William Regal was fitted with a neck brace and stretchered out, but Triple H came back and tipped it over!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Eric Bischoff..
    • Eric Bischoff says he wants Triple H to do the same thing to Eugene at Summerslam..

  10. WASTED AIRTIME: RAW DivaSearch Contestants get 20 Seconds to say why they deserve your vote..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Lita & Kane..
    • Kane bullies Lita for reuniting with Matt Hardy..
    • Lita says that Matt Hardy has beaten Kane before, and he'll do it again! because he's twice the man Kane is!
    • Kane suggests that Lita puts up her hand in marriage to the winner of Kane vs Matt Hardy at Summerslam!
    • Lita agrees and says she has confidence in Matt Hardy..
    • Kane says it's a pitty Lita can't wear white on their wedding day---- he gets slapped for that!

  12. MATCH: Kane vs Maven..
    • Squash..
    • Kane gets on the mic and says that his match at Summerslam will be a "Til Death Do Us Part" match..

  13. WASTED AIRTIME: RAW DivaSearch Contestants get show off this weeks bikini..

  14. MAIN EVENT: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho & Edge vs Randy Orton & Ric Flair & Batista..
    • Chris Benoit was trying to get Ric Flair into the Sharpshooter as Randy Orton hit an RKO for the win!

  15. And that's a wrap folks...

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