August 9, 2004
Cleveland, Ohio
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Shelton Benjamin defeated Simon Dean (aka Mike Bucci aka Nova) -dark match-..
    • Maven defeated Chuck Palumbo..
    • Rosey defeated Stevie Richards..
    • Rodney Mack w/Jazz defeated Val Venis..

  2. IN THE RING: The Coach & The 8 Remaining DivaSearch Contestants + Randy Orton + Chris Benoit..
    • The Coach was about to eliminate another Diva hopeful, when Randy Orton's music came over the speakers..
    • Randy Orton came out, wearing a suit, and asked if he could "do the honors" and eliminated Chandra..
    • Randy Orton told her to leave the ring quickly, but she still wasted everyones time hugging the other 7..
    • Randy Orton says that she has left the ring a loser, just like Chris Benoit will at Summerslam..
    • Randy Orton says that this is history, because it will be the last time he appears on RAW without a World title..
    • Randy Orton shows footage of him pinning Chris Benoit at the end of the 6-Man tag last week..
    • Chris Benoit came out next and says they should show the footage of Randy Orton tapping out..
    • Randy Orton gets upset and claims Chris Benoit never made him tap out before!
    • Chris Benoit grabbed Randy Orton and locked the Crossface on and Orton started tapping out!

  3. 6-DIVA TAG: Stacy Keibler & Nidia & Victoria vs Molly Holly & Gail Kim & Jazz..
    • Nidia scored an upset pinfall over Molly Holly to pick up the win..
    • Trish Stratus came out without the cast, but still has her wrist taped up..
    • Trish Stratus spoke with all the Divas about something, and they agreed to it, but we don't know what it is..
    • All seven Divas left the ring and walked backstage calmly together..

  4. AT THE HOTEL: William Regal & Eugene Dinsmore..
    • William Regal (bandaged and bruised) is trying to keep Eugene at the hotel so that Evolution doesn't hurt him..
    • Eugene sneaks out though, when William Regal goes to lay down and rest..

  5. BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy & Lita..
    • Matt Hardy finds Lita (who's hair is very RED now, hmm) in a dark room and asks her what is wrong..
    • Lita asks Matt Hardy if he meant it when he said he wanted to marry her no matter who the father was..
    • Lita says that she took a maternity test and found out that Kane was the father of the baby..
    • Matt Hardy sits back and absorbs and then stands up and throws a chair accross the room and leaves..

  6. CONTRACT SIGNING: Jim Ross & Kane & Matt Hardy & Lita..
    • Jim Ross explains that the contract states that whoever wins at Summerslam gets to marry Lita..
    • Lita signs the contract first, then Kane, then Matt (after a long pause to think it over)..
    • Kane says that everyone knows the truth, and that he's more man than Matt Hardy will ever be..
    • Matt Hardy flips the desk over on Kane and whacks him on the head with a metal briefcase!
    • Matt Hardy left the ring, as Kane sat up with a snarl on his face..

  7. USELESS CRAP: Each DivaSearch contestant has 20 seconds to sell you an ice cream cone (lame)..

  8. NON (IC) TITLE MATCH: Edge vs Chris Jericho..
    • After a long back-and-forth brutal match, Chris Jericho scored the pin on the IC champion..
    • After the match, Batista attacked Edge in the ring and Jericho did nothing to help..
    • Chris Jericho left clutching his ribs, while Batista took one more knockout shot at Edge!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Eugene Dinsmore..
    • Eugene arrives at the arena and enters the building in search of.......????

  10. IN THE RING: Eugene Dinsmore + Triple H (on screen)..
    • Eugene goes out to the ring and yells for Triple H, then asks for the microphone and calls HHH out!
    • Eugene says Triple H hurt his friend and demands that he come out to the ring now..
    • Triple H comes up on the big screen, and said that he tried to tell Eugene to get out of the business..
    • Triple H says he sent a messege through William Regal last week but Eugene obviously didn't get the messege..
    • The screen pans out and we see Triple H sitting in William Regal's hotel room..
    • Triple H leans over and shows the camera a beaten, bruised, and bloodied William Regal on the floor..
    • Triple H says Eugene doesn't have to decide because he'll put him out of wrestling at Summerslam..

  11. 2-MINUTE TAG TEAM CHALLENGE: Rhyno & Tajiri vs Brent Albright & Chris Cage (OVW)..
    • If Rhyno & Tajiri win, they receive a Tag Team title shot against La Resistance at SummerSlam..
    • Rhyno had Chris Cage pinned, but La Resistance distracted the referee and time ran out (thus no Title shot)..

  12. USELESS CRAP: The Seven DivaSearch Contestants Dance around begging for your vote..
    • Trish Stratus and the other six RAW divas comes down to the ring and line up with the 7 hopefuls..
    • Trish Stratus says she has set up a 7-Divas vs 7-Diva hopfuls in a game of Dodgeball!

  13. BACKSTAGE: Evolution (Triple H & Ric Flair & Randy Orton)..
    • Triple H says he knows Eugene got the messege and that Chris Benoit is next..

  14. MAIN EVENT: Triple H & Randy Orton w/Ric Flair vs Chris Benoit & Eugene Dinsmore..
    • Editor's Note: I'm sick of seeing Ric Flair come out and do the "I'm not worthy" sign to HHH & Randy Orton..
    • Chris Benoit comes down and Congratulates Triple H because Eugene has left and gone back to the hotel..
    • Chris Benoit says it doesn't matter because he will take them both on alone!
    • Late in the match, Chris Benoit got Randy Orton into the Sharpshooter but released it to go after Ric Flair..
    • Chris Benoit then reversed the RKO into a Crippler Crossface..
    • Ric Flair got in the ring and went after Chris Benoit resulting in a disqualification..
    • Triple H attacked Chris Benoit from behind and nailed a pedigree in the center of the ring..
    • Eugene then showed up out of nowhere and attacked Triple H, then Randy Orton, and stunned Ric Flair!

  15. And that's a wrap folks...

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