August 30, 2004
San Francisco, California - Cow Palace
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Shelton Benjamin defeated Chuck Palumbo -dark match-..
    • Rodney Mack w/Jazz defeated Rosey..
    • Chris Jericho defeated Steven Richards..
    • Maven defeated Jack Bull..

  2. TRIBUTE: Marcin Makulski..
    • Tonight's episode was dedicated to the memory of WWE graphics designer Marcin Makulski..
    • Marcin Makulski (31) died in a parkway crash after he was thrown off his motorcyle on west of Exit 33 in Stamford, CT..

  3. IN THE RING: Evolution (Triple H & Ric Flair & Batista)..
    • Triple H cuts his "these three men in the ring right now are EVOLUTION" promo..
    • Triple H says Randy Orton was his pet project who he was going to mold from nothing into something..
    • Triple H says that after everything he did for Randy Orton, he spit in his face last week..
    • Triple H calls Randy Orton out to face the consequences of his actions..
    • Some WWE crew members bring some props out to the stage, before Randy Orton comes out to NEW music..
    • Randy Orton thanks Triple H for choosing him, but don't think that Triple H didn't get anything out of it..
    • Randy Orton shows an Evolution poster, with Triple H standing out in front of the group..
    • Randy Orton says it was never about Evolution, it was always about Triple H..
    • Randy Orton shows another poster of himself pinning Chris Benoit at Summerslam without any help from Evolution!
    • Randy Orton shows the final poster from last week when he spit a "lugie" in Triple H's face!
    • Randy Orton says if Triple H wants a piece of him, he doesn't want to wait for Unforgiven..
    • Randy Orton says that since Triple H has some buddies with him, then he's going to bring a friend of his own!
    • Randy Orton grabs a sledgehammer and makes his way down to the ring, causing Evolution to bail out..
    • Randy Orton chased Triple H around the ring, swinging the sledgehammer and smashing the ring steps..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Randy Orton..
    • Eric Bischoff says he won't tolorate Randy Orton's antic so he's ordered to leave the building!
    • Eric Bischoff also ordered Randy Orton to give him the sledgehammer, which Orton 'accidentally' dropped on Bisch's foot!

  5. HANDICAP TAG MATCH: La Resistance & The Coach vs Rhyno & Tajiri..
    • The Coach got involved, but was Gored by Rhyno, but the distraction led to La Resistance getting the victory!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Kane..
    • Kane says (through a door) for Lita to only come out when he tells her to..

  7. BACKSTAGE: William Regal & Eugene Dinsmore..
    • Eugene thanks William Regal for taking him on a tour of San Francisco and going to see the Giant play..
    • William Regal tells Eugene to stay in the back, because Triple H is going to attempt to take him out tonight..

  8. MATCH: Batista vs William Regal..
    • Batista distracted the referee while Ric Flair came down and punched William Regal in the ribs!
    • Batista finished William Regal with a clothesline (from hell)..

  9. USELESS CRAP: Stacy Keibler & The Five Remaining DivaSearch Contestants..
    • Stacy Keibler announces this weeks elimination ---------- Maria!
    • Stacy Keibler says this week they are going to play "Dis the Diva" with 20 seconds each..
    • This of course led to some embarassing profanity-laced 'dissing' by all 4, with Carmella feeling the brunt..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Kane & Lita + Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko..
    • Kane is dragging Lita around by the wrist..
    • Trish Stratus shows up and says they look like a real married couple, with Kane already taking out the trash!
    • Kane walks up to Tyson Tomko and stares at him, then says "Haha, that was a good one!"

  11. IN THE RING: Kane & Lita..
    • Kane says of all the pieces of property he owns, Lita is by far the one he likes the most..
    • Kane says Eric Bischoff's wedding gift was to name any match he wants for Unforgiven..
    • Kane says he knows Lita misses Matt Hardy, so he decided to fly in the Hardy Family to the show..
    • A bunch of enhancement talent (presumably from UPW) came down dressed in Hardy outfits..
    • Kane introduces all of the Hardys by name, then says they are going to suffer the same fate as Matt..
    • Kane demolishes all of the fake Hardy Boyz and pins one of them..
    • Lita says that she also has a surprise for Kane, stating that Kane is also HER property..
    • Lita says Eric Bischoff's present was for both of them, so she went ahead and picked an opponent for him..
    • Lita says that Kane's opponent for Unforgiven will be SHAWN MICHAELS!!!
    • Editor's Note: The fake Hardyz were Shannon Ballard, Shawn Riddick, Lil Nate & Skulu (Fat one)..

  12. MATCH: Chris Benoit vs Ric Flair..
    • Chris Benoit had Ric Flair in the Sharpshooter when Batista came in and cause the DQ!
    • Batista hit the Demon-bomb on Chris Benoit..
    • Editor's Note: It really bugs me that WWE never legs Flair finish a match respectably..

  13. HIGHLIGHT REEL: Chris Jericho & Edge + Christian..
    • Chris Jericho says he's challenged Edge for a rematch for the IC championship at Unforgiven..
    • Edge hobbles out on crutches (he suffered an hip injury at a House Show in Salt Lake City on the weekend)..
    • Edge says it's typical of Jericho to build up a rematch while knowing he was injured on the weekend..
    • Edge says he already prooves himself to Chris Jericho at Summerslam..
    • Chris Jericho remembers when fans in Edge's hometown booed him out of the building..
    • Edge says he doesn't care if Jericho wins the popularity contest, because he'll just win all the matches..
    • Chris Jericho says he thinks if he turned around right now, Edge would probably smash a crutch over his back!
    • Edge says that when he's all healed up, Chris Jericho will be the first person he wrestles..
    • Edge extends his hand saying "no more excuses" and Jericho shakes it -- Edge leaves the ring..
    • Christian jumped out of the crowd and attacked Chris Jericho from behind and starred down at Edge!

  14. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Trish Stratus & Gail Kim w/Tyson Tomko vs Victoria & Nidia..
    • The mystery man in drag ran down but tripped on the ramp, and distracted Gail Kim, who got pinned!

  15. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Eric Bischoff (soaking his foot in ice)..
    • Eric Bischoff books Randy Orton vs Kane..

  16. NO DQ MATCH: Triple H vs Eugene Dinsmore..
    • Triple H put Eugene out with the sleeper, and then picked him up and gave him the Pedigree!
    • Triple H looked under the ring and found a sledgehammer (how'd that get there?!?!?!)
    • Randy Orton showed up and pulled the sledgehammer out of HHH's hands and threatened to use it..
    • Triple H and Randy Orton started exchanging punches, then Orton whacked HHH in the ribs with the sledgehammer!
    • Randy Orton then dropped the sledgehammer and nailed HHH with an RKO!
    • Evolution (Ric Flair & Batista) ran down but kept their distance from Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton pulled Eugene's unconscious body on top of Triple H's for the 1-2-3 victory!!!

  17. And that's a wrap folks...

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