December 13, 2004
Huntsville, Alabama
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • "Masterpiece" Chris Masters defeated Sinn -dark match-..
    • Trish Stratus defeated Victoria..
    • Val Venis defeated Chad Collyer.
    • The Hurricane defeated Simon Dean by Disqualification..
    • La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway) defeated Rhyno & Tajiri..

  2. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff + (Triple H and Chris Benoit and Edge)..
    • Eric Bischoff says he came back from vacation to find new Tag champs, new Womans champ, and a vacant World title..
    • Eric Bischoff says that usually in sports when there is a tie, the decision goes to the original champion..
    • Triple H, Chris Benoit and Edge are shown standing side-by-side-by-side backstage listening to Bischoff..
    • Triple H says that to be the man, you gotta beat the man, and nobody pinned his shoulders for the title!
    • Chris Benoit says that the only thing Triple H has proven, is that he can hit people with steel chairs!
    • Edge cut in and said he waited all year for an opportunity and most deserves to be World Heavyweight champion..
    • The three men suddenly started brawling around backstage and made a big mess out of catering..
    • Eric Bischoff sets up Triple H & Batista vs Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit and Edge vs Randy Orton NEXT!

  3. MATCH: Randy Orton vs Edge..
    • Randy Orton wins..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Ric Flair + Batista..
    • Ric Flair says Triple H should be named World Champion because he's a movie star and best selling author..
    • Triple H says if Bischoff doesn't understand, then he'll make him understand (threatens him)..
    • Batista enters and tries to be the voice of reason saying don't TELL Bischoff, SHOW him!

  5. OBLIGATORY T&A: Christy Hemme & Candice Michelle & Melina Perez + Gene Snitsky + Lita..
    • Christy, Candice & Melina spend a few minutes in the ring pumping up the crowd with the T-shirt gun..
    • Gene Snitsky comes out and tells the Divas not to be scarred, because he's going to have some fun tonight!
    • Gene Snitsky gets them to play the music again then grabs Christy by the throat and threatens her!
    • Lita's music hits and Lita comes out to the stage with her newly won Women's title belt on her shoulder..
    • Lita says that Gene Snitsky must feel like a big man after picking on the Women of RAW..
    • Lita says that since Gene Snitsky wants a fight, then her husband KANE is coming back to get revenge!!!!!!
    • Gene Snitsky chased Lita up the ramp, but was cut off by a wall of fire rising from the stage!

  6. BACKSTAGE: Christian & Tyson Tomko..
    • Christian complains about Jericho costing him the IC title by making him wear the Captain Charisma costume..
    • Christian bumps into Eugene who runs around celebrating about getting to meet the REAL Captain Charisma..
    • Mick Foley makes a surprise appearance saying that he has a special announcement to make tonight!
    • Eugene says his Top 5 Favorite Wrestlers are The Rock, Mick Foley, Papa Shango and Beautiful Bobby Eaton!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Simon Dean + Chris Benoit..
    • Simon Dean signs a contract with Eric Bischoff to become an active wrestler and promote his Simon System..
    • Chris Benoit makes his case for being named the World Heavyweight champion (dejavu anybody?)..

  8. TAG MATCH: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs Evolution (Triple H & Batista w/Ric Flair)..
    • Batista pinned Chris Benoit after a vicious modified spinebuster!

  9. IN THE RING: Mick Foley + Muhammad Hassan and Kosrow Daivari..
    • Mick Foley comes out and plugs his book "Tales from Wrascle Lane" as a great Christmas Present..
    • Mick Foley says even though he's a RAW guy, he will be joining the Smackdown! crew during their tour of Iraq!
    • Mick Foley talks about being invited to the Pentagon, and not supporting the war, but supporting the troops..
    • Suddenly, Muhammad Hassan and Kosrow Daivari made their poorly timed debuts on RAW..
    • Muhammad Hassan says he's had enough of the lies, and now everybody is going to LISTEN to him!
    • Muhammad Hassan says he used to support the troops, and used to support the USA -- up until 9/11!
    • Huhammad Hassan says he would never support a country that supports the unfair treatment of Arab Americans..
    • Mick Foley says he let him say his word, but he doesn't appreciate being interrupted after an 8 months absence..
    • Muhammad Hassan says something controversial which I didn't quite pick up..
    • Mick Foley yelled aggressively towards Hassan & Daivari in support of America and the sacrificing troops..
    • Mick Foley says Hassan has the right to say those things, but also has the right to have his ass kicked!
    • Muhammad Hassan says he will not fight a man who he doesn't respect -- and walks away from the ring..

  10. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Trish Stratus..
    • Trish Stratus bitches about losing the Women's championship to Lita last week..
    • Trish Stratus says that Lita had to almost kill herself just to beat her for the title..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Candice Michelle + Chris Benoit..
    • Eric Bischoff gets to know Candice Michelle a little more (borderline flirting)..
    • Edge makes his case for being named the World Heavyweight champion (dejavu anybody?)..
    • Eric Bischoff says he'll make his announcement later, and give Edge 'something he's never had before'..

  12. 6-MAN TAG: Maven & Christian & Tyson Tomko vs William Regal & Eugene & Shelton Benjamin..
    • Less than a minute into the match, Eugene pulled Mr. Socko out, but got clotheslines by Tyson Tonko..
    • Maven somehow managed to pin Shelton Benjamin (IC Champ) so I guess he's in line for the IC title..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Triple H..
    • Triple H quietly begs Eric Bischoff to make the right decision, looking like he's going to cry..
    • Editor's Note: Hollywood........ look out!

  14. IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff + Edge + Chris Benoit + Triple H (w/Ric Flair & Batista)..
    • Triple H comes down with Evolution and explains that they are one in the same..
    • After a long speech, Eric Bischoff announces that there will be a PPV on January 7 called News Years Revolution..
    • Eric Bischoff announces that there will be an Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight title!
    • Eric Bischoff says it will feature Chris Benoit, Edge, Triple H.... Chris Jericho..... Batista!.... and Randy Orton!!
    • Ric Flair argued with Eric Bischoff up the ramp and backstage..
    • Triple H, Batista, Chris Benoit & Edge began to brawl.. HHH slipped out, only to be attacked by Randy Orton!

  15. And that's a wrap folks..

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