April 4, 2005
Los Angeles, California
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Viscera defeated Ricky Reyes & Lil' Nate -dark match-..
    • Val Venis defeated Tyson Tomko..
    • William Regal & Tajiri vs The Hurricane & Rosey vs La Resistance ended in a NO CONTEST..
    • ~~~The Hurricane eliminated La Resistance, but the match was ruled a no contest when La Resistance interfered..
    • Chris Masters defeated Sean Evans..

  2. IN THE RING: Triple H..
    • Triple H opens the show, coming out without a championship belt, looking extremely disgruntled..
    • Triple H says he may have lost the World title but this is NOT the beginning of the Batista era..
    • Triple H says that Batista was "good" for one night, whereas he (HHH) is "great" every night!
    • Triple H says that the World title will eventually gravitate back to him because he OWNS it..
    • Triple H says when he gets his World title belt back he'll shove it down everyone's throats!

  3. IC TITLE 3-WAY: Shelton Benjamin vs Christian vs Chris Jericho..
    • Chris Jericho had Christian in the Walls of Jericho when Shelton Benjamin hit Jericho with a Flying Bulldog!
    • Shelton Benjamin pinned Chris Jericho to retain the Intercontinental championship!

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Edge..
    • Edge brags about winning the "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match and signs the contract..
    • Eric Bischoff assumes Edge will cash in his title shot tonight, but Edge says he will decide when!
    • Eric Bischoff says since it won't be tonight, then Edge will face Chris Benoit tonight!

  5. IN THE RING: Randy Orton + Eric Bischoff..
    • A very humbled Randy Orton walked to the ring just 24 hours after becoming Undertaker's 13th WM victim..
    • Randy Orton admits that it wasn't supposed to happen this way -- he came 'this close' to beating the Undertaker..
    • Randy Orton said something happened to his shoulder during his match, and that is why he did not score the win!
    • Randy Orton then talks about Batista winning the World title and that he has no respect for Batista!
    • Randy Orton says he is the future of the WWE -- not Batista -- using a series of Evolution references..
    • Randy Orton says he wants to clear the air with Batista right here tonight!
    • Eric Bischoff comes out says Triple H and Edge are in line for title shots before Randy Orton..
    • Randy Orton demands to have Batista in the ring tonight, so Bischoff books a NON title match vs Batista..

  6. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus vs Christy Hemme w/Lita..
    • Trish Stratus came out and knocked Christy Hemme out with one chick kick to the head before the bell!
    • Lita got in Trish Stratus' face and exchanged slaps and started to fight with Trish assaulting Lita's knee!!

  7. WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT: They replayed the segment with Eugene Dinsmore & Muhammad Hassan & Hulk Hogan!!!

  8. IN THE RING: Shawn Michaels + Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari..
    • Shawn Michaels comes out and thanks the fans, saying he's loved performing for the last 20 years..
    • Shawn Michaels says things didn't work out as planned last night but wants to ask for a tiny weeny favour..
    • Shawn Michaels asks the fans if they would like to see he and Kurt Angle in a rematch?!
    • Shawn Michaels says that if he gets the opportunity, it will not turn out the same way..
    • Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari interrupted and came down to the ring like a couple of pests..
    • Muhammad Hassan says the World witness the return of the Immortal Hulk Hogan..
    • Muhammad Hassan says that Shawn Michaels 'stole the show' again but tapped out disgracefully..
    • Muhammad Hassay says Shawn Michaels prooved to him last night that he's a LOSER!
    • Shawn Michaels attacked Muhammad Hassan briefly until Khosrow Daivari chop-blocked Michaels' knee..
    • Muhammad Hassan then put Shawn Michaels in the Camel Clutch while Daivari kicked Michaels in the face!
    • Shawn Michaels was left unconscious in the middle of the ring..

  9. MATCH: Chris Benoit (still selling his arm injury) vs Edge..
    • Chris Benoit managed to score the victory after a very long and grueling match..
    • Edge showed his frustration after the match and attacked Chris Benoit's arm with a steel chair!

  10. IN THE RING: Simon Dean & Maven + Stone Cold Steve Austin..
    • Simon Dean says that Maven is the perfect speciman because he is a product of the Simon System..
    • Maven says he thought Los Angeles was full of beautiful people, but all he sees is beer drinking slobs..
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin made a surprise appearance to interrupt the Simon System Infomercial!
    • Stone Cold says if there's one thing he can't stand it's a sorry s.o.b. selling garbage in his ring..
    • Stone Cold asks if Simon Dean and Maven have some kind of problem with people who drink beer!??!
    • Stone Cold agrees to try one of Simon Dean's protein shakes if Simon Dean tries one of his beers..
    • Simon Dean breaks one open and takes a sip but spits it out on the floor then does some push ups..
    • Stone Cold then takes a protein shake and takes a drink but spits it out and says this deal is a rip off!
    • Maven suggests that the protein shake is a man's drink, and perhaps Stone Cold can't handle it..
    • Maven whacks Simon Dean on the back, causing him to spit the big glass of protein shake all over Austin!
    • Stone Cold went on the attack and beat the living hell out of Simon Dean at ringside!
    • Stone Cold threw Simon Dean back in the ring and kicked him in the gut and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner!
    • Stone Cold then kicked Maven in the gut and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner of his own!

  11. BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton & Kane..
    • Kane laughs at Randy Orton and says "I told you so" -- saying you can't beat what you don't understand..
    • Randy Orton says "I do understand... and you'll see that when I'm done with Batista"..

  12. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Batista vs Randy Orton..
    • Batista won clean after a Batista-bomb to retain the World Heavyweight title..
    • Triple H's music hit and he made his presense known by coming out to the stage to applaud Batista..

  13. And that's a wrap folks..

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