August 8, 2005
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler & The Coach

    • The Damaja (Danny Basham) defeated Chris Cage in a dark match..
    • Val Venis defeated Johnny Parisi (Johnny Swinger)..
    • Tyson Tomko defeated J.P. Parsenage by knockout..
    • Kerwin White cut a promo declaring himself the new "Great White Hope"..
    • Rene Dupree defeated Matt Striker..

  2. EUGENE INVITATIONAL: Eugene Dinsmore w/Christy Hemme vs Kurt Angle..
    • Eugene came out and danced around with Christy Hemme and took off his jacket revealing a Hulkamania T-shirt..
    • Kurt Angle, who is a legitimate "hometown hero" this week, immediately interrupted and walked down to the ring..
    • Kurt Angle argued with Eugene as the fans chanted "Eugene suck!" and they ignored it and continued as planned..
    • Kurt Angle said he was "going to break your damn ankle!" and Eugene called him on saying a bad word!
    • Kurt Angle attacked Eugene and the 3:00 Eugene challenge began..... until Kurt Angle got himself DQ'd..
    • Kurt Angle got pissed off and continued to attack Eugene until Hulk Hogan walked down to make the save!
    • Kurt Angle went after Hulk Hogan, but Hogan got the upper hand and disposed of Kurt Angle..
    • Hulk Hogan then helped the star-struck Eugene up and celebrated and posed with him..

  3. MATCH: "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters defeated Shelton Benjamin by Masterlock Submission..

  4. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Kurt Angle..
    • Dispite losing to Eugene, Kurt Angle was all smiles after coming out of Eric Bischoff's office..
    • Kurt Angle says Eric Bischoff has signed a no time limit Eugene Invitational for Summerslam..

  5. INTERVIEW: Maria Kanellis & Rob "The Conman" Conway + Viscera..
    • Rob Conway says he is 98% fat free and the whole world wants to be just like him..
    • Viscera comes in and says Rob Conway does look good but he'll look better face down in the ring..

  6. PROMO: Edge & Lita..
    • They showed the accumulating footage of Matt Hardy showing up week-after-week to attack Edge..
    • Edge says that Vince McMahon's decision to rehire Matt Hardy was genius because it will make money..
    • Edge says he says he'd glad Hardy is back because now he can assault Matt Hardy and it will all be legal..
    • Edge says he is going to send the security away and invites Hardy to come in so they can go at it tonight!
    • Edge says Matt Hardy was with Lita for 6 years but he never proposed so Matt should thank him for helping..
    • Edge says he earned his main event stripes but Hardy made it because his girlfriend fell in love with a main eventer..

  7. MATCH: Rob "The Conman" Conway vs Viscera..
    • Rob Conway kicked Viscera's knee, and his knee gave out later on and Conway scored the pin!

  8. MIXED TAG MATCH: The SuperHeros (Hurricane & Rosey & Super Stacy) vs The Heart Throbs (Antonio & Romeo & Victoria)..
    • During the match, Victoria picked up Stacy and viciously rammed her against the guard rail on the floor..
    • In the ring, The Heart Throbs won the match and left Victoria at ringside..

  9. HIGHLIGHT REEL: Chris Jericho & Eric Bischoff + Chad Patton..
    • Chris Jericho introduces the "greatest general manager ever" and his "personal friend" ... Eric Bischoff!
    • Eric Bischoff says after Summerslam, the only thing John Cena will have left, is his music career..
    • Chris Jericho showed a music video that he made featuring all of the abuse that he's inflicted on John Cena..
    • Eric Bischoff calls down referee Chad Patton, who ruined their plans last week during the Cena vs Carlito match..
    • Eric Bischoff showed footage of Chad Patton coming down and counting Carlito's shoulders down 1-2-3..
    • Eric Bischoff slapped Chad Patton twice and demands an apology -- Chad Patton says he's sorry..
    • Eric Bischoff punishes Chad Patton in a match after the commercial!

  10. MATCH: Chris Jericho vs Chad Patton..
    • Eric Bischoff refereed the match in a suit, and Carlito Cool came down midway through the match..
    • Chris Jericho tossed Chad Patton out of the ring and Carlito jumped on him and punched him repeatedly..
    • Chad Patton was tapping out to the Walls of Jericho but Eric Bischoff refused to call for the bell..
    • John Cena ran down and gave Carlito the FU and chased Chris Jericho and Eric Bischoff away..

  11. DIVASEARCH: The Coach & The Final Four (Ashley, Kristal, Leyla and Elisabeth)..
    • The Coach says next week they will crown a winner of the DivaSearch 2005 competition..
    • The Coach then announced that Kristal had been voted out and eliminated from the competition!
    • The Coach says each had the chance to do something shocking under pressure to impress the voters..
    • Ashley gave away her phone number, got a pie in the face and nearly said the F-word to Coach..
    • Leyla held a big yellow sign over her body and got a pie in the face, but recovered and slapped Coach!
    • Elisabeth talked smack about the others and got a pie in the face and stumbled over the rest of her promo..

  12. MATCH: Matt Hardy vs Gene Snitsky..
    • Jerry Lawler says if you don't believe Matt Hardy's heart was broken you can go to his website and read about it!
    • Matt Hardy won, but Edge ran down and viciously attacked Hardy until he was pulled off of him by referees..
    • Matt Hardy was helped backstage, where he ran after Edge and brawled and yelled "You're dead, you bastard!"..
    • Editor's Notes: Security guards this week included Indy stars Chris Hamrick, Scotty Sabre and Glenn Spectre..

  13. FEATURE: The played John Cena's new MUSIC VIDEO for the song called "Right Now"..

  14. IN THE RING: Jerry Lawler + Shawn Michaels + Hulk Hogan..
    • Shawn Michaels thanks Hulk Hogan taking time off from his tour to grace us with his presense on RAW..
    • Shawn Michaels says there is nothing about Hulk Hogan, or his life, that he desires..
    • Jerry Lawler asked Hulk Hogan a question next, but Shawn Michaels cut him off and wouldn't let him talk..
    • Shawn Michaels says he is the most "real" thing on TV and will kick Hogan's teeth in at Summerslam..
    • Hulk Hogan said if he wanted to cast stones, all he'd have to do is call up Bret Hart..
    • Hulk Hogan talked smack to Shawn Michaels and then asked "Whatcha gonna do.......... yada yada"..
    • Shawn Michaels then superkicked Jerry Lawler and attacked Hulk Hogan and they fought back and forth..
    • Hulk Hogan tossed Shawn Michaels out of the ring and taunted him and posed for the fans........

  15. BONUS MATCH: Hulk Hogan & John Cena & Batista defeated John Layfield & Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle..
  16. And that's a wrap folks..

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