November 14, 2005
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Announcers: Joey Styles & Jerry Lawler & The Coach

  1. DARK MATCH: Mr. Ken Kennedy defeated Val Venis in a dark match..
  2. KICKOFF: Eddie Guerrero Tribute..
    • The show began with all the WWE wrestlers and employees standing on the stage while Vince McMahon spoke..
    • They played a music video in honor of Eddie Guerrero to the Johnny Cash song "Hurt" by Johnny Cash..
    • There was also a lowrider placed to the right of the stage suspended in the air..
  3. INTIMATE MEMORIES: John Cena spoke about Eddie Guerrero and said he taught him to find he heart..

  4. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENT: Eddie Guerrero sprays The Big Show with Raw Sewage on Smackdown!..

  5. TAG MATCH: The Big Show & Kane defeated MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/Melina Perez)..
    • This was a unique non title match between RAW Tag Team Champions and Smackdown! Tag Team Champions..
    • The Big Show kissed Melina Perez and she fell off the ring apron cringing with disgust..
    • The Big Show & Kane won after a double choke slam from hell on Johnny Nitro..

  6. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Lilian Garcia spoke about bonding with Eddie Guerrero through their Latino background..

  7. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENT: Eddie Guerrero puts Kurt Angle's private posessions up for auction..

  8. MATCH: Kurt Angle (visibly shaken) defeated Shelton Benjamin..
    • Kurt Angle walked down with visible watery eyes and pointed towards heaven to acknowledge his former foe..
    • After a great wrestling match, Kurt Angle won by making Shelton Benjamin tap out to the anklelock..
    • Kurt Angle took off his black armband, with E.G. on it, and held it up in the air..

  9. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Shawn Michaels talked about sharing many conversations about their common faith..

  10. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: Eddie Guerrero living by his "Lie, Cheat & Steal" philosophy..

  11. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Chavo Guerrero talked about being Eddie's nephew but growing up as brothers..
    • Chavo Guerrero also spoke about having their first matches as kids during intermission at his fathers shows..
    • Chavo Guerrero said it was their dream to become tag team champions and they realized that dream in WWE..
    • Chavo Guerrero thanked his "brother" for helping him in every aspect of his life and will miss him..

  12. MATCH: Rey Mysterio defeated Shawn Michaels..
    • Both men were wearing Eddie Guerrero "I'm Your Papi!" t-Shirts and shook hands before the match..
    • Rey Mysterio scored the pinfall over Shawn Michaels and became emotional paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero..
    • Rey Mysterio helped Shawn Michaels up to his feet and gave him an emotional hug in the ring..

  13. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Batista talked about getting the call and cried over becoming close to him lately..
    • Batista said he had a lot of weight on his shoulders and Eddie Guerrero helped him through personal problems..
    • Batista said Eddie was easy to work with because he was so funny, and you'd never know he was in pain..

  14. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENT: They replayed the "Hurt" music video from the beginning of the show..

  15. DIVAS BATTLE ROYAL: Melina Perez defeated all the other divas..
    • Participants: Ashley Massaro, Maria Kanellis, Victoria, Mickie James, Candice Michelle..
    • Participants: Christy Hemme, Melina Perez, Jillian Hall, Trish Stratus (Women's champion)..
    • The divas from both RAW & SD! were all wearing "I'm Your Papi" t-Shirts and tossed them to the crowd..
    • Melina Perez (Latina Heat....) won the match, last eliminating Women's champion Trish Stratus!

  16. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Rey Mysterio spoke about Eddie Guerrero leaving a lot of memories in his heart..
    • Rey Mysterio talked about his family and their Guerrero Family boding really good..
    • Rey Mysterio said he misses Eddie and wishes it was a dream that he could wake up and hang with Eddie..
    • Rey Mysterio said Eddie Guerrero was a great inspiration to everybody and everyone will miss him..
    • Rey Mysterio hung his head, and pulled off his mask and began to cry..

  17. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit as Double Champions at Wrestlemania XX..

  18. MATCH: Eugene defeated Simon Dean and stole Simon's "Dean Machine"..

  19. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Chris Benoit talked about the lessons he learned from Eddie Guerrero..
    • Chris Benoit said Eddie Guerrero was his best friend, and a lot people probably say that..
    • Chris Benoit talked about knowing Eddie Guerrero for 15 years and gone up and down the road together..
    • Chris Benoit said that Eddie led by example, who was the one friend he could pour his heart out to..
    • Chris Benoit said that Eddie conquered his problems and used that as an example to help others..
    • Chris Benoit broke down and cried and thanked Eddie for making an impression on his life..

  20. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: Eddie Guerrero defeats Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship..

  21. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Triple H talked about remembering Eddie as one of the best professionals he's known..

  22. MATCH: Ric Flair defeated William Regal..
    • This was a battle of "Dirtiest Players in the Game" with lots of cheating ..
    • Ric Flair won by Submission, making William Regal tap out to the figure four leglock..

  23. INTIMATE MEMORIES: Stephanie McMahon talked about meeting Eddie Guerrero for the first time..

  24. CLASSIC EDDIE MOMENTS: Eddie Guerrero and his Mamacita (Chyna)..

  25. MATCH: John Cena defeated Randy Orton by DQ when Cowboy Bob Orton interfered..
    • John Cena fought back and ditched Cowboy Bob before hitting Randy Orton with the FU!
    • John Cena took off his "I'm Your Papi!" t-Shirt and laid it in the middle of the ring with the WWE belt and left...

  26. And that's a wrap folks..

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