April 24, 2006
London, England
Announcers: Joey Styles & Jerry Lawler & The Coach

    • The Big Show defeated The UK Kid & Charlie Rage in a Handicap dark match;
    • Lance Cade defeated Eugene..
    • Goldust & Gene Snitsky defeated Eric Swartz & Andrew Simmons..
    • Kane defeated Trevor Murdoch..

  2. IN THE RING: Edge w/Lita + Triple H + John Cena + The Spirit Squad..
    • Edge w/Lita came out and showed footage of himself pinning Triple H (last week) and John Cena (at New Year's Revolution)..
    • Edge said it doens't matter if you're British, American, or like him (a superior Canadian) you can see he will be WWE Champion!
    • Triple H came out (My goodness, I love his new entrance music!)--and said Edge was a Champion ---- for three weeks....
    • Triple H said that means Edge can "go", but it just means he can "go" very long, but a lot of guys have that problem..
    • Triple H made some entertaining jokes saying as frustrating it is for Edge it must be even more frustrating for Lita..
    • Triple H suggested that Edge could land an endorsement deal for the purple pill and be the "Premature Superstar"..
    • Triple H said until Edge can do it ten times in a row (big pop from the fans) you aren't even in his (HHH's) league..
    • Edge said he could do it ten times in a row but he doesn't have to cause it only took him 3 seconds to pin Triple H..
    • Triple H claimed he went to the ring last week to send John Cena a messege and at Backlash he will become WWE Champion..
    • Edge asked why Triple H is even in the 3-WAY, saying he lost at Mania and suggested HHH just "dailed up the Old Man"..
    • Edge said Triple H got on his knees and begged Vince McMahon to put him into the WWE Championship match at Backlash..
    • Triple H said there was only one person in the ring who gets on their knees, and Lita isn't even in the title Match..
    • Triple H said he would bash Vince McMahon with a sledgehammer, or even his own grandmother, to get back the WWE title..
    • John Cena came out and Edge pushed Triple H into him and Edge bolted while Cena briefly brawled with Triple H in the ring..
    • The Spirit Squad came out and cheered that Vince McMahon set up a 5-on-3 Handicap match tonight in the main event!!!!!!!

  3. 6-MAN TAG: Rob Van Dam & Carlito Cool & Charlie Haas defeated Shelton Benjamin & Chris Masters & Matt Striker..

  4. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Vince McMahon + Shane McMahon..
    • Vince McMahon said there were no "acts of God" last week and claimed it was some accidental pyrotechnics that went off..
    • Vince McMahon said Shawn Michaels better hope for an act of God at Backlash or he and his tag partner will go down in defeat..
    • Vince McMahon said he had it on good authority that God is not there tonight and said Shane McMahon will punish HBK tonight..
    • Shane McMahon came in and said "I swear to God," looks at Vince. "Shawn Michaels will not walk out of here on his own power"

  5. BACKSTAGE: Kane + The Big Show..
    • The Big Show tried to be a friend and talk to Kane about what has been going on with him lately..
    • Kane told him not to say "that date", even though he didn't, so Big Show went ahead and said "May 19"..
    • Kane snapped and attacked The Big Show and ripped at his eye causing blood to pour out onto Show's face..

  6. BIKINI CONTEST: The Coach + Candice Michelle + Torrie Wilson + Maria Kanellis + Victoria..
    • Each diva stripped off their robe and showed off their assets as the British fans cheered with absolute delight..
    • The crowd clearly voted Torrie Wilson and Maria Kanellis, but The Coach picked Candice Michelle to win anyway..
    • The Coach then said that the prize for winning was that Candice got to make out with The Coach live on RAW..
    • Big Viscera came out and gave The Coach a samoan drop and then splashed him and then humped him with Visagra..
    • Big Viscera then celebrated with Candice Michelle, who let Vis give her a sloppy kiss (hope ya got paid C.M.!)

  7. GRUDGE MATCH: Shawn Michaels vs Shane McMahon w/Vince McMahon ended in a No Contest..
    • Vince McMahon came out before the match and Jerry Lawler had to say "Vince McMahon works in mysterious ways"..
    • Vince McMahon introduced his "only begotten son" and the "product of my omnipotent semen" -- Shane McMahon!
    • The McMahons together laid out Shawn Michaels on the announce table and Shane McMahon climbed up to the top rope..
    • Shane McMahon did his famous leap off the top rope crashing Shawn Michaels through the table with a flying elbow!
    • Vince McmAhon grabbed the microphone and tolded Shawn Michaels "This Sunday you and God will go straight to Hell!"
    • Vince McMahon helped his son up to his feet and with a firm slotlight on them Vince celebrated in all his glory..

  8. BACKSTAGE: Edge & John Cena..
    • Edge said it will be 5-on-3 tonight and if one of them tries to be a hero none of them will make it to Backlash..
    • John Cena said that Edge is a snake and if he tries anything tonight he'll "go down quicker than your girlfriend"..

  9. SQUASH MATCH: Umaga w/Armando Alajandro Estrada defeated Steve Lewington..
    • After the match, Ric Flair showed up unexpectedly and attacked Umaga and dumped him out of the ring..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Triple H & Lita..
    • Lita told Triple H that Edge talked to John Cena and they all agree that they should be on the same page tonight..
    • Triple H sarcastically asked Lita for her advice, saying she has a lot of advice taking on five guys at once..

  11. IN THE RING: Mickie James + Trish Stratus (as Mickie James)..
    • Mickie James came out looking like herself again and admits that she did get a little bit carried away with Trish..
    • Mickie James said it's okay because she DID become to the Women's champion at WrestleMania from her former idol..
    • Mickie James she may have dyed her hair like Trish's but after last week she knows who she is, that's Mickie James!
    • Mickie James said she doesn't have to be like Trish Stratus because she is, in fact, BETTER than Trish Stratus..
    • Trish Stratus came out to Mickie James' music, dressed as Mickie James, acting like Mickie James, being all bouncy..
    • Mickie James demanded that Trish stop what she's doing and Trish only moched her on the microphone..
    • Mickie James and trish Stratus started fighting until Trish chick-kicked Mickie out of the ring!

  12. HANDICAP MATCH: Triple H & John Cena & Edge w/Lita vs The Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny & Johnny & Nicky & Mitchell)..
    • Triple H and John Cena both hit their finishers at the same time, while Edge & Lita started to leave..
    • Triple H and John Cena looked at eachother and started to fight as Edge & Lita laughed from the stage..
    • Match was ruled a No Contest........

  13. And that's a wrap folks..

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