July 10, 2006
Sioux City, Iowa
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Harry "Bulldog" Smith defeated Wavell Star in a dark match..
    • Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada defeated Wyatt Lara..
    • Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated James Commodity & Scott Commodity..
    • Kenny Doane defeated Gene Snitsky..

  2. RINGSIDE: Edge & Lita came down and sat down at their very own "Rated R Announce Table" joining JR & The King..

  3. MATCH: John Cena defeated Shelton Benjamin by STF-U Submission..
    • After the match, John Cena jumped out of the ring and attacked Edge from his Announce position..
    • John Cena tossed Edge into the ring, but Lita grabbed John Cena's leg so Edge could get the upper hand on Cena..
    • Edge followed up by nailing John Cena with an Impaler DDT and then a Spear before leaving with his girl Lita..
    • Edge said he and Lita would rather be anywhere but there tonight so they were going back to the hotel now..

  4. BACKSTAGE: Eugene Dinsmore & Gene Snitsky & Torrie Wilson + Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon..
    • After a video package about DX's pranks last week... Eugene and Gene Snitsky were shown laughing..
    • Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon walked up from behind and scolded Eugene for laughing at them..
    • The McMahons booked a handicap match with themselves taking on Eugene in the main event..

  5. DIVAS MATCH: Melina Perez w/Johnny Nitro defeated Trish Stratus..
    • Editor's Note: I'm giving a standing ovation to whoever designed Malina Perez's new ring attire -- bravo!
    • Johnny Nitro interfered throughout the match and helped Melina win -- Carlito helped Trish after the match!
    • Carlito Cool & Trish Stratus hit double Thesz-presses and double Drop-kicks on Nitro & Melina afterwards..

  6. AT THE HOTEL: Edge & Lita..
    • Edge & Lita arrived at the hotel and tried to get their suite but it was taking a while so they made fun of the clerk..
    • The clerk said the room wasn't ready and suggested they wait in the bar, so Edge sent Lita to the bar to check it out..
    • Edge scolded the clerk for embarassing him and demanded that he hurry up and get his keys so he can get his room..

  7. BACKSTAGE: The Diva Search Finalists were posing for group shots backstage (Get used to it ladies!)..

  8. TAG MATCH: The Highlanders (Robbie & Rory McAllistair) defeated Rob Conway & Matt Striker..
    • The Highlanders said they discovered the corn of Iowa, and you'll never guess what you can do with corn......

  9. INTERVIEW: Maria Kanellis & Ric Flair..
    • Ric Flair said there was a time for business and looking at you he knows there is a time for pleasure..
    • Maria Kanellis asked Ric Flair about Vengeance and Flair said he was going to the ring to speak his mind..

  10. IN THE RING: Ric Flair + Mick Foley (on screen) + Paul Heyman..
    • Ric Flair said he kicked Mick Foley's ass in two straight falls during their "wrestling" match at Vengeance..
    • Ric Flair said that Mick Foley only prooved what he wrote about him in his book being a "glorified stuntman"..
    • Mick Foley came on screen and claimed that Flair had a ghost writer for his book when Foley wrote several books..
    • Mick Foley remembered back in WCW when Ric Flair was in charge of his career and Foley lost his ear in a match..
    • Mick Foley said someone took the ear backstage to Flair while Mick Foley was still in the ring still wrestling..
    • Mick Foley said Ric Flair had the nerve to say he wrestled every bad-ass there is - but Foley wasn't one of them..
    • Mick Foley said continued to run down Ric Flair and then listed all of his own personal accomplishments..
    • Mick Foley said Ric Flair would get no rematch and Flair was out of his life for good you "piece of crap!"
    • Ric Flair said Mick Foley had eaten peanut butter sandwiches all his life and challenged him to a Hardcore match..
    • Instead, ECW's Paul Heyman showed up and said Ric Flair keeps making the same mistake over and over and over..
    • Paul Heyman mentioned the NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show and then showed video footage..
    • The Big Show then came out wearing a suit and holding the ECW belt (can this segment get any more random?)..
    • The Big Show claimed to be the greatest World Champion because he's held the WCW, WWE and ECW World titles..
    • The Big Show challenged Ric Flair to a match for the ECW World Heavyweight title tomorrow on the Sci-Fi network..
    • Ric Flair accepted and The Big Show attacked Ric Flair and flung him accross the ring at Paul Heyman's orders..

  11. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon + Eugene
    • Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon prepared for their match and Eugene apologized for making them mad..
    • Vince & Shane said they weren't mad at Eugene at gave him a DX shirt and poured green paint over his head!
    • The McMahons then bullied Eugene and forced his face into the toilet -- that was really disturbing..
    • Vince McMahon kicked Eugene out of the room and ordered Eugene to give DX the message...

  12. WWE UNLIMITE: Paul Heyman invited Candice Michelle to show up on ECW on Sci-Fi to dance with Kelly..

  13. GRUDGE MATCH: Viscera vs Charlie Haas ended in a No Contest..
    • Both men beat the crap out of eachother until Lilian Garcia jumped in the wrong and told them both to stop..
    • Editor's Notes: Lilian has sat at ringside for 95% of RAW's matches and all of a sudden she wants peace?
    • Lilian Garcia said just wanted to be Friends with both of them but they both wanted to be more than friends..
    • Charlie Haas raked Viscera's eyes, and while he was blonded he "accidentally" gave Lilian a Samoan drop..
    • Charlie Haas & Viscera first showed concern and then started laughing at Lilian and they left together..

  14. AT THE HOTEL: Edge & Lita..
    • Edge & Lita were getting drunk at the bar making fun of Lilian Garcia when the clerk showed up with his keys..

  15. DIVA SEARCH: Hosted by Mike "The Miz" Mizanin + The 8 Diva Search Finalists..
    • Mike Mizanin totally screwed up his lines and the crowd was crapping all over him but they were quiet anyway..
    • 1) Jen -- 2) Layla [my favorite] -- 3) Erica -- 4) Maryse -- 5) Milena -- 6) Rebecca -- 7) JT -- 8) Amy..
    • Each contestent had 20 seconds to beg for votes and The Miz said Diva Bootcamp will return on Smackdown!..

  16. BACKSTAGE: Shane McMahon & The Coach + "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan..
    • Shane McMahon sent The Coach away and told him to come get him as soon as Degeneration-X showed up..
    • Jim Duggan showed up and said he's known Shane McMahon since he was a kid and said he's never had any respect..
    • Jim Duggan told Shane McMahon to pick on someone his own size and challenged him to fight "Ol' Hacksaw"!
    • Vince McMahon snuck up from behind and took out "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan with a steel chair to the back....

  17. MATCH: Randy Orton defeated Val Venis in less than a minute with an RKO..
    • Randy Orton said he would introduce himself as The Legend Killer to Hulk Hogan at Saturday Night's Main Event..
    • Randy Orton made short work of Val Venis and then added that he would introduce himself to Brooke Hogan too..

  18. AT THE HOTEL: Edge & Lita + John Cena..
    • Edge & Lita welcomed the room service guy with their food and got made cause there was no champaign..
    • Edge & Lita were chowing down when John Cena burst in the door and attacked Edge and demolished the hotel room!
    • John Cena knocked out Edge with a shot to the head with the spinner WWE belt and quietly left the room..

  19. NO DQ HANDICAP MATCH: Eugene defeated Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon..
    • Eugene came down cautiously still covered in green paint and the Spirit Squad came out to stand around ringside..
    • The McMahons attacked Eugene and ordered the Spirit Squad to attack Eugene because it was a No-Disqualification match..
    • They all bullied Eugene until he snapped and "Hulked up" and started punching away at Shane and gave him the big boot!
    • Eugene bounced off the ropes but the Spirit Squad pulled him out by the foot and started putting the boots to Eugene..
    • The Spirit Squad gave Eugene their finisher twice and laid him out on the announce table while Shane climbed to the top..
    • Shawn Michaels & Triple H finally arrived and Jim Ross yelled "Thank God!" even though they stayed up on the stage..
    • HBK & HHH walked back and forth accross the stage as Vince McMahon tried to trick them into standing on one spot..
    • HBK & HHH finally stood on the spot as Vince yelled "Now! Dammit Right Now!" as a net fell behind DX and missed them..
    • Eugene snuck up behind Vince McMahon and rolled him up for the 1-2-3 to win the match as DX laughed their asses off..

  20. And that's a wrap folks..

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