July 24, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Billy Kidman (wearing a mask) defeated Chad Wicks (Stripping Fireman Gimmick) in a dark match..
    • Viscera & Charlie Haas defeated Michael Hunter & Chris Cronus..
    • Eugene defeated Rob Conway..
    • Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Val Venis & Gene Snitsky..
    • Victoria defeated Torrie Wilson in a Divas match..

  2. IN THE RING: Shawn Michaels + Jonathan Coachman..
    • Shawn Michaels came out and talked about a few weeks ago when they pulled a prank and said Stephanie went into labour..
    • Shawn Michaels said that seems life imitates art because as they speak Stephanie was giving birth to her first child..
    • Shawn Michaels said that her father, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and her brother, Shane McMahon were by her side............
    • Shawn Michaels said his partner-in-crime, Triple H, is in that same hospital, and suspects HHH knows who the father is..
    • Shawn Michaels said that 1/2 of Degeneration-X was there and he was prepared to have twice the amount of fun....
    • Jonathan Coachman came to the ring holding a cell phone talking to Vince McMahon and said HE was in charge of RAW...
    • Shawn Michaels grabbed the phone and told Vince McMahon "Hey Cleveland's got two words for ya..." ---- "SUCK IT!!"
    • Jonathan Coachman took the phone back and announced that Shawn Michaels would go 1-on-1 with him (The Coach) tonight!
    • Shawn Michaels dropped to the floor and started literally rolling on the floor laughing his ass off.............

  3. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) defeated The Highlanders (Rory & Robbie McAllistair)..
    • The Spirit Squad members at ringside distracted the referee long enough for Kenny & Mikey to score the victory!

    • Mick Foley talked about Ric Flair calling him "Fat Boy" and said that only hurt when he was called that 30 years ago..
    • Mick Foley asked what happened to the creative Ric Flair - and said Flair reduced himself to a second rate side-show..
    • Mick Foley said Ric Flair is trying to lure Foley back into the ring, but nothing Flair does will get him a rematch..
    • Mick Foley said Ric Flair took it out on a defenseless woman (Melina) so Foley is coming next week to confront Flair..

  5. THIS WEEK IN WRESTLING HISTORY: Ric flair vs Terry Funk at Great American Bash in 1989 for the NWA World title.
    • What was interesting about this was it showed Gary Hart, The Great Muta, and Sting (portrayed as a charismatic hero)..

  6. IN THE RING: Ric Flair + Edge w/Lita..
    • Ric Flair acknowledged the Funk/Flair video and commented about what he had done to Mick Foley's "hero"..
    • Ric Flair proceeded to issue his challenge towards Mick Foley for a rematch anywhere, any place and any time..
    • Edge w/Lita came out to the stage and said Mick Foley was right, Flair ain't the man any more, HE (Edge) is..
    • Johnny Nitro jumped Ric Flair from behind and Edge joined in for a double-team until John Cena made the save..

  7. BACKSTAGE: Carlito Cool and Trish Stratus flirted and Carlito and decided to hang out after his match..

  8. BACKSTAGE: The Coach booked Edge & Johnny Nitro against Ric Flair & John Cena later tonight..

  9. ON STAGE: Todd Grisham announced that Stephanie gave birth to a girl Aurora Rose 8 pounds 7 ounces..

  10. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Shelton Benjamin defeated Carlito Cool..
    • This is a rematch from last week, when Carlito Cool won, but Benjamin begged for a rematch cause Carlito cheated..
    • After some fast-paced trickery from both men, Shelton Benjamin hit a low-blow and rolled Carlito up for the 1-2-3!

  11. IN THE RING: Hulk Hogan + Randy Orton...
    • Hulk Hogan came out and milked the standing ovation for all its worth -- crowd wouldn't stop cheering for Hogan..
    • Hulk Hogan said there was a lot of Hulkamaniac's in Cleveland and then talked about what happened with Randy Orton..
    • Hulk Hogan said this wasn't the first time he had a go-around with the Orton family - remembering "Cowboy" Bob Orton..
    • Hulk Hogan said he was going to teach Randy Orton what RESPECT means -- with a capital "R" - Orton then appeared..
    • Randy Orton stood on the stage and said it was a shame Brooke was going to have to watch him destroy Hulkamania..
    • Hulk Hogan challenged Randy Orton to come to the ring -- Orton walked to ringside and circles around the ring..
    • Jerry Lawler got out of his seat and tossed Randy Orton into the ring, where Hulk Hogan landed several punches!
    • Randy Orton bailed out and backed up the stage looking very frustracted by the power of Hulkamania!!!!!!!!

  12. WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Mickie James defeated Candice Michelle to retain..
    • Candice Michelle did a high cross body but Mickie James rolled through and scored the 1-2-3 to win!

  13. MATCH: Shawn Michaels defeated Jonathan Coachman by Disqualification..
    • Shawn Michaels wore a black leather bandana to similate Coach's bald heat but the announces didn't understand..
    • Shawn Michaels was destroying The Coach when The Spirit Squad ran down and Michaels destroyed all of them too!
    • Shawn Michaels hit Jonathan Coachman with the super-kick - but UMAGA showed up and assaulted Michaels from behind!
    • The Spirit Squad tried to further attack Shawn Michaels, but Umaga chased them off so he could destroy Michaels!
    • Umaga (accompanied by Armando Alejandro Estrada) finished off Shawn Michaels with the Samoan Spike!

  14. INTERVIEW: Maria Kanellis (who was very confused) & John Cena (asked if Maria ate paint chips as a kid)..

  15. DIVA SEARCH SEGMENT: The Miz announced the elimination of Maryse (The french one from NB, Canada)..

  16. MAIN EVENT: Ric Flair & John Cena defeated Edge w/Lita & Johnny Nitro w/Melina...

  17. And that's a wrap folks..

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