September 18, 2006
Montreal, Quebec
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

  1. DARK MATCH: Val Venis defeated Rob Conway in a dark match..

  2. IN THE RING: John Cena + Edge & Lita + Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch + DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) + The Coach..
    • Lilian Garcia introduced the "NEW WWE Champion.... John Cena!" -- Cena came out to thunderous booed from the audience..
    • John Cena laughed off the negative reaction from the Canadian fans as JR & The King said Cena was in "hostile territory"..
    • John Cena said he was not himself tonight -- but the fans would not quiet down long enough for John Cena to talk.....
    • John Cena said last night he was hit in the head A LOT and said he doesn't know where he is or what time it is.....
    • John Cena held the spinner belt up in the air with a cocky grin on his face and said "Oh wait, the Champ is HERE!"..
    • John Cena continued to deliver his scripted promo while the fans gave him a hard time but Cena made it through..
    • Edge & Lita came out and Edge explained that John Cena's win last night was like his entire career - a total fluke!
    • John Cena said he saw hunger and fire in Edge last night at Unforgiven and man to man he respects him for that..
    • John Cena said that Edge had two options 1) go screw yourself, or 2) anti-up and have a WWE title rematch right now!
    • Edge said he wanted to win his WWE title back in Canada, but this (Montreal) is not Canada (called the fans kermits)
    • Edge said he took more physical punishment last night during TLC than most people take in their entire lives...
    • Edge said he will take back what is rightfully his but he won't do it in front of these people here tonight.....
    • Suddenly the fans were cheering John Cena and booing Edge --- Cena then asked Edge what the hell he wants then..
    • Edge said he wants some payback for John Cena ending his streak of TLC victories and losing in his hometown..
    • Edge said he had a backup plan and suddenly Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch attacked John Cena from behind.......
    • Edge and the two rednecks triple teamed John Cena in the middle of the ring until Degeneration-X made the save!
    • Jonathan Coachman came out and booked Edge & Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs John Cena & DX (HHH & HBK)..

  3. BACKSTAGE PROMO: Jonathan Coachman + Shelton Benjamin..
    • Jonathan Coachman vowed to run RAW just like how Vince McMahon would normally run it but had a surpise..
    • Shelton Benjamin came in and said Vince McMahon picked The Big Show instead of him just because he's black..
    • Jonathan Coachman quickly jumped in and cut Shelton Benjamin off and said "Sorry about that, boss"...

  4. UNFORGIVEN REMATCH: Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada defeaed Kane by Disqualification..
    • The referee got squashed and Umaga destroyed Kane with a chair while Armando Alejandro Estrada was distracting Kane..
    • By the time the second referee ran down to count the pin, Kane was able to kick out after two and continue on..
    • Kane eventually got his hands on the chair and gave Umaga three chairshots (he finally fell on the third try)..
    • Kane then chased Armanda Alejandro Estrada backstage and beat him up saying HE was the biggest monster in WWE..
    • Kane was about to stab Armando Alejandro Estrada witha spike when Umaga showed up and rammed Kane into the wall..

  5. PROMO: Maria Kanellis + The Spirit Squad..
    • Maria Kanellis sent a message to Vince McMahon saying she has been watching his DVD lately..
    • Maria said she hasn't gotten to the good parts like when he was Johnny Carson's side-kick..
    • Maria then started talking about Vince McMahon having his face put in The Big Show's crack..
    • The Spirit Squad interrrupted and Johnny Jeter dedicated his match with Ric Flair to Mr. McMahon..

  6. MATCH: Ric Flair defeated Johnny Jeter w/The Spirit Squad cheering for him on the stage..
    • After the match, Ric Flair quickly ducked out before the Spirit Squad could gang up on him..

  7. BACKSTAGE PROMO: Lita + Mickie James..
    • Lita said she was so sorry about Vince McMahon getting hurt but wanted to talk about getting her WWE title back..
    • Mickie James came in and said Trish beat Lita in her hometown and Trish is the greatest Women's champion ever..
    • Mickie James said it is better to go out as Champion rather than on top of a Champion - but Edge isn't Champion!
    • Lita slapped Mickie James accross the face, causing her to drop to the floor in pain..

  8. IN THE RING: Randy Orton + Nitro & Melina + Chris Masters + Carlito Cool + Super Crazy + Jeff Hardy..
    • Randy Orton came out and said despite the trauma to his beautiful face he is still the future of the industry..
    • Johnny Nitro & Melina Perez came out and Nitro took exception and said if anybody is the future, it's him!
    • Johnny Nitro said Randy Orton has been coasting on his reputation for years and said he has no championships..
    • Randy Orton said he could take the Intercontinental title any time he wants not to mention he could take Melina..
    • Chris Masters came out to interrupt and said he was the future of the business and nobody breaks the Masterlock..
    • Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro & Melina Perez laughed together and made fun of Chris Masters losing to Super Crazy..
    • Carlito Cool showed up next and said Randy Orton might have won at Unforgiven but added that he's a sore loser!
    • Carlito Cool attacked everybody and started a big brawl, until Super Crazy and Jeff Hardy joined in the action..
    • Jonathan Coachman came up on the big screen and ordered a six-pack challenge for the Intercontinental title!!

  9. IC TITLE 6-WAY: Nitro beat Randy Orton and Chris Masters and Carlito Cool and Jeff Hardy and Super Crazy to retain!
    • Jeff Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb on Randy Orton, and Nitro tossed Hardy and stole the victory to retain his IC title!

  10. BACKSTAGE PROMO: Jonathan Coachman + DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels)..
    • Jonathan Coachmen sent more well-wishes to Mr. McMahon when DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) showed up..
    • Triple H and Shawn Michaels pretended to cry and then showed a special DX vs McMahons video package..
    • Triple H then read a poem making fun of Vince McMahon and having his head forced in Big Show's ass..

  11. DIVAS MATCH: Candice Michelle defeated Lita after distraction from Mickie James..

  12. MAIN EVENT: Edge & Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade defeated John Cena & Triple H & Shawn Michaels by DQ...
    • Shawn Michaels got DQ'd for using a chair (the babyfaces getting a cheap DQ over Edge and two jobbers??????)..
    • John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Triple H ganged up on Edge (the heel) and all gave him their finishers...

  13. And that's a wrap folks..

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