April 9, 2007
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Daniel Rodimer defeated Super Crazy in a dark match...
    • Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG) defeated two local jobbers..
    • Kenny Dykstra defeated Val Venis...
    • "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters defeated Mike Edwards by Submission...

  2. IN THE RING: Shane McMahon + ECW Champion Bobby Lashley + Umaga & Armando Alejandro Estrada..
    • Editor's Note: Can you believe Shane McMahon is 37 year old! Well he does have a lot of gray hairs!
    • Shane McMahon said the name "McMahon" is respected all over the world but people have been laughing at his father..
    • Shane McMahon said he is the 4th generation McMahon and tonight he plans on putting respect back into his Family..
    • Shane McMahon called out Bobby Lashley and said he plans to take Lashley's dignity by taking the ECW World title..
    • Shane McMahon booked himself in a match against Bobby Lashley -- then Umaga & Armando Alejandro Estrada came out..
    • Shane McMahon said they were doing it HIS way tonight and ordered Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada to leave..
    • Shane McMahon said he doesn't need Umaga's help because he is going to beat the hell out of Bobby Lashley tonight..
    • Bobby Lashley said if Shane can beat him he gets the ECW title but if he beats Shane then Shave gets shaved bald!
    • Shane McMahon said Bobby Lashley works for him so HE makes the rules but shockingly agreed to Lashley's challenge!

  3. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Mickie James & Candice Michelle defeated Melina Perez & Victoria...

  4. BACKSTAGE: Mick Foley & a Make-A-Wish Kid walked around meeting The Highlanders & Maria Kanellis..

  5. #1 CONTENDERS TAG MATCH: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Carlito Cool & Ric Flair..
    • Carlito Cool paid tribute to Ric Flair and then showed a special video featuring some great Ric Flair moments..
    • Ric Flair amazingly didn't cry -- and Carlito Cool said that Ric Flair can wear a wrestling championship again..
    • Carlito Cool was frustrated by the loss after the match and walked out on his tag team partner..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Shane McMahon & Jonathan Coachman..
    • The Coach tried to give Shane McMahon some guidance but Shane said Coach's "guidance" got his father humiliated!

  7. INTERVIEW: Todd Grisham & Shawn Michaels + Randy Orton (Both talked about their #1 Contenders match-----NEXT!)..

  8. #1 CONTENDERS MATCH: Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton ended in a double-pin draw...
    • Midway through the match, Edge walked down the ramp and distracted Randy Orton almost causing him to lose..
    • A few minutes later, Randy Orton ducked a flying forearm from Shawn Michaels which accidentally hit the referee!
    • Shawn Michaels dropped the elbow from the top rope and set up for the superkick but Edge distracted Michaels..
    • Randy Orton clotheslined Shawn Michaels over the ropes to the floor where Orton gave Michaels in stiff RKO!
    • Randy Orton told Edge to leave the area because he didn't need help so Edge speared Randy Orton on the floor...
    • Edge tossed Randy Orton back in the ring and tried to revive the referee but a second referee ran down instead..
    • Shawn Michaels hit the superkick and fell on top and the second referee counted 1-2-3 but both men were pinned..
    • The second referee named Shawn Michaels the winner while the original referee named Randy Orton the winner..
    • Edge somehow concluded that since they pinned eachother then that makes him (Edge) the #1 Contender...

  9. BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton complained to Shane McMahon but Shane told him to go take it up with Jonathan Coachman..

  10. BACKSTAGE: Mick Foley & a Make-A-Wish Kid & Super Crazy & Val Venis & Cryme Tyme + Nitro + The Coach..
    • Mick Foley escorted a young kid named Michael (the General Manager for the night) meeting several WWE wrestlers..
    • Johnny Nitro came in and wasn't as friendly. The Coach came in and tried to intimidate the kid but Edge came in..
    • Edge interrupted and said he had to talk to The Coach about the Randy Orton/Shawn Michaels situation..

  11. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: The Hardy Boyz defeated The World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas)..

  12. THE CUTTING EDGE: Edge + Randy Orton + Shawn Michaels + WWE Champion John Cena + Jonathan Coachman..
    • Edge said Shawn Michaels & Randy Orton both LOST the #1 Contenders match so he is the new #1 Contender!.
    • Randy Orton wasn't Edge's special guest but he made his way out to the ring to confront his former tag partner..
    • Edge bailed out of the ring out of fear and Randy Orton yelled at Edge for costing him the #1 Contendership..
    • Randy Orton said that HE talked to Jonathan Coachman and The Coach agreed he deserved to be the #1 Contender..
    • Shawn Michaels came out and said he, the show-stopper, was the better man and wanted a rematch at Backlash..
    • WWE Champion John Cena arrived and talked circles around all three potential challengers inside the WWE ring..
    • John Cena pretty much made it clear that he prefered a to have a rematch with Shawn Michaels for the WWE title..
    • Jonathan Coachman came out and reminded everybody that he is running the show tonight and made a simple ruling..
    • Jonathan Coachman booked John Cena in a Handicap match against Edge & Orton - whoever gets the pin gets the title!
    • Mick Foley came out and said the decision is not Coach's decision to make because Michael is the General Manager..
    • Mick Foley brought out Michael Pena (from Make-A-Wish) and booked a Fatal 4-WAY for the WWE title at Backlash!

  13. HAIR VS ECW WORLD TITLE MATCH: Bobby Lashley defeated Shane McMahon by Disqualification..
    • After only a few minutes, Shane McMahon got himself intentionally disqualified..
    • Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada) and Vince mcMahon went to the ring and Umaga destroyed Bobby Lashley..
    • Vince McMahon (wearing a hat) passed a chair in to Shane McMahon who knocked Bobby Lashley out cold with it!
    • Umaga and both McMahons continued to dismantle the broken Bobby Lashley and Vince McMahon got the microphone..
    • Vince McMahon took his hat off and booked Lashley vs Umaga vs Shane vs Vince for the ECW Title at Backlash!

  14. And that's a wrap folks..

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