September 17, 2007
Nashville, Tennessee
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

    • Hardcore Holly defeated Ryan O'Reilly..
    • Cody Rhodes defeated K.C. James..
    • Ron "Damn!" Simmons defeated Johnny Parisi..
    • Brian Kendrick & Paul London defeated The Highlanders (Robbie & Rory McAllistair)..

  2. IN THE RING: WWE Champion John Cena + Jonathan Coachman..
    • John Cena apologized for having a lot of pent-up aggression lately but he feels FABULOUS tonight..
    • John Cena said he lost to Randy Orton (by DQ) last night and thanked his dad for making him proud..
    • John Cena said Randy Orton is stupid enough to want a rematch with him for the WWE Championship..
    • John Cena said Jonathan Coachman booked a rematch at No Mercy in a Last Man Standing match..
    • Jonathan Coachman came out and said John Cena should be happy that he still have a job in WWE..
    • Jonathan Coachman said he could have fired John Cena on the spot or stripped him of the WWE title..
    • Jonathan Coachman booked Orton vs. Cena tonight but it would be John Cena Sr. against Randy Orton..

  3. WWE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin to retain the WWE Intercontinental title..

  4. IN A Limousine: Vince McMahon & Jonathan Coachman + Hornswoggle..
    • Jonathan Coachman found Vince McMahon hiding in his limo with an old fashioned McMahon scowl on his face..
    • Jonathan Coachman said he has taken care of everything and soon he won't have to worry about Hornswoggle..
    • Hornswoggle was sitting there taped to a car seat eating Lucky Charms as Vince told him to follow Coach..

  5. BACKSTAGE: John Cena tried to talk his father out of wrestling Randy Orton but he insisted on doing it..

  6. BACKSTAGE: Santino Marella + Jillian Hall..
    • Santino Marella knocked on the Divas locker room door and Jillian came out and said Maria didn't wanna see him..
    • Jillian Hall said Santino could impress Maria Kanellis by singing a Country duet with her tonight in the ring..
    • Santino Marella made a joke about Britney Spears and Jillian broke down telling everyone to leave Britney alone!

  7. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon & Jonathan Coachman + Hornswoggle..
    • Vince McMahon was yelling at The Coach for losing Hornswoggle when they found him partying in his office..
    • Hornswoggle popped up from behind the furniture and yelled "Hi Dad!" and made a big mess out of the office..
    • Jonathan Coachman chased Hornswoggle out of the office and Vince McMahon found a horse standing behind him..

  8. FLAG MATCH: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (USA) defeated Shawn Daivari (Iran) - Notes: I thought he was from India?

  9. BACKSTAGE: Jonathan Coachman & Cody Rhodes + WWE Champion John Cena..
    • Cody Rhodes was trying to convince Jonathan Coachman to let him wrestle Randy Orton instead of John Cena Sr.
    • WWE Champion John Cena came in and threatened violence if Jonathan Coachman did not call off the match..
    • Jonathan Coachman said if John Cena wins his match tonight then he will call off the Orton/Cena Sr. match..

  10. IN THE RING: Vince McMcMahon & Hornswoggle + EXTRAS + Triple H..
    • Vince McMahon came out and called out Hornswoggle to officially welcome him into the McMahon family...
    • Vince McMahon said when he does Hornswoggle will get a lot of money but life is not all about money..
    • Vince McMahon brought out some legal papers and callously told Hornswoggle he was being put up for adoption!
    • Vince McMahon introduced Hornswoggle to his new parents (terribly cheesy segment) as Hornswoggle freaked out..
    • Hornswoggle attacked his new father and bit his new mother on the ass and they ran away before signing papers..
    • Vince McMahon yelled for Hornswoggle to "get the hell out of here now" and Hornswoggle walked away in tears..
    • The crowd booed as Vince McMahon defended his actions before Triple H interrupted and came out to the ring..
    • Triple H admitted that he decorated Vince's office and made a series of jokes at the expense of Mr. McMahon..
    • Vince McMahon wished Triple H luck in his Handicap match against the World Tag Team Champions..

  11. HANDICAP MATCH: Triple H defeated Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch..
    • After the match: Carlito Cool, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch triple teamed Triple H inside the ring..
    • Paul London & Brian Kendrick ran down to make the save but Triple H beat them up (makes no sense)..

  12. DIVAS TAG MATCH: Candice Michelle & Maria Kanellis defeated Melina Perez & Jillian Hall..
    • After the match: Beth Phoenix jumped in the ring and handed the Women's belt over to Candice Michelle..

  13. BACKSTAGE: Vince McMahon left the arena with Hornswoggle hiding in the trunk of the limousine..

  14. MATCH: John Cena defeated Santino Marella by DQ after Randy Orton attacked John Cena..
    • The stipulation was that if John Cena won, they would cancel the Randy Orton vs. John Cena Sr. match later..
    • A few seconds into the match Randy Orton viciously assaulted John Cena and hand-cuffed him to the bottom rope..
    • Jonathan Coachman came out and said he forgot to say John Cena had to win the match by pinfall or submission..

  15. MATCH: "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton defeated John Cena Sr. by DQ when Cody Rhodes interfered..
    • Randy Orton methodically dismantled John Cena Sr. while John Cena stood hopelessly hand-cuffed at ringside..
    • Randy Orton got the upper hand on Cody Rhodes and then gave John Cena Sr. an RKO in the middle of the ring!
    • John Cena managed to detatch the bottom rope from the corner and chase Randy Orton away but it was too late..

  16. BONUS DARK MATCH: WWE Champion John Cena defeated Randy Orton by Submission with the STF-U..
  17. And that's a wrap folks..

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