Ring of Honor - Night of Appreciation
April 27, 2002 - Philadelphia, PA - Murphy Recreational Center

  1. 3-WAY TAG: Da Hit Squad defeated Prince Nana & Simply Luscious and Christopher Street Connection..
    • Da Hit Squad opened the show unscheduled and called out the Christopher Street Connection for a brawl..
    • Allison Danger (who was put through a table last month) came out and started yelling at Da Hit Squad..
    • Allison Danger said it was going to be a Three-Way Dance and brings out the team of Prince Nana & Elax..
    • A few minutes later, Prince Nana threw Elax out of the ring and choose Simply Lucious as his partner..
    • Mafia hit Simply Lucious with a vicious Burning Hammer and pinned her for the victory!
    • After the match, Da Hit Squad put Elax through a table off the top rope!

  2. MATCH: Jay Briscoe w/Mark Briscoe defeated Tony Mamaluke..

  3. TAG MATCH: Divine Storm defeated Christian York & Joey Matthews..

  4. TRIPLE THREAT: James Maritato defeated "The Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrews and Xavier..

  5. MATCH: Low Ki defeated A.J. Styles..

  6. TAG MATCH: The Carnage Crew (HC Loc & DeVito) defeated The Ring Crew Express (Marcos & Dunn)..

  7. MATCH: Donovan Morgan defeated "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels..

  8. TWA GAUNTLET MATCH: Paul London vs John Hope vs Michael Shane vs Spanky vs American Dragon..
    • All participants are students at Shawn Michaels' Texas Wrestling Academy trained by Rudy Boy Gonzales..
    • Paul London pinned John Hope after a shooting star press..
    • Michael Shane pinned Paul London..
    • Spanky pinned Michael Shane..
    • Spanky pinned American Dragon in the finals..

  9. IN THE RING: ROH Elite..
    • Spanky, American Dragon, Chris Daniels, Xavier, Jay Brisco, Prince Nana, Scoot Andrews, Low Ki..
    • The aforementioned wrestlers all entered the ring and took turns talking about the ROH title Tournament..
    • They later added AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Doug Williams, Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm, Paul London & Red..

  10. MAIN EVENT: Eddy Guerrero & Amazing Red defeated The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo)..
    • Eddy Guerrero was the reigning WWF Intercontinental champion at this point..
    • The ROH locker room was shown standing near the entrance way paying their respect to Eddy Guerrero..
    • Brian XL came out after the match and complained about Red dumping him to team with Eddy Guerrero..
    • Eddy Guerrero made short work of Brian XL, hitting a powerbomb, suplex, and nailing a frog splash!
    • Eddy Guerrero held back tears as the ROH fans chanted his name and cheered as a show of respect..
    • The crowd chanted "We will miss you!" as Eddy gave his farwell speech and thanked his family and god..
    • Eddy also thanked the fans and the wrestlers (his brothers) for supporting him in his uphill battle..
    • Eddy also thanked ROH promoter Rob Feinstein for believing in him and said the fans should be proud of ROH..

  11. And that's a wrap..

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