Ring of Honor - Crowning a Champion
July 27, 2002 - Philadelphia, PA - Murphy Recreational Center

  1. MATCH: Tony Mamaluke defeated Jeremy Lopez..

  2. TAG MATCH: Joey Matthews & Christian York w/Alexis Laree beat Prince Nana & Jacobs Ladder..
    • Due to his match with Low Ki last month, Prince Nana said no one was allowed to touch his head or neck..
    • Prince Nana took a shot to the head and bailed out and left his new protege to get beat up and pinned..

  3. IN THE RING: Christian York & Joey Matthews w/Alexis Laree + Christopher Street Connection w/Allison Danger..
    • The Christopher Street Connection came out, and made a pass at Christian York & Joey Matthews.
    • Allison Danger decided that Christain York & Joey Matthews weren't "butch enough" for them..
    • Allison Danger then hit on Alexis Laree, so Laree punched her out and had a catfight with Danger!
    • The CSC grabbed Alexis Laree and took her over their knee so Allison Danger could spank her!

  4. ROH CONTRACT MATCH: Michael Shane & Bio-Hazard defeated Paul London & Don Juan..
    • TWA trainer Rudy Boy Gonzales was at ringside as usual to watch over his students..
    • Michael Shane pinned Don Juan and Paul London pinned Biohazard simoltaneously..
    • The referee only counted 1-2-3 giving the win, and ROH contract, to Michael Shane!
    • Michael Shane called himself the "Showstoppa" and Paul London took exception to that claim!
    • Michael Shane and Paul London started to fight until London missed the Shooting Star Press!
    • Michael Shane climbed up to the top rope and went for the Picture Perfect Elbow -- but missed!
    • The fight was broken up by Rudy Boy Gonzales, Don Juan and Biohazard....................

  5. TAG MATCH: Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack) defeated Divine Storm (Chris Divine & Quiet Storm)..

  6. MATCH: James Maritato (formerly Little Guido) defeated Jay Briscoe..

  7. BUNKHOUSE MATCH: Natural Born Sinners (Homicide & Boogalou) defeated Carnage Crew (HC Loc & Tony DeVito).
    • They used a Bull Rope, Boots, a Cow Bell & Barbed Wire during the match where all four wrestlers bled..
    • Homicide put a Cripple Crossface variation on DeVito with barbed wire across his face and DeVito tapped out!
    • The Carnage Crew went on the attack after the match until Da Hit Squad made the save..
    • Homicide pushed Da Hit Squad away and said he didn't need any help!

  8. NWA-TNA X-TITLE 3-WAY: A.J. Styles defeated David Young and Adam Jacobs to retain..

  9. IN THE RING: Rudy Boy Gonzales..
    • Rudy Boy Gonzales reamed out Steve Corino for making fun of him on commentary.
    • Rudy Boy appointed American Dragon as his TWA Student of Choice to get revenge on Corino for him on 9/21..

  10. SIX MAN TAG: Dunn & Marcos & Mike Tobin defeated Brian XL & Dixie & Black Gordon..
    • After the match, a large man in a suit (Slugger) Choke-slammed Dunn & Marcos (Ring Crew Express)..

  11. MATCH: Scoot Andrews defeated Xavier..
    • Stipulation was that if Scoot Andrews won, he would get to remain in Ring of Honor..

  12. IRON MAN MATCH: Low Ki beat Chris Daniels w/Simply Lucious and Spanky and Doug Williams to win the ROH title..
    • The final score was Low Ki 3; Daniels 2; Spanky -1; Williams -1 (2 points for each pinfall, -1 if you are pinned).
    • Christopher Daniels was sure to point out that he was never pinned, and even scored a pinfall on Low Ki!
    • Everyone shook hands after the match, except for Christopher Daniels, who walked out with Simply Lucious!

  13. And that's a wrap..

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