Ring of Honor - Scramble Madness
November 16, 2002 - Wakefield, MA

  1. KICKOFF: Mark Briscoe & Mystery Partner vs Jay Briscoe & Mystery Partner..
    • Mark Briscoe picked Chris Daniels as his mystery partner and has apparently joined The Prophecy..
    • Jay Briscoe picked The Amazing Red as his mystery partner..
    • Chris Daniels ended up pinning Red with the Last Rites..
    • Chris Daniels told The Briscoe's parents that HE was Mark's family now..

  2. INTERGENDER MATCH: Alexis Laree beat Mace Mendoza (of the Christopher St. Connection) w/Allison Danger..
    • After the match, Allison Danger kissed Alexis Laree, so Alexis knocked her out with a DDT!

  3. NON (ROH) TITLE MATCH: Xavier w/Simply Lucious defeated Jeremy Lopez with a 450 to retain..

  4. TAG MATCH: Da Hit Squad (Mafia & Monsta Mack) defeated Tony Mamulake & Matt Thompson (6'8 Rookie)..
    • Matt Thompson pulled off an impressive Spingboard Moonsault, and a flying spinwheel kick!
    • Tony Mamaluke had Monsta Mack in a submission, when Mafia hit Matt Thompson with the Burning Hammer for the 3-count!
    • Monsta Mack was tapping out while the referee was counting 1-2-3 for Mafia..

  5. SCRAMBLE MADNESS: The SAT & Divine Storm & Red w/Trinity beat Special K (Izzy, Joey, AngelDust, Deranged, Slim J)..
    • Special K did a cool spot where 2 of them springboarded off the tope and 3 tope all to the outside onto their opponents..
    • The SAT & Divine Storm hit an amazing four corners sit-out powerbomb on four members of Special K off the top rope!
    • Special K hit 4-way stereo moonsaults on four of their opponents that looked really cool..
    • Amazing Red hit the InfraRed on AngelDust and pinned him to win the Scramble Madness match!

  6. HANDICAP MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated The Ring Crew Express (Dunn and Marcos)..

  7. STREET MATCH: Paul London & Rudy Boy defeated Bio Hazard & Michael Shane..

  8. TAG MATCH: The Carnage Crew (HC Loc & Devito & Masada) defeated Alex Arion & Don Juan & Fast Eddie..

  9. MATCH: Homicide defeated Samoa Joe..

  10. MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels w/Simply Lucious..

  11. 30-MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH: American Dragon defeated Doug Williams 1-0..
    • Doug Williams had the Crippler Crossface on Dragon when time expired..

  12. And that's a wrap..

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