Ring of Honor - Final Battle 2002
December 28, 2002 - Philadelphia, PA - Murphy Recreation Center

    • HANDICAP MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Outcast Killaz..
    • TAG TITLE MATCH: The Prophecy (Morgan & Daniels) defeated Marcos & Dunn to retain..
    • MATCH: Homicide defeated Jay Lethal..
    • MATCH: Jay Briscoe defeated Ace Steele..

  2. ROH CONTRACT MATCH: C.M. Punk defeated Colt Cabana with a spectacular Pepsi Plunge finisher..

  3. IN THE RING: Gary Michael Cappetta & Christopher Daniels w/Simply Luscious + Alexis Laree..
    • GMC points out that Christopher Daniels is the leader of the Prophecy and controls all the ROH championships..
    • Chris Daniels talks about how Alexis Laree's lack of honor because she attacked Simply Luscious..
    • Alexis Laree comes out to defend her own honor and accepts Chris Daniels challenge for a match..

  4. WOMANS MATCH: Simply Luscious defeated Alexis Laree after Chris Daniels attacked Alexis..

  5. IN THE RING: Steve Corino & Christopher Daniels & Simply Luscious + Homicide..
    • Steve Corino said he made more money in 2002 that Paul Heyman owes him..
    • Steve Corino promises to put together his own stable to combat the Prophecy..
    • Steve Corino then dumped his real life girlfriend, Simply Luscious, because of her affiliation with the Prophecy..
    • Chris Daniels leaves the ring and follows Simply Luscious, who ran backstage crying..
    • Steve Corino ran down the ROH fans for thinking they were "smart to the business"..
    • Homicide came down at Corino's request and they brawled for a bit until Corino bailed..

  6. LUCHA LIBRE GAUNLET: (This match didn't make it onto the RF Video home release)
    • Konnan (dressed in his old colorful lucha ring gear) defeated Chris Devine..
    • Quiet Storm defeated Konnan (who received loud chants of "don't come back!"..

  7. TAG SCRAMBLE: Special K (Deranged/Angeldust) defeated Da Hit Squad (Mafia/Mack) & The Backseat Boyz (Acid/Kashmere)..

  8. TAG TITLE 2/3 FALLS: The Prophecy (Morgan & Daniels) defeated The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) to retain..

  9. TAG MATCH: Christopher Street Connection (Buff E & Mace) defeated The Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) by DQ..
    • The CSC tried to kiss the Carnage Crew so they beat the living hell out of them -- and the referee!

  10. MATCH: Jody Fleisch (England) defeated Amazing Red with help from Special K (Fleisch joins Special K)..
    • After the match, Special K attacked Red until the SAT, Devine Storm, Da Hit Squad & JT Smith ran down..
    • The large black man (Mellow) came in and helped, but turned heel and attacked JT Smith, joining Special K too!

  11. ROH TITLE MATCH: Xavier defeated Paul London to retain..

  12. #1 CONTENER 4WAY: American Dragon vs. Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe vs. Homocide..
    • Steve Corino attacked Homicide before the match and replaced him at Rob Fiensteins order..
    • The fans chanted "who booked this shit?" and Steve Corino retorted "We already have your money!" (classic)
    • Low Ki, American Dragon, Samoa Joe & Steve Corino went to a 45-minute time limit draw..

  13. And that's a wrap..

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