Ring of Honor - Anniversary Show
February 8, 2003 - Queens, New York

  1. FOURWAY MATCH: EZ Money defeated Chad Collyer, Michael Shane and Colt Cabana..

  2. SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH: Texas Wrestling Alliance defeated The Carnage Crew by DQ..
    • Texas Wrestling Alliance = Don Juan & Fast Eddie & Hotstuff Hernandez w/Rudy Boy Gonzales..
    • The Carnage Crew = Tony DeVito & HC Loc & Masada..
    • The Carnage Crew were disqualified when they completely destroyed Team TWA with chairs and hubcaps..
    • The Christopher Street Connection (Mace & Buff E) hit the ring and cleaned house on the Carnage Crew!

  3. BROTHER VS BROTHER: Jay Briscoe defeated Mark Briscoe..
    • Mark Briscoe tried to use Jay's Double Under-hook Piledriver on him, only getting a 2-count..
    • Jay Briscoe hit a triple-rolling Underhook Piledriver for the pin and the victory..
    • The Briscoe Brothers shook hands and hugged after the match..

  4. MATCH: Steve Corino w/The Group defeated Homicide..
    • The Group (Simply Luscious, Michael Shane, CW Anderson & Samoa Joe) were in Steve Corino's corner..
    • The Group & Steve Corino repeatedly yelled at members of the rabid New York City crowd..
    • Homicide went for a Tope, but Steve Corino moved and Homicide crashed through a folding chair!
    • Steve Corino used a version of the sleeper to put Homicide out and win the match..
    • Steve Corino & The Group celebrated and then Corino reapplied the Cobra Sleeper on Homicide./
    • Suddenly, a flock of NYC fans tried to jump the barricade, but were held back by security..
    • One fan got through and rushed the ring where Homicide (who was supposed to be out cold) took him down!
    • Samoa Joe actually confronted the biggest man in the pack and took him down hardway..
    • Steve Corino and The Group started beating on the fan, whose buddies jumped the rail and joined in the brawl..
    • The locker room emptied and the wrestlers, referees & management lined up at ringside, ready to defend themselves..
    • The wrestlers/refs were having a hard time restraining and "Dealing with" these fans..
    • Steve Corino had one of the kids against the rail and was delivering some pretty weak-looking blows..
    • The Carnage Crew, Da Hit Squad and Low-Ki came out with a bunch of random wrestlers from the back..
    • The new infusion instantly turned the tide and they got everything under control..
    • Rob Fienstein publically scolded Homicide, who nearly attacked the boss until Mafia held him back..
    • The general consensus at the end was that this was a work, but you never know..
    • After intermission, they announced that people who jump the rail would prosecuted to fullest..

  5. TAG MATCH: The Ring Crew (Dunn & Marcos) vs The Outkast Killas (Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago)..
    • CW Anderson came out before the match and beat up Dunn, Marcos, Tortuga & Santiago..
    • CW Anderson cut a promo on Gabe Sapolsky about their angle where he's not supposed to be at the shows..
    • CW Anderson then challenged anyone to a match, and CM Punk came out to accept the challenge..

  6. CHALLENGE MATCH: CM Punk defeated CW Anderson..
  7. MATCH: American Dragon defeated Samoa Joe..

  8. #1 CONTENDERS 3-WAY: Paul London defeated AJ Styles and Lo-Ki to become #1 Contender..
    • Early in the match, the bottom rope broke and sagged on one side of the ring..
    • Paul London eventually hit his London Star Press on AJ Styles for the pin and gains a title shot..

  9. ROH TITLE MATCH: Xavier w/Allison Danger defeated Paul London to retain..
    • Xavier said if Paul London wanted a title shot then he'd have to fight him RIGHT NOW!
    • Allison Danger broke the Code of Honor by interfering -- this brought out Alexis Laree to keep an eye on her!
    • Paul London managed to stay alive for an unbelievably long time but eventually got pinned by the Champ..

  10. SUPER TAG SCRAMBLE: Team ROH defeated Special K..
    • Team ROH (Los Maximos & Devine Storm & Da Hit Squad & Mikey Whipwreck w/Trinity)..
    • Special K (Jody Fleisch, Izzy, Dixie, Slim J, Deranged, Angel Dust, Hydro, Yeyo, Slugger)..
    • Mikey Whipwreck turned on his team and took down Jose, Joel, Chris Devine & Quiet Storm (his students)..
    • Special K took turns doing baseball slide kicks to the face of Quiet Storm..
    • Everyone participated in a crazy spot where everyone got on the ropes and fell down to the mat (had to be seen)..
    • Da Hit Squad has had virtually nothing to do with the match until close to the end..
    • Los Maximos hit their Spanish Fly on Izzy but only got a 2-count..
    • Mafia hit Deranged with a Burning Hammer from the second rope to score the pinfall victory!

  11. And that's a wrap..

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