Ring of Honor - WrestleRave '03
June 28, 2003 - Philadelphia - Murphy Recreation Center

  1. SHOWCASE TAG MATCH: Christopher St. Connection (Buff E & Mace) defeated The Outcast Killaz (Santiago/Tortega)..

  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: Steven DeAngelis (ROH ring announcer)..
    • They told the crowd that Tom Carter (Reckless Youth) & Mikey Whipwreck would not be appearing..
    • They also announced that Dan Maff's father, Rufino Lopez, had passed away last night, but Maff would compete..

  3. TAG MATCH: The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) defeated Prince Nana & Jimmy Cash..

  4. WOMANS MATCH: Alexis Laree defeated Sumie Sakai..

  5. TAP OUT MATCH: Chad Collyer (replacing Tom Carter) defeated Matt Stryker..

  6. 6MAN TAG: Carnage Crew (Loc & DeVito & Credible) defeated Special K (Izzy & Dixie & Deranged)..

  7. ROH TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Dan Maff to retain..
    • Danny Maff pointed to the sky after his introduction, to honor his father, who passed away the day before..
    • Somoa Joe reversed the Burning Hammer and hit a dragon Suplex for the win!
    • Standing ovation for Danny Maff with chants of "Maff! Maff! Maff! Maff! Maff!"..

  8. 4-CORNERS SURVIVAL MATCH: BJ Whitmer defeated Alex Shelly & Tony Mamaluke & Jimmy Jacobs..
    • Jimmy Jacobs does Bruiser Brody mannerisms, including saying "Huss! Huss!" and wearing furry boots..

  9. TAG MATCH: CM Punk & Colt Cabana w/Lucy defeated Raven & Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger..
    • CM Punk (bled buckets) nailed Raven with Lucy's purse, which contained a chain, and pinned him..
    • Raven challenged CM Punk to a Dog Collar match in Jersey next month..

  10. NWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles defeated Chris Sabin to retain..

  11. TABLES & LADDERS MATCH: Trent Acid defeated Homicide..
    • Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere worked a CZW event in Dover, DE just a few hours before this match!
    • Nice touch as they removed the ROH mat, since this was apparently "unsanctioned" by ROH..
    • Homicide hit Trent Acid with a stunner off the top rope through a table!
    • Johnny Kashmere interfered, but ended up brawling to the back with Homicide's manager Julius Smokes..
    • Homicide went for the Cop Killa, but Acid rolled him up for the pin..
    • After the match, the lights went out, music played, and out came all of Special K?!
    • Special K put Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere on a table and did a double splash onto both of them!!
    • Special K and some hot chicks danced in the ring and in the seats for about 15 minutes..

  12. And that's a wrap..

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