Ring of Honor - Death Before Dishonor
July 19, 2003 - Elizabeth, New Jersey

  1. IN THE RING: Special K + Christopher Street Connection + Low Ki..
    • Special K comes out with a bunch of chicks 30 minutes before bell time and threw a Rave in the arena..
    • When belltime came, the ROH ring announcer came in the ring but the music continued and he got pushed over!
    • The Christopher Street Connection & Ariel came out to break things up, but got beaten up!
    • Low Ki came out and cleaned house on Special K and challenged Deranged to a match..

  2. OPENING MATCH: Low Ki defeated Deranged..

  3. MATCH: Matt Stryker defeated Jimmy Rave (sub for Chad Collyer, who was in Japan)..

  4. WEAPONS MATCH: Team TWA defeated The Carnage Crew..
    • Team TWA (Texas Wrestling Alliance): Rudy Boy Gonzales & Hotstuff Hernandez & Fast Eddie & Don Juan..
    • The Carnage Crew: HC Loc & Tony DeVito & Justin Credible & Masada..
    • Justin Credible and Rudy Body Gonzales brawled backstage off camera where Credible was "injured"..
    • HC Loc & DeVito spike piledrove Don Juan off the ring apron through a table onto the floor!
    • Team TWA took an unbelievable beating but somehow scored the upset victory!
    • Brutal, stiff, bloody, insane, hardcore and sometimes unnecessary spotfest..

  5. TAG MATCH: Tony Mamaluke & John Walters defeated the Outkast Killahs..

  6. IN THE RING: The Outkast Killahs & Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) + Xavier..
    • Dunn and Marcos came out and made fun of the Outkast Killahs for losing..
    • Xavier (former ROH champion) made his return and took care of Dunn and Marcos!

  7. INTERVIEW: Gary Michael Cappetta & Xavier..
    • Xavier announced that he was back and entering the ROH Field of Honor tournament..

  8. PURE WRESTLING ChallengE: Tom Carter (aka Reckless Youth) defeated "The Anarchist" Doug Williams..
    • After the match, Allison Danger once again offered Tom Carter a spot in the Prophecy -- he walked away..

  9. 4CORNERS SURVIVAL #1 CONTENDER: BJ Whitmer defeated Homicide & Dan Maff & Colt Cabana..
    • Allison Danger was at ringside for Dan Maff, and Julius Smokes was there for Homicide..

  10. SCRAMBLE MATCH: Special K (Mikey Whipwreck/Hydro/AngelDust/BrianXL) defeated The SAT & Backseat Boyz..
    • One of the Maximos accidentally kicked Trent Acid in the head, leading to Mikey pinning Acid..

  11. 3-WAY DANCE: Jeff Hardy defeated Joey Matthews and Krazy K..
    • Jeff Hardy came out in his Willow The Whisp mask and a trenchcoat but took it off for the match..
    • The ROH crowd was brutal with thunderous BOOS and negitive reaction with the exception of some females in the audience..

  12. DOG COLLAR MATCH: CM Punk defeated Raven in a bloodbath..
    • Before the match, CM Punk trashed Danny Doring, who was sitting in the audience..
    • Late in the match, after a referee bump, Colt Cabana came out and whacked Raven with a chair!
    • Danny Doring jumped the rail and began brawling with Colt Cabana to the back..
    • Back in the ring, CM Punk scored the pinfall on Raven to supposedly "end" their feud..

  13. IN THE RING: CM Punk & Raven + Tommy Dreamer!!
    • After the match, CM Punk taped Raven's arms to the ring ropes in a "crucifix" pose..
    • CM Punk poured beer down Raven's throat, saying he was going to force him "back into rehab"..
    • All of a sudden, Tommy Dreamer hit the ring and gave CM Punk a chairshot and an Extreme DDT!
    • The crowd became unglued and chanted "ECW! ECW!" and then "Dreamer! Dreamer! Dreamer!"..
    • Tommy Dreamer then taped CM Punk to the ropes and freed Raven..
    • Raven & Tommy Dreamer embraced and then Raven poured beer into CM Punk's mouth!!
    • Raven & Tommy Dreamer exited and CM Punk got freed himself and went absolutely bonkers..
    • Editor's Note: For those who don't know, CM Punk's gimmick "drug free" and "alcohol free"..

  14. FINAL CHANGE TAG TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles & Amazing Red w/Alexis Laree defeated The Briscoe Brothers to retain..

  15. ROH TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Paul London via choke-out submission..
    • This was Paul London's final ROH appearance as he has signed a developmental deal with the WWE..
    • The crowd honored Paul London with chants of "Thank You, Paul" on his way out and streamers during his intro..
    • The locker room emtied and surrounded Paul London in the ring, all down on one knee to honor him..
    • Paul London gave a long speech thanking ROH, the ROH fans, Rudy Boy Gonzales (his trainer), and the ROH wrestlers..
    • Paul London took the time to hug shake hands and hug every wrestler and then kissed the ROH logo on the ring floor..

  16. And that's a wrap..

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