Ring of Honor - Beating the Odds
September 6, 2003 - Wakefield, MA - Charbonneau Field House

  1. PRE-SHOW: Homicide & Julius Smokes + Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere..
    • Before the event, as Homicide & Julius Smokes were signing autographs, they were attacked by the Backseats..
    • They also announced that Low Ki, Danny Maff and Xavier would not be appearing tonight..

  2. FIELD OF HONOR MATCH: Colt Cabana defeated Jimmy Rave in 12 minutes..

  3. MATCH: Slyk Wagner Brown w/April Hunter beat Diablo Santiago w/Oman Tortuga..

  4. TAG SCRAMBLE: The Backseat Boyz beat Los Maximos, Special K & Dunn & Marcos..
    • After the match, Homicide came out and demanded a match with Trent Acid later..
    • Trent Acid declined at first but then agreed only if it was a "wrestling" match..
    • Homicide said if he lost, he would never wrestle in ROH again..

  5. FIELD OF HONOR: Matt Styker defeated John Walters..

  6. 6-MAN TAG: The Carnage Crew (Credible/Devito/Loc) beat Special K (Deranged/Hydro/Angeldust)..
    • Julius Smokes came out and convinced Slugger (Special K's enforcer - big black guy) to leave Special K..
    • After the match, The Carnage Crew brutally piledrove Becky Bayless through a table off the apron to the floor!

  7. MATCH: Mark Briscoe defeated BJ Whitmer..

  8. MATCH: Homicide w/Julius Smokes defeated Trent Acid w/Johnny Kashmere (match of the night)..

  9. FOUR CORNERS MATCH: Jay Briscoe beat Samoa Joe, AJ Styles & Chris Sabin..
    • Non title match..
    • The stipulation was that is Joe won, they guy he pinned would never get an ROH title shot..
    • But if someone pinned Samoa Joe, they'd recieve a title shot at a later date..
    • All those special stipulations were pointless because Jay Briscoe pinned Chris Sabin..

  10. QUESTION/ANSWER SESSION: Gary Michael Cappetta & Justin Credible..
    • Someone asked if Triple H was really a jerk, JC said HHH is out for his own interests..
    • Someone asks how bad it was working with Albert, JC said Albert was a nice guy and "had his back"..
    • Someone asked if Vince McMahon was the biggest prick in the WWE, JC said Jim Ross & Johnny Ace are bigger ones..
    • Special K came out and attacked Justin Credible, and the Carnage Crew made the save..

  11. CLOCKWORK ORANGE CAGE MATCH: Raven defeated C.M. Punk
    • ROH totally ripped off TNA's Clockwork Orange effect by hanging weapons off the side of the cage..
    • Editor's Note: How can they justify Raven & Punk feuding in ROH, and being allies in TNA?
    • Colt Cabana tried to interfere for C.M. Punk, but Raven managed to win anyway..
    • After the match, the lights went out a giant red X was lowered into the ring..
    • CM Punk crucified Raven on it..
    • The X symbolizing straight edge, which is what Punk is.

  12. And that's a wrap..

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