Ring of Honor - Main Event Spectacles
November 1, 2003 - Elizabeth, New Jersey - RexPlex

  1. DARK MATCH: The Outcast Killazs defeated Special K (Lit & Cloudy)..

  2. DARK MATCH: Luis Ortiz defeated Jose Perez (both Chaotic Wrestling workers)..

  3. DARK MATCH: Grim Reefer & Slyk Wagner Brown w/April Hunter defeated Dunn & Marcos..

  4. FIELD OF HONOR: Dan Maff w/Allison Danger defeated Colt Cabana..

  5. IN THE RING: Jim Cornette & Samoa Joe + The Briscoe Brothers..
    • Jim Cornette & Samoa Joe came to the ring and tossed Dan Maff and Allison Danger out of the ring..
    • Christopher Daniels came out for the save but was thrown out of the ring as well..
    • Jim Cornette proceeded to cut a promo saying that is what happens when you mess with Jim Cornette..
    • ~~~Adding "ask Ed Ferrera, and Vince Russo --- I hear the Jiffy Lube is hiring"..
    • Jim Cornette said he was going to bring out the man who will lead wrestling into the 21st century..
    • Mark and Jay Briscoe came out instead and Jim Cornette told them they had a lot of nerve for interrupting him..
    • Samoa Joe started to fight with the Briscoes and then Jim Cornette whacked him with the tennis racket!
    • Jim Cornette ordered the Briscoes to take care of Samoa Joe..

  6. PURE WRESTLING ChallengE: Xavier & Nigel McGuinness defeated Tony Mamaluke & John Walters..

  7. MATCH: Matt Stryker defeated Justin Credible by submission..

  8. TAG MATCH: The Briscoes w/Jim Cornette defeated Special K (Izzy & Dixie) to win the ROH Tag Team titles!

  9. FIGHTING SPIRIT ChallengE: Homicide defeated BJ Whitmer (bloodied) in 20 minutes..

  10. TAG SCRAMBLE: Backseat Boyz beat The SAT, Carnage Crew (DeVito/Loc), Special K (Hydro/Angeldust), Teddy Hart/Jack Evans..
    • Match took place in a cage with black platforms at the top of each corner of the cage..
    • This was a complete utter brutal sick ballistic bump fest of insane proportions that had to be seen to be believed..
    • The SAT hit a crazy Spanish Fly on Hydro (aka Jay Lethal) from the top of the cage!!
    • Teddy Hart did repeated flips off of the top of the cage to the point that he vomited in the ring after the bout..
    • The Carnage Crew, legitimately saw this as disrespectful, and whipped Ted Hart down so he'd sell, but Hart jumped up again..
    • Ted Hart was not well-recieved when he returned to the locker room after the match..
    • Mike Johnson of reported that it went so far as Ted Hart being "thrown out of the locker room, bags and all"..

  11. 4-CORNERS MATCH: Steve Corino & CM Punk got a double in on Chris Daniels, with Samoa Joe as the 4th..
    • Steve Corino & CM Punk scored simulataneously scored pinfalls on Christopher Daniels after about 30 minutes..

  12. MAIN EVENT: AJ Styles defeated "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson in approx 25 minutes..

  13. And that's a wrap..

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