Ring of Honor - The Conclusion
November 28, 2003 - Fairfield, CT - Sacred Heart University

  1. DARK MATCH: Bison & Slugga defeated The Solution..

  2. DARK MATCH: Allison Danger defeated "Sweet" Sarah Stock..

  3. DARK MATCH: Slyk Wagner Brown w/Allison Danger defeated Jimmy Jact Cash..

  4. DARK MATCH: Special K (Hydro & Angeldust) defeated The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)..

  5. IN THE RING: CM Punk
    • CM Punk talked about Lucy being attacked saying she was the only one he could count on personally and privately..
    • CM Punk threatened to make the rest of the evening hell for everyone until he found out who atatcked her..

  6. TAG MATCH: The Backseat Boyz defeated Outkast Killahs..
    • After the match, CM Punk came out to confront the Backseat Boyz, asking if they knew about Lucy's attack..
    • Trent Acid said that they "didn't know and didn't care" and left..

  7. MATCH: Homicide defeated John Walters..

  8. TAG SCRAMBLE: The SAT defeated Carnage Crew, Hotstuff Hernandez/Fast Eddie, and Special K..
    • Special K's "Cloudy" was injured during the match, and taken to a hospital for observation..
    • The finish had to be improvised as the SAT hitting the Spanish Fly on Hydro (who replaced Cloudy)..

  9. MATCH: Christopher Daniels defeated Jimmy Rave..

  10. MATCH: Josh Daniels defeated Steve Corino after interference from Homicide..

  11. FIELD OF HONOR: Matt Stryker defeated Xavier to win Block A of the Field of Honor..

  12. FIELD OF HONOR 3-WAY: BJ Whitmer defeated Dan Maff and Colt Cabana to win Block B of Field of Honor..
    • CM Punk came out again and confronted Dan Maff to ask if The Prophecky was behind the attack on Lucy..
    • Dan Maff swore on his father's grave that The Prophecy wasn't involved..

  13. TAG TITLE MATCH: The Briscoe Brothers defeated Samoa Joe & AJ Styles to retain..
    • AJ Styles accidentally nailed Samoa Joe with a discus lariat..
    • Mark Briscoe hit a Shooting Star Press on Samoa Joe for the pin..

  14. CAGE MATCH: CM Punk defeated Raven by escaping the ROH Cage..
  15. And that's a wrap..

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