Ring of Honor - Round Robin Challenge III
May 15, 2004 - Lexington, MASS (Near Boston)

  1. ROUND ROBIN: The Prophecy (Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer) defeated The Second City Saints (CM Punk & Colt Cabana)..
    • The Saints tried to walk out of the match but Ricky Steanboat forced them back into the ring..
    • The Prophecy won and captured the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships..
    • After the match, the SCS attacked Ricky Steamboat and CM Punk Leg-dropped Steamboat through a table!
    • Second City Saints: 0-1 / The Prophecy: 1-0 / Briscoe Brothers: 0-0..

  2. BEST OF THREE #1: Alex Shelley defeated Matt Stryker..

  3. 8-MAN TAG: The Carnage Crew (Loc & Devito) & Dunn & Marcos defeated Prince Nana & Josh Daniels & Outkast Killahs..

  4. NON (ROH) TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Ricky Reyes w/Julius Smokes to retain..
    • It was revealed that Ricky Reyes was the one who turned out the lights in St. Paul, MN ..
    • The Havana Pitbulls are the newest members of the Rottweilers..

  5. IN THE RING: CM Punk & Colt Cabana..
    • Colt Cabana claimes his shoulders were off the mat during their first match and they were robbed of the titles..
    • CM Punk says it would never have happened if it wasn't for Ricky Steamboat, and calls Steamboat out!
    • CM Punk sarcastically remembers that they already sent Ricky Steamboat to the hospital tonight..
    • CM Punk predicted that they will walk out of Boston with their tag team titles in tact..

  6. ROUND ROBIN: The Briscoe Brothers (Mark & Jay) defeated The Prophecy (Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer)..
    • The Briscoe Brothers capture the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship..
    • Second City Saints: 0-1 / The Prophecy: 1-1 / Briscoe Brothers: 1-0..

  7. MATCH: Josh Daniels w/Prince Nana defeated Dixie (w/Becky Bayless & Other Members of Special K)..
    • AngelDust was wearing a neckbrace selling his injury (piledriven off the top of the Scramble Cage II)..
    • The Legendary Ox Baker showed up at ringside trying to whip Special K members into shape..

  8. 6-WAY MAYHEM: John Walters defeated Izzy and Roderick Strong and Masada and Hydro and Trent Acid..

  9. MATCH: Homicide w/Julius Smokes defeated Spanky..
    • Julius Smokes broke the code of honor and interfered, pulling the referee out during a pinfall attempt..
    • After the match, Samoa Joe hit the ring and brawled with Homicide..
    • Homicide hit several piledrivers on Samoa Joe with a vicious assault..

  10. ROUND ROBIN: The Second City Saints (CM Punk & Colt Cabana) defeated The Briscoe Brothers..
    • The Second City Saints capture the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship..
    • Second City Saints: 1-1 / The Prophecy: 1-1 / Briscoe Brothers: 1-1..
    • After the match, the Saints, the Briscoes, and the Prophecy got into a big brawl..
    • Ricky Steamboat reappeared and chopped away at CM Punk, followed by a cross-body from the top rope!

  11. And that's a wrap..

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