Ring of Honor - World Title Classic
June 12, 2004 - Dayton, Ohio

  1. TAG MATCH: The NEW Carnage Crew (Masada & Danny Daniels) defeated The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos)..

  2. DO OR DIE MATCH: JT Stahr & TJ Dalton vs Ala Hussein & Shawn Osbourne (All four from Les Thatcher's HWA)..
    • Before the match even started, Homicide hit the ring and complained about not being booked tonight..
    • Homicide then proceeded to beat the living hell out of all four HWA wrestlers as well as their valet, AND the referee..

  3. 6-WAY MAYHEM: Jimmy Jacobs defeated HC Loc & Matt Sydal & Delirious & Rainman & Caprice Coleman..

  4. BEST OF THREE #2: Alex Shelley w/Generation Next vs Matt Stryker..
    • Alex Shelley came out and introduced Generation Next (Roderick Strong, Austin Aries & Jack Evans)..
    • Alex Shelley told Matt Stryker to leave, otherwise he would get a beating ----- HE GOT A BEATING!
    • Generation Next demolished and bloodied Matt Stryker, who had to be helped away from the ring..
    • John Walters & Jimmy Rave ran down to make the save and set up a 2-on-3 Tag Team match..
    • Matt Stryker came back to the ring covered in blood to even up the odds..

  5. 6-MAN TAG: Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong & Austin Aries defeated Matt Stryker & John Walters & Jimmy Rave..

  6. FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL: Hydro defeated Chad Collyer and Superstar Steve and Ray Gordy..
    • The stipulation was that the winner would advance to the Pure Wrestling tournament in July..

  7. ROH TITLE MATCH: Samoa Joe vs C.M. Punk was a 60:00 time limit draw (Match of the Year contender)..
    • Les Thatcher presented Samoa Joe with a brand new Ring of Honor championship belt..
    • Les Thatcher said that Samoa Joe took a "regional belt" 15 months ago and turned it into a "World" belt..
    • After the match, as the crowd chanted "Five more minutes!" and "Thank you!", Homicide hit the ring..
    • Homicide attacked Samoa Joe and started throwing chairs and tipping over tables at ringside..
    • Homicide said that things between he and Samoa Joe weren't finished and stole the NEW ROH belt..
    • CM Punk picked up the OLD ROH belt, presented it to Samoa Joe and they shook hands and hugged out of respect..

  8. ULTIMATE ENDURANCE SERIES: The Prophecy defeated The Second City Saint & The Briscoes & Generation Next..
    • ~~The Prophecy (Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer w/Allison Danger) || The Briscoe Brothers (Mark & Jay Briscoe)..
    • ~~The Second City Saints (Colt Cabana & Ace Steel) || Generation Next (Jack Evans & Austin Aries)..
    • ~~Elimination style match, with each fall having a different set of rules and stipulations..
    • SUBMISSIONS RULES: Generation Next was eliminated when Jack Evans tapped out to the Prophecy..
    • TAG SCRAMBLE RULES: The Briscoes were eliminated when Mark was hit with the Doomsday Shining Wizard..
    • FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: The Saints were eliminated when BG Whitmer hit the Exploder off the top rope through a table..
    • ~~~Dan Maff followed up by giving Colt Cabana a vicious-looking Burning Hammer on top of the rubble!
    • After the match, Dan Maff convinced BJ Whitmer to drop the Prophecy name and also drop Allison Danger..

  9. And that's a wrap..

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