Ring of Honor - Survival of the Fittest
June 24, 2004 - Essington, Pennsylvania

  1. MATCH: Mark Briscoe defeated Alex Shelley (advances into the "Survival of the Fittest" match)..

  2. MATCH: Colt Cabana defeated Trent Acid (advances into the "Survival of the Fittest" match)..

  3. MATCH: John Walters vs Austin Aries w/Generation Next was a NO CONTEST..
    • Alex Shelley tells John Walters that they already took his spot on the show last month..
    • Generation Next attacked John Walters with a chair and busted him open!

  4. TAG MATCH: Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) vs John Walters & Josh Daniels..
    • Austin Aries pinned John Walters to advance in the Survival of the Fittest Tournament..

  5. MATCH: Homicide w/Julius Smokes defeated Jay Briscoe (advances into the "Survival of the Fittest" match)..

  6. MATCH: "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson defeated Jack Evans (advances into the "Survival of the Fittest")..

  7. MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Matt Stryker (advances into the "Survival of the Fittest" match)..
    • CM Punk came out after the match and asked Samoa Joe when he was going to get his rematch..
    • The lights suddenly went out, and Homicide appeared holding the "stolen" ROH championship belt..
    • Homicide then challenged Samoa Joe, but they instead brawled throughout the crowd..

  8. DARK MATCH: Rockin Rebel defeated Scott Cardinal..

  9. TAG SCRAMBLE: CM Punk (by himself) defeated Special K (Dixie & Hydro), Dunn & Marcos and The Outkast Killaz..
    • CM Punk felt he could handle it, so he sent Colt Cabana to the back to prepare for the main event..
    • ~~~The ROH Tag Team titles were on the line, but CM Punk had to be pinned to lose the championships..
    • Becky Bayless, Cloudy & Cheech were at ringside || Prince Nana & Xavier were there representing The Embassy..
    • CM Punk sat back and let the others kill themselves before scoring the east pin on Dunn for the win!
    • CM Punk got on the microphone and complained about the lack of competition in Ring of Honor..
    • Special K's Hydro got in the ring and challenged CM Punk to a match..

  10. MATCH: C.M. Punk defeated Hydro (aka Jay Lethal)..

  11. PROMO: HC Loc (The Carnage Crew challenged the "New Carnage Crew" to a Weapons Match on July 17..

  12. IN THE RING: Allison Danger..
    • Allison Danger put a bounty on the heads of Dan Maff and BJ Whitmer for abandoning the Prophecy..

  13. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST 6-WAY: American Dragon wins this "Elimination Style" match..
    • Colt Cabana actually pinned ROH Champion Samoa Joe!
    • Mark Briscoe pinned Colt Cabana after hitting a Shooting Star Press!
    • Mark Briscoe and Homicide were both eliminated after a German Suplex Double Pin spot..
    • American Dragon defeated Austin Aries by tap out to win the "Survival of the Fittist"..
    • Editor's Note: Austin Aries suffered a sick gash on his chin during the match..

  14. And that's a wrap..

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