Ring of Honor - Reborn: Completion
July 17, 2004 - Elizabeth, New Jersey - The Rex Plex

    DO OR DIE 3 AFTERNOON SHOW (Attendance: 450)

  1. TAG MATCH: The Outkast Killaz (Diablo Santiago & Oman Tortuga) defeated Gabe Roach & Mike Foxx..

  2. WOMANS MATCH: Daizee Haze (from IWA: Mid South) defeated Allison Danger..

  3. MATCH: Tony Kozina defeated Special K's Angeldust..

  4. TAG MATCH: The Ring Crew Express (Dunn & Marcos) defeated Don Juan & Jared Steel..
    • Don Juan & Jared Steel are from the Texas Wrestling Academy and were accompanied by trainer Rudy Boy Gonzalez..

  5. MATCH: Rainman (from Wildside) defeated "Sheik" Shawn Daivari..

  6. HANDICAP MATCH: Colt Cabana defeated The Christopher Street Connection..

  7. MATCH: Colt Cabana defeated Caprice Coleman (from Wildside)..

  8. MATCH: Matt Sydal (from IWA: Mid South) defeated Delirious..

  9. MATCH: Joshua Masters vs Brian Gamble ended in a NO CONTEST after Homicide attacked them..
    • Joshua Masters and Brian Gamble are both from a promotion called Full Impact Pro..

  10. NAIN EVENT: Josh Daniels defeated B-Boy..


  11. TAG MATCH: Generation Next (Roderick Strong & Jack Evans) defeated Special K (Izzy & Dixie)..
    • After the match, Generation Next beat up Special K and gave Beck Bayless a vicious backbreaker..

  12. PURE WRESTLING 4-WAY: Doug Williams defeated Jay Lethal and Nigel McGiness and John Walters..

  13. TAG MATCH: The Carnage Crew (HC Loc & Devito) defeated The NEW Carnage Crew (Masada & Danny Daniels)..
    • Danny Daniels was covered with a trash can and beaten sensless with baseball bats and then pinned!
    • As stipulated, Loc & Devito win the right to use the Carnage Crew name exclusively..
    • Also, Masada & Danny Daniels have to split up as a tag team..

  14. PURE WRESTLING 4-WAY: Alex Shelley defeated Austin Aries and Matt Stryker and CM Punk..
    • Before the match, Generation Next attacked Matt Stryker and Shelley punched him with a steel chain!
    • CM Punk and Alex Shelley hit simoltaneous rollups on Aries and Stryker and the ref only counted for Shelley..
    • CM Punk was pissed off after the match for being 'screwed out of the Pure title AGAIN' and cut a promo..
    • CM Punk said if Generation Next wanted to take someone's spot, then they can have Steamboat's spot after tonight!

  15. FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Dan Maff & BJ Whitmer defeated Colt Cabana & Ace Steel..
    • The match ended up on the balcony where Colt Cabana fell backwards off the raid (supposedly) 50 feet to the floor..
    • Dan Maff pinning Ace Steel after whacking him with a spotlight..
    • Allison Danger came down and claimed she owned the contracts of Maff & Whitmer and would make their lives hell!

  16. MATCH: Jimmy Rave w/The Embassy defeated Trent Acid..
    • Last months rumor of Jimmy Rave being fired from ROH was only an internet work..
    • Jimmy Rave is the newest member of Prince Nana's "Embassy" -- including Diablo Santiago & Oman Tortuga..
    • Jimmy Rave won via the Styles Clash, which garnered a large amount of heat from the crowd..

  17. PURE WRESTLING TITLE FINAL: Doug Williams defeated Alex Shelley to WIN the vacant Pure title!
    • After the match, Doug Williams offered a handshake, but Shelley grabbed the UK flag and threw it down!

  18. FINAL CONFRONTATION: C.M. Punk vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat..
    • The two of them went right at each other with Steamboat landing a series of chops on Punk..
    • Ricky Steamboat held the ring bell above Punk and said that Punk has a lot of talent but his attitude is destroying him..
    • Ricky Steamboat said that if Punk continues with his attitude, then Steamboat will continue to beat him..
    • Ricky Steamboat then gave C.M. Punk the chance to stand up and be the man he knows he can be..
    • Generation Next hit the ring and attacked Ricky Steamboat, until C.M. Punk recovered and made the save!
    • C.M. Punk & Ricky Steamboat received a standing ovation as the stared at each other..

  19. MAIN EVENT: Samoe Joa & The Briscoe Brothers defeated Homicide & Ricky Reyes & Rocky Romero by DQ..
    • During the match, Julius Smokes handed a cell phone to Homicide, who spoke briefly to 'someone' on the other end..
    • Homicide threw a fireball at Samoa Joe and missed him but hit Jay Briscoe (sort of)..
    • Low Ki made his surprise return to ROH and seemingly sided with Samoa Joe to protect the ROH championship..
    • Low Ki then turned heel and attacked Samoa Joe with the ROH belt and all of them laid out Joe in the ring!
    • Low Ki cut a promo to insult the fans and stated that ROH has gone down hill since his departure..
    • Low Ki made reference to the company's former 'boy touching owner' which will likely be cut from the home release..
    • Homicide then officially announced Low Ki as the newest member of the Rottweilers..
    • The Rottweilers (Homicide/Low Ki/Reyes/Romero) continued to attack Samoa Joe and took the ROH belt..

  20. And that's a wrap..

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