Ring of Honor - The Final Showdown
May 13, 2005 - Dayton, Ohio

  1. OPENING MATCH: Alex Shelley defeated Roderick Strong..

  2. MATCH: Matt Stryker defeated The Masked Chicago Superstar by Strykerlock submission..
    • Matt Stryker's thing is that he only works ROH shows in the Midwest because East Coast fans don't respect him..

  3. 4-CORNER SURVIVAL: Jack Evans defeated Delirious and Samoa Joe and Ebetaro (aka Ebassan)...
    • Samoa Joe cut a promo saying it looks like Ring of Honor decided to take it easy on him tonight..
    • Samoa Joe said if either of his three opponents could pin his shoulder they could have the Pure title..
    • During the match, Delirious and Ebetaro did a hilarious "slow motion" series of moves that had the crowd unglued..
    • Jack Evans (legal man) won after hitting a 630 splash on Delirious while Samoa Joe had Ebetaro choked out..
    • After the match, Ebetaro and Delirious hugged eachother to show respect.....

  4. TAG TITLE MATCH: BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs defeated C.M. Punk & Ace Steel to retain..
    • After the match, The Embassy showed up to taunt CM Punk and Prince Nana gave Punk a chance to walk away..
    • CM Punk declined and started a big brawl with Jimmy Rave until Matt Sydal and Daizee Haze made the save!
    • Daizee Haze went after the Embassy's valet Jade Chung while a match between Sydal and Rave was set up..

  5. MATCH: Jimmy Rave w/Prince Nana & Jade Chung defeated Matt Sydal w/Daizee Haze with the Raves Clash..

  6. TAG MATCH: Colt Cabana & Doug Williams defeated Nigel McGuiness & Chad Collyer..

  7. ROH TITLE MATCH: Austin Aries defeated James Gibson to retain..

  8. STEEL CAGE MATCH: American Dragon defeated Homicide to win the Best of 5 Series!
    • American Dragon performed "the longest airplane spin ever" and fell on top of Homicide for the WIN!
    • The crowd wanted a handshake, so Homicide shook Dragon's hand, only to give him a Diamond Cutter!
    • Homicide demanded the referee raise his "mother f'ing hand" but the referee said he didn't win and ran..
    • Homicide warned American Dragon that it wasn't over and to watch his "mother f'ing back"........
    • American Dragon said Homicide started by beating him twice in a row, but he choked just like the Yankees!
    • American Dragon said he'll gladly continue his feud with Homicide after he wins the ROH title tomorrow!

  9. And that's a wrap..

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