Ring of Honor - 4th Anniversary Show
February 25, 2006 - Edison, New Jersey

  1. KICK OFF: They did a 10-bell salut for Johnny Grunge - who passed away recently..

  2. TAG 3-WAY: The Briscoe Brothers defeated Tony Mamaluke & Salvatore Rinauro and Jason Blade & Kid Mikaze..

  3. FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL: Adam Pearce defeated Claudio Castagnoli and Jay Fury and Azrieal..

  4. GRUDGE MATCH: Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal..

  5. MATCH: Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger & Lacey vs B.J. Whitmer ended in a No Contest..
    • Chris Hero, Necro Butcher and a few of CZW wrestlers hijacked the Ring of Honor as Hero taunted the fans..
    • Adam Pearce lead the charge and broke through the barrier and speared Chris Hero in the middle of the ring..
    • The ROH locker room emptied and a huge intense riot broke out with ROH reclaiming their ring from CZW....
    • Samoa Joe came out and took the fight to Chris Hero after Chris Hero yelled that nobody could stop him..
    • ROH was left standing in the ring when suddenly the Briscoe Brothers attacked Austin Aries & Roderick Strong..
    • Out of no-where, Homicide & Colt Cabana spilled into the arena brawling and starting their Street Fight..

  6. GHETTO STREET FIGHT: Homicide w/Julius Smokes defeated Colt Cabana..
    • The match initially ended when the referee stopped it due to Colt Cabana not being in any condition to continue..
    • Colt Cabana got the microphone and told Homicide that the fight wasn't over and he would have to kill him to win..
    • Homicide came back and the match was restarted -- until the referee stopped the match again due to interference..
    • Homicide, Julius Smokes, and Ricky Reyes tied Colt Cabana to the corner ropes with tape and were beating on him..
    • Homicide told Cabana "it's over!" and left -- Colt Cabana was untied by the referee and then called Homicide back!
    • Homicide came back and the match was again restarted but ended with Homicide piledriving Cabana through a table..
    • The referee stopped the match for the last time and Homicide told Cabana that nobody messes with his personal life..

  7. STUDENT MATCH: Bobby Dempsey defeated Mitch Franklin (Not Shown on DVD)..

  8. ROH TITLE MATCH: American Dragon defeated Jimmy Rave w/Prince Nana to retain..

  9. MATCH: Ricky Reyes defeated Jack Evans by Submission..

  10. TAG TITLE MATCH: Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defeated A.J. Styles & Matt Sydal to retain..
    • Everybody shook hands after the match and then the Briscoe Brothers attacked Austin Aries & Roderick Strong..
    • AJ Styles & Matt Sydal of course made the save and the Briscoes retreated saying they wanted the tag belts...

  11. And that's a wrap..

*** Official ROH DVD Reviews by Brad Dykens ***
February 25, 2006 - 4th ANNIVERSARY SHOW - Edison, New Jersey

It's been four unforgettable years since the "Era of Honor Begins", the very appropriate title for Ring of Honor's debut show in Philadelphia back in February of 2002. ROH quickly became my favorite promotion, even without having seen a tape or DVD. I was getting so much excitement just out of reading the recaps on the internet. When I finally did start getting tapes my opinion of the company was solidified.

The show opened with the highly anticipated return of Mark and Jay Briscoe to Ring of Honor. The Briscoes were on fire when ROH first started and they developed into a very well rounded tag team during their stint. After well over a year out of the company, they have returned to reclaim their glory in ROH. They interrupted a tag match between Kid Mikaze & Jason Blade vs Tony Mamaluke & Sal Rinauro and turned it into a 3-WAY. The Briscoe came out of it with their arms raised and adrenaline pumping ( 6.5 / 10 )

The 4-Corner Survival match is a staple of ROH shows. It's incredible to me how this never gets stale; every match is entertaining and has its own unique dynamic. I absolutely admire how bookers can pick four wrestlers at random and manage to get a good match out of them almost every time. It's a testament to the quality of talent that ROH employs. Anyway, Adam Pearce continued to make an impact in ROH by winning the match over Claudio Castagnoli, Azrieal and Jay Fury. When Pearce first broke on the scene he really rubbed me the wrong way, but I now find him very cool. He would return later to solidify his position as one of ROH's leading men. ( 5.5 / 10 )

Samoa Joe sought revenge against his former protégé, Jay Lethal, in a grudge match. Joe did in fact secure victory over Lethal after a very good match (7.5 / 10 ). After that, B.J. Whitmer had his opportunity to battle former Prophecy stable-mate Christopher Daniels, who was accompanied not only by Allison Danger, but also by the lovely Lacey, who promised to give away all of Whitmer's secrets. This match of great importance ended in an abrupt No Contest when hell froze over and the shit hit the fan......................

Suddenly, without warning, the ring was full of CZW invaders. I am only mildly familiar with CZW and I only recognized Chris Hero & Necro Butcher (the rest were overweight jobbers). The insanity exploded all over the arena with one of the most electric and realistic brawls in the history of professional wrestling. The ROH locker room emptied and fought to reclaim their ring from the CZW "garbage wrestlers." Adam Pearce was the first to break through the barrier and attacked CZW's leader Chris Hero. The ring filled up with so many wrestlers they were literally piled on top of one another. The ring emptied and Chris Hero was left in the ring yelling at the top of his lungs "I'm Chris Hero and who is going stop me?" - Samoa Joe jumped in the ring and put a stop to Hero's tirade of obscenities. The war between ROH and CZW has officially begun. ( 9.5 / 10 )

Before the dust could settle, Homicide & Colt Cabana spilled out into the arena brawling with each other and immediately started their Ghetto Street Fight. This sort of non-stop action would wear out your average wrestling crowd but the ROH fans remained on their feet for this bloody fight. The referee stopped the match not once, not twice, but three times, in Homicide's favor; but the bloodied Colt Cabana would not stay down and repeatedly called Homicide back to the ring. The intention of this match was to settle their feud but they set up one last Fight Without Honor for the next event in Chicago. Like I've said before, I'm not a big fan of these hardcore style matches but this one had so much psychology involved that it had me hooked ( 7 / 10 ).

Prince Nana and the Embassy had ROH World Champion American Dragon in their sights for a long time, and they finally got their chance to take the Gold off of Dragon's waist. Jimmy Rave has been a major player in ROH for a long time and it's about time he received a title shot. Rave proved why he has deserved the shot by going move for move with the Champ from beginning to end. Dragon's intensity was too much for Rave, who was rendered unconscious by a series of patented elbow shots to the head from Dragon ( 8.5 / 10 ).

Jack Evans was lucky to leave Edison with his life. As if the threat of facing the murderous Ricky Reyes wasn't enough, Evans severely botched a springboard flippedy dippedy move and landed right on the back of his shoulders on hard floor. I seriously thought he was paralyzed, anybody else would have been, but this was Jack Freakin' Evans - he recovered and took three power-bombs and STILL kicked out. It was all for not, as several minutes later Reyes finished Evans off with one of his sick looking inverted DDTs. I still don't like Reyes, and I hate when Evans does crap like that. I just hope he saves enough money for the wheel chair he's going to be confined to before his 30th birthday ( 6 / 10 ).

The main event was quite possibly the best match of the year. Matt Sydal teamed up with the Phenomenal AJ Styles to try to unseat their Generation Next stable-mates Austin Aries and Roderick Strong of their ROH Tag Team titles. After everything that had gone on already that night, the crowd was STILL hot for this tag match. It was good old fashioned back-and-forth action between four of ROH's finest. Who won? Only one way to find out ( 9.5 / 10 ).

Final Thoughts: I keep thinking ROH is going to throw at least one crappy show at me one of these days just so I can quit being such a damn mark with these positive reviews. The truth is, ROH is consistently great, and even in the rare instance of a bad match or a bad segment, there is plenty more on the DVD to make up for it. If you would like to purchase this or any other ROH DVD, please check out - Thank you!

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