July 12, 2001
Birmingham, AL
Jefferson County Civic
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jim Ross
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  1. KICKOFF: Mr. McMahon, Undertaker.
    • As the show began, Mr. McMahon tried to convince the Undertaker to be a part of Team WWF, saying that he had given Taker what he wanted -- a match against Shane McMahon and Diamond Dallas Page on SmackDown! Mr.
    • McMahon even said he had given Taker Kurt Angle as a partner.
    • Taker said a deal's a deal, and then Vince asked Taker how Sara was.
    • Taker told Vince never to bring her name up again, and not to screw with him, because someone was going to go for their Last Ride on SmackDown!
  2. COMMENTARY: Michael Cole & Jim Ross.
    • Jim Ross joined Michael Cole for commentary on SmackDown!
    • Tazz had his hands full as part of the new WCW/ECW entity.
  3. IN THE RING: Shane-O'Mac, Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon, WCW, ECW.
    • WCW owner Shane McMahon's theme music suddenly rang throughout the arena, and the Boy Wonder headed to the ring, flanked by all the stars of WCW!
    • Shane is booed as he began addressing the crowd. He vowed that WCW would show its dominance on SmackDown! when he and DDP took on Angle and Taker.
    • Shane bragged about how he and his troops shocked the world on RAW. He again promised that the WCW/ECW combination would kick the World Wrestling Federation's ass at Invasion.
    • Shane said he couldn't take all the credit, however -- and he then introduced Paul Heyman and the new owner of ECW, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!
    • Paul and Stephanie headed to the ring with the stars of ECW. The ECW and WCW stars embraced in the ring, as did Shane, Stephanie and Paul.
    • Heyman said it was common knowledge that Vince McMahon had stolen all of ECW's concepts and attitude to become the success he was. He said Vince also took ECW's stars and cable deal, which ultimately ran them out of business. So Paul said if Vince was going to take everything from Paul, then he was going to take everything from him -- his children!
    • Paul admitted that he had been the mole all along, giving Shane all the information he needed to steal WCW! Paul said that wasn't enough; he also wanted to take the one constant in Vince's life -- Stephanie! He did so by seducing Stephanie with the power of becoming ECW owner!
    • Paul told Vince the same thing that Vince once told his father -- get out of the way, or get squashed! He told Vince they would take what they wanted at Invasion.
    • Heyman then handed the microphone to Stephanie, who told Paul that he could call her "boss."
    • Stephanie said that together, she and Shane had the power to run the Federation out of business! Stephanie said that she and Shane were better than Vince, simply due to evolution -- children were stronger, smarter, faster, and generally outlived their parents.
    • She said that she and Shane just couldn't wait for Vince to die. She said they were too impatient, so they decided to join forces to run Vince out of business forever.
  4. BACKSTAGE: Commissioner Regal, Tajiri.
    • William Regal and Tajiri watched the segment backstage, and Regal talked about how there wouldn't even be a sports-entertainment industry without Vince McMahon.
    • Regal then told Tajiri -- a former ECW star -- that Tajiri's decision to stay with the Federation was the right decision.
    • He promised Tajiri he would go a long way, and then asked Tajiri if there was anything he could do to thank him.
    • Tajiri said he wanted to do commentary on SmackDown! with Ross and Cole!
    • Regal told Tajiri that he had a lovely speaking voice, and sent Tajiri to the commentator's table with his blessing!
  5. BACKSTAGE: Mr. McMahon, Austin, Debra.
    • Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra walked into a very tense Mr. McMahon's locker room.
    • Vince said he was down in the dumps about the invasion and about his kids turning against him.
    • Austin said that Vince still had him. Stone Cold said he had something that would erase all Vince's problems. He told Vince he'd be right back with the answer to all Vince's problems.
  6. RINGSIDE: Ross, Cole, Tajiri.
    • Tajiri joined Ross and Cole at ringside to provide color commentary, and the Japanese Buzzsaw didn't seem to know much English -- but he did know the term "Business is about to pick up!"
  7. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: Tazz vs Hardcore Holly
    • Prior to the bout, Tazz stared menacingly towards the commentary table -- the very table he had occupied for the past six months.
    • Tajiri called the bout a "slobknocker!"
    • Tazz won the bout after a Tazzmission
    • Afterwards, Tazz went over to the announce table and attacked Tajiri, locking him in the Tazzmission!
  8. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Debra, Austin.
    • Vince and Debra talked backstage, and the Federation owner questioned what Stone Cold would do to change the face of Invasion.
    • Suddenly, Austin walked into the locker room -- with a guitar!
    • Stone Cold said that violence wasn't the answer to their problems. He said that since he was a kid, whenever he had a problem, his dad would break out the guitar and sing a few songs, helping him to forget about his problems. He said he wanted to sing to Vince and help solve his problems! Austin started singing "Kumbaya," but the owner didn't seem to feel any better! Stone Cold then sang a variation of Queen's "We Are the Champions," called "I Am The Champion!" Again, the owner didn't seem to be feeling any better!
  9. INTERPROMOTIONAL MATCH: Lance Storm vs Chris Jericho
    • Battle of the Thrill Seekers (former tag team partners).
    • Prior to the bout, Storm grabbed the mic and said he wanted to be serious for a minute. He said that Federation fans were used to cartoon characters, but he needed no bells and whistles. As he spoke, the Y2J countdown began, and out came Jericho!
    • Y2J told Storm that he wasn't a cartoon character, he was a movie character -- Forrest Gump!
    • Jericho would pick up the victory, forcing Storm to tap out to the Walls of Jericho!
  10. BACKSTAGE: Austin, Vince, Debra, Angle.
    • Austin continued serenading Vince, with his rendition of "Camptown Ladies Sing that Song."
    • Kurt Angle then entered the dressing room.
    • Stone Cold accused Kurt of being jealous of his relationship with Vince, and being jealous of the fact that he could sing!
    • Kurt said he thought he could carry a tune, and Austin gave him the guitar.
    • Just before he was about to play, Austin coughed loudly!
    • Angle then tried again, and sang, "Jimmy Crack Corn!"
    • Austin grabbed the guitar as Vince left the locker room, and Stone Cold told Angle he was pathetic.
  11. BACKSTAGE: Trish Stratus & Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy & Lita.
    • Trish apologized to Jeff Hardy for kissing him on RAW, saying she just got caught up in the moment.
    • Jeff said he wasn't mad.
    • Lita and Matt Hardy then approached the two, and Lita said that she understood that she and Trish had to team up at Invasion, but she still had personal issues with Trish, and she wanted to settle them one-on-one on SmackDown!
    • Trish said OK, and then walked away.
    • Matt then asked Jeff what was going on between him and Trish, and Jeff said that nothing was going on.
  12. BACKSTAGE: Mike Awesome.
    • Mike Awesome went up to the Federation's seamstress and told her he wanted new tights -- tights which had "Awesome" written down the sides of both legs!
  13. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Christian.
    • Watching on from another dressing room, Edge & Christian said that they were the only ones in sports entertainment who reek of awesomeness, and that Awesome's tights should actually have "chumpstain" written down one leg, and "dorkzilla" written down the other!
  14. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Austin, Angle, Jericho, Taker, Kane.
    • Vince addressed the five men who will comprise Team WWF at Invasion -- Stone Cold, Angle, Jericho, Undertaker and Kane.
    • McMahon told the Federation Superstars that they were facing their most imposing threat ever, and they needed to be united, because united they stand, divided they fall.
    • The five men promised to work together for the good of the Federation.
    • During the meeting, Stone Cold seemed to be taking an active role in the festivities, as Austin apparently wants to be the team captain, as he insinuated on RAW.
  15. IN THE RING: Vince, Austin.
    • Mr. McMahon strutted to the ring, and introduced the fans to the greatest Federation Champion of all-time and the man who will lead Team WWF into Invasion -- Stone Cold Steve Austin!
    • Mr. McMahon said that people were saying that since WrestleMania, Stone Cold had changed drastically, even becoming a brown-noser.
    • Vince said he agreed with that, and maybe it was for the better. But Vince said he needed another change heading into Invasion. He said the man he needed to lead Team WWF was not a Steve Austin who gives him hugs, gives him gifts, or strums a guitar. Vince said he wanted the old Stone Cold -- the one who was a beer-swilling, foul-mouth S.O.B., who don't take no s**t from anybody, who raised hell every night and who would knock Mr. McMahon on his ass!
    • Mr. McMahon asked Austin if Stone Cold heard what he was saying, and he begged Austin to knock him down! He asked the crowd if they wanted Austin to beat the hell out of him, and the crowd said "Hell yeah!"
    • But Austin shook his head no, and simply walked out of the ring with his head down.
    • McMahon asked him not to leave, as he needed him to lead Team WWF at Invasion.
    • But despite Mr. McMahon's pleas, Austin would not even turn around as he left, even as the Federation owner begged for a Stunner!
  16. DURING THE BREAK: Austin, Debra, Vince.
    • Stone Cold and Debra left the arena.
    • Moments later, an upset Mr. McMahon left the arena to find Austin and try and talk some sense into him.
    • Kurt Angle stopped him as he was leaving, asking the Federation owner if he would stay for his match, but Vince said he needed to find the Rattlesnake to lead Team WWF.
    • Angle said that he would lead Team WWF, but Vince said he wanted to talk some sense into the Rattlesnake, and to bring back the old Stone Cold.
    • Rhyno picked up a huge upset win, pinning Kane with a roll-up thanks to a fast-count by WCW referee Nick Patrick.
  18. COMMISSIONERS OFFICE: Regal Tajiri, Earl Hebner.
    • Regal made a match for Invasion between Tajiri and Tazz.
    • Earl Hebner then walked into Regal's office, and Regal asked how Hebner could allow Nick Patrick to cost Kane his match against Rhyno.
    • Regal told Hebner to go to Patrick's locker room and challenge him to a match at Invasion -- and to bring some of his referee friends with him!
  19. MATCH: Lita vs Trish Stratus.
    • Lita pinned Trish following a moonsault
    • Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson approached the Hardy Boyz backstage and kissed Matt and Jeff! An irate Lita -- who watched from the ring -- was none too happy after the bout!
  20. LOCKER ROOM: Referees.
    • The WCW referees were talking in their locker room when the Federation referees entered.
    • Hebner challenged Patrick to a match at Invasion, and Patrick agreed -- but said he didn't want to wait until Invasion! The referees then rumbled in the locker room!
  21. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Mike Awesome vs Jeff Hardy.
    • Edge & Christian soon interfered in the bout, giving Awesome the con-chair-to!
    • Moments later, Jeff hit the Swanton and pinned Awesome to become Hardcore Champion, bringing that title back to the World Wrestling Federation!
  22. BACKSTAGE: Taker, Kane, Angle, Jericho.
    • Undertaker, Kane, Angle and Jericho had a meeting backstage.
    • Taker was giving the group instructions on protecting the backstage area during the SmackDown! main event, when Angle challenged Taker, telling the Badass that he was the leader with Vince and Austin gone!
    • It only took one dirty look from Kane and Taker, however, to change Kurt's mind, as Angle said that Taker could be the team leader -- but only for tonight!
  23. INTERPROMOTIONAL TAG TEAM WAR: Taker/Angle vs Shane-O'Mac/DDP.
    • An intense and emotional war culminated when Taker gave Shane the Last Ride and Angle locked DDP in the ankle lock.
    • After Taker pulled Kurt off of Page -- he wanted to destroy DDP by himself -- members of the ECW and WCW roster came out to attack Angle and Taker!
    • Angle and Taker cleaned house, but suddenly, in ran more WCW and ECW stars!
    • As they attacked Angle outside the ring, Taker delivered a stunning dive from the ring all the way to the outside, taking out many of the stars!
    • But the beatdown continued on Taker and Angle. Jericho and Kane ran down to try to make the save, but the WCW and ECW stars were relentless.
    • Paul Heyman just watched on with a demonic smile as the ECW and WCW stars demolished the four members of Team WWF.
    • The ECW and WCW stars stood over the fallen Federation Superstars as ECW music blared in the arena, as SmackDown! went off the air.
  24. Goodnight Everybody......

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