July 26, 2001
Pittsburgh, Penn
Mellon Arena
Announcers: Jim Ross & Michael Cole

  1. KICKOFF: Hardy Boyz vs Hurricane Helms & Billy Kidman
    • Lita hits a hurricanrana on Kidman outside the ring.
    • Helms is easy prey for a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb inside the ring.
    • the Hardys picked up the win.

  2. BACKSTAGE: Big Show, Billy Gunn.
    • Big Show told Billy he had a great idea -- to call their team the "Show-gunns!"
    • Gunn said it was the stupidest name he ever heard of.
    • Show said at least it wasn't Rockabilly, Mr. Ass, or "The One" with no talent!
    • Billy said people would stop calling Show the Giant, Big Slow, or a big pile of horses**t!
    • Big Show promised Billy that "Show-gunns" would work out just fine.
    • Billy said that speaking of working out, when was the last time Show went to the gym?
    • Show answered that he had just come from the gym, and Billy told him that driving through the parking lot didn't count!

  3. IN THE RING: Shane, Stephanie, Heyman, Austin, WCW, Angle.
    • Stephanie said that the fans were all a bunch of non-believers, who didn't think that WCW/ECW could win the Inaugural Brawl.
    • She said that not only did the alliance strike a near-fatal blow to the Federation, but they had also taken nearly all of the Federation's championships.
    • Stephanie introduced the gold-card carrying members of the alliance -- WCW Tag Team Champions Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo, WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman, WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam, WWF Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm and WCW Champion and U.S. Champion Booker T. Stephanie also introduced Kanyon, who Booker presented with his U.S. Championship.
    • Stephanie then brought out the crown jewel of the alliance -- the World Wrestling Federation Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    • The Billion Dollar Princess said that WCW/ECW was the home of the gold.
    • But before the festivities could continue, out came Pittsburgh's own Kurt Angle!
    • The Olympic hero received a huge ovation from his hometown crowd as he came out to the stage!
    • Angle said that WCW/ECW could stand there with all the gold they wanted, but none of them would ever be an Olympic gold medalist!
    • He said that Stephanie could talk all she wanted about WCW/ECW being the "home of the gold," but he had the gold medals, and Pittsburgh was his home!
    • And he said nothing would please him more than to face Stone Cold Steve Austin right in Pittsburgh, and to bring the Federation Title back where it belonged!
    • Stone Cold grabbed a microphone and told Angle he was selfish to want Austin's gold, when he had gold of his own.
    • But Austin admitted that he too was selfish.
    • He said that he would be happy to whip Angle's ass, but not on SmackDown!
    • Austin said he was an American, and was all about opportunity, and said that tonight, Angle would get an opportunity at Booker T's WCW Title!
    • Booker T was shocked by Austin's statement!
    • Angle said he had no problem with that.
    • Austin said that Angle claimed he could beat that "sucka" any time, anywhere, and Angle said yes, he could beat that "sucka" any time, anywhere.
    • Booker said that he would indeed give Angle a title shot on SmackDown!, and said that Angle's ass belonged to him.
    • Angle said his ass belonged to no one, and that after he won the WCW Title on SmackDown!, Stone Cold was next!

  4. COMMISSIONERS OFFICE: Regal, Tajiri, Kanyon.
    • Regal told Tajiri how proud he was to have Kurt Angle represent the Federation.
    • Kanyon entered his office, and asked for a match with Chris Jericho.
    • Regal asked if the U.S. Title would be on the line, and Kanyon said no way.
    • Regal said that before he gave Kanyon his match, he was giving a little test -- Kanyon had to say, "She sells seashells by the seashore" seven times!
    • Kanyon couldn't do it! Regal said that since he couldn't perform the task, he would instead grant Kanyon a tag match, pitting Jericho and Tajiri against Kanyon and a partner of Kanyon's choice.
    • Kanyon chose Rob Van Dam!
    • Kanyon then left -- and Tajiri said the phrase with ease!

  5. TAG TEAM MATCH: Dudley Boyz vs "Show-gunns"
    • ShowGunns = Billy Gunn and the Big Show.
    • The Dudleys picked up the win after a 3-D on Billy.
    • After the bout, Gunn and Show exchanged some words.

  6. ANNOUNCEMENT: Concerning the Rock.
    • It was then announced that The Rock will be on RAW IS WAR this coming Monday to address the world!
    • A video tribute aired to The Rock, and as the alliance watched backstage, Booker T talked smack about the People's Champion, saying to hell with him!
    • Austin told Booker not to worry about The Rock, but instead to focus on the challenge of Kurt Angle.
    • Austin also said that The Rock just might find a home with the alliance.

  7. MATCH: Diamond Dallas Page vs Kane
    • This high-impact bout ended in a disqualification when WCW referee Nick Patrick DQed the Big Red Machine for nailing DDP with a chair, even though it was Page who brought the chair into the ring!
    • After the bout, DDP hit Kane with the chair, and then ran away from the Big Red Machine.
    • That left Kane alone with Patrick, and poor Nick was the unfortunate recipient of a devastating chokeslam!

  8. BACKSTAGE: Perry Saturn, Lance Storm.
    • Perry Saturn was talking to his mop backstage when he was approached by Lance Storm
    • Lance told Perry that he was embarrassed to be making his first Intercontinental Championship defense against a man with a mop.
    • He said that title defenses were serious business, and he didn't want Saturn to make a "moppery" of his championship.
    • Saturn told him that "Underoos are fun to wear," and "you're welcome!

  9. BACKSTAGE: Edge & Christian, Tazz.
    • E&C were talking about how Kurt Angle was going to totally beat Booker "Don't Call Me Mr." T later in the night.
    • They went looking for Kurt, but instead found Tazz.
    • Tazz told E&C to say something funny, and they proceeded to make fun of Tazz's catch phrases!
    • As they left, Tazz gave them a dirty look.

  10. TAG TEAM MATCH: Jericho/Tajiri vs Rob Van Dam/Kanyon.
    • Kanyon used the U.S. Title to knock Tajiri out cold as Tajiri had RVD locked in the Tarantula.
    • Moments later, RVD hit the Five-Star Frog Splash and scored the pin.

  11. BACKSTAGE: Perry Saturn, Terri.
    • Saturn was looking for his mop backstage, when Terri approached him, carrying his mop.
    • Terri told him how ridiculous it was for him to carry a mop, and it was time for him to make a decision -- her or the mop.
    • Perry grabbed the mop and told her she was welcome!

  12. IC TITLE MATCH: Lance Storm vs Saturn.
    • An aggravated Storm soon grabbed the mop and tried to destroy it.
    • An irate Saturn grabbed the mop and nailed Storm with it, ending the bout in a disqualification.
    • After the bout, Saturn dove through the ropes onto Storm.

  13. BACKSTAGE: Shane, Stephanie and Heyman.
    • Shane held up a videotape, which he said would show The Rock just what kind of man Vince McMahon was.

  14. IN THE RING: Shane McMahon.
    • The Boy Wonder then made his way to the ring, and said he had a message for the hottest free agent in sports-entertainment history -- The Rock.
    • Shane said it was his responsibility to show Rock some memories he had in the World Wrestling Federation.
    • He then showed footage of Vince McMahon turning on The Rock at WrestleMania 2000 and of Vince attacking Rock on numerous other occasions.
    • Shane said that the choice was now The Rock's, and we would all find out this Monday night.
    • He said Rock could accept Vince's invitation to go back to the Federation, or he could take Vince's invitation, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it up Vince's candy ass!

  15. BACKSTAGE: Steve Austin & Booker T.
    • The Rattlesnake psyched up Booker for his upcoming match against Kurt Angle.

  16. TAG TEAM MATCH: Edge & Christian vs Tazz/Rhyno.
    • Tazz was able to lock Christian in the Tazzmission
    • Rhyno went for the gore, he took out both Christian and Tazz!
    • Edge then speared Rhyno as Christian covered Tazz to win the match.

  17. THE MAIN EVENT: WCW Heavyweight Title Match.
    • Booker T vs Kurt Angle.
    • Angle missed a moonsault in the early-going, and the fight spilled into the crowd.
    • The Olympic hero rattled Booker with a top-rope superplex, but shook himself up in the process.
    • Suddenly, out ran the members of WCW and ECW, but the Federation locker room ran out to head them off at the pass!
    • With the refs distracted outside the ring, Kanyon snuck into the ring and nailed Angle with a steel chair, as the WCW, ECW and Federation Superstars brawled all over the arena.
    • With the superstars battling all over the arena, the fight continued in the ring between Booker and Angle.
    • Booker went for a fall, but Angle got his shoulder up at the count of two.
    • Booker then hit a spinning heel kick, but again, Angle kicked out of a pinfall attempt.
    • The fight wore on, and Booker accidentally kicked referee Earl Hebner, knocking him out.
    • Moments later, Kurt hit the Angle slam and locked Booker in the ankle lock -- but there was no referee.
    • Suddenly, Stone Cold ran to the ring and gave Angle a Stunner.
    • The Rattlesnake walked away as Booker celebrated, but suddenly, Angle popped up and locked Booker in the ankle lock.
    • Shockingly, Booker tapped out!
    • Much to Austin's shock, Kurt Angle is the new WCW Champion!

  18. Goodnight Everybody......

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